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Get this out of the vending machine at the skatepark when I was 12 it was delicious, fast forward to now it's awful. What changed?

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your age

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I think they change the formulas. When the pitch black version first came out as limited edition, it was amazing. Then about a year later they released it as a regular flavor and it was nowhere near the original.
When something goes from limited edition to mass production they start cutting costs on ingredients in order to maintain profits

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You've got a point.

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These products are poor and their marketing is aimed at children. 85-95% of the cost of these types of products is because of marketing.

None of the ingredients used in any of these types of products by any of these brands were ever costly to begin with. They were bottom of the cesspool all along. I'm sorry.

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if they're anything like whoever made Surge, then they changed the formula
luckily the old Surge flavor can be found in Monster super dry (whatever that means)

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I'm sick of the false advertising, if you change the fucking formula or recipe you should change the name

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I wish they'd get rid of the Code Red 2L in favor of bringing back Voltage 2L.

Code Red is the main thing keeping me from being married by having my ass engaged to the toilet bowl from diarrhea.

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Usually "limited edition" means they don't expect the product to sell outside of novelty, or the ingredients are at a low cost due to the state of the markets

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achievable natty?

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