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If British food is so bad then why are the best chefs in the world British?

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they aren't

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you might be on to something. it has parallels in film and music, where some of the best comes from creativity inspired by lack of technology. same reason most films today with huge CGI budgets are uninspired crap. same reason most italian chefs are pompous pricks with no creativity, since their produce is famously delicious in its pure form

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British food is amazing. The people shittalking it are the ones caught up in the 'Med cuisine is good' myth who probably like to eat garbage like Spanish, South Italian and Greek food.

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they all studied in france for years though
i dont know who bottom left is

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jamie never studied in france, he worked at Gennaro Contaldo's Italian restaurant in London but by no means is he a chef. he is however a high tier home cook and i like his attitude to food

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>home cook
thats a better way of putting it, i think i must have seen every episode of 15 minute meals

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It's a stereotype that comes purely from ignorance.

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The British food is bad meme, has just been taken way too far basically. In reality there is some really good British food but yes there has historically been quite bland British meals. But it's literally next to France, Spain, Italy etc, so chefs like you've pictured can learn from different cultures and teach others. It's always funny how it's Americans that force this meme and yet they are basically the worst cooks in the world.

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>i dont know who bottom left is
It's Brooklyn Beckham

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they're far from best, they were just the most promoted ones in media for some time

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Bland is good. I'll take it over food polluted by peppers every time.

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the opposite of bland is not spicy, food can be flavorful without any spiciness in it

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Britain has some of the best produce in the world, a long history of high quality meat farming with some of the highest animal welfare standards, world renowned cheese, seafood, but people who don't live there only think of stereotypical wartime food.

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