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>let your steak rest after coming off the pan
what is this broscience bullshittery?

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allows the fat to become more viscous and not drain out

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yeah, it doesn't make any difference if you cook your steak well done, so I'm not surprised a retard like you would have a hard time believing it

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The outside of the meat cooks the inside, even after you've taken it off the heat source. The effect is very small, but it can be the difference between a perfect steak and a steak that you just barely overcooked.

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Well done steak is good steak.

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Yes, good and ruined.

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You're supposed to let it rest to give the "juices" a chance to be further absorbed into the meat or whatever. Works for me, there's a clear difference between cutting a steak immediately and letting it rest.

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I just put the pan I was using to sear it into the oven on very low heat, for about as long as it takes me to finish the sides

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>the heat of the meat cooks the meat

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but it gets cold tho

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only by a few degrees, steaks don't need to rest for more than a couple minutes
depending on your living/cooking setup and situation, the appropriate time to rest may very well be the amount of time it takes you to get it plated, to the table and being sat down ready to eat it

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personally i like to give my steak a little blanket and a plushie while it rests, i think it makes the meat more tender

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