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Which one is better?

> Tortilla
> Bread

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they're both good for different reasons :)

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true, bread is good if you irrationally hate tortillas
thats pretty much all bread has though

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I'm a student and I love torillas, cheap, you can fill them with whatever you want. Bread is kinda the same but a little more expensive.
THe thing is that in terms of volume, tortillas are lesser, so they fill you less and i don't like getting stuffed.

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tortillas are not proofed, made with yeast or starter. they fundamentally differ to all who are above the childish notion that one baked grain staple is the same as the next. so fundamentally different, in fact, they are entirely separate, near incomparable entities. distinct flavor profiles, textures, methodologies and cultural significance. to deny as much is to live in ignorance of cuisine. to deny as much, is to live in darkness.

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Dumb esl poster

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yikesing this post

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really scrapping the bottom of the barrel huh

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It's scraping esl retard.

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fresh bread > tortilla > sliced bread

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it's possible that tortillas packed with preservatives made for americans too stupid to tell the difference between an artisanal product and its mass-produced factory slop equivalent is superior to bread of the same provenance. i wouldn't know, because i have standards.

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tortilla is way better. bread is dry, gets stale fast, thick as bejezus, and is awfully filling. a tortilla wraps itself if you want it to, so you don't need a pointless second slice of bread. it's tastier.

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yeah, right? I can literally fill tortillas with sawdust and they don't seem dry.

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Bread has been working hard for us here in America for centuries. Day in , day out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The tortilla is a newcomer seeking to overwhelm our culture.

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Now we'll settle, FOR GOOD AND ALL, who holds sway over the 5 meals!
Fresh bread! Baked rightwise on this fine land!
Or the foreign wraps defiling it!

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Love em both but I choose bread. It's more utility, and I just use tortillas for mexican food. I don't make wraps, I make sandwiches.

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>muh "artisanal" flour and water is better than your flour and water
Do you fart on your food before you eat it?

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Happiness is a warm burrito

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Bread offers a lot more variety.
Hell, you could flatten a piece of bread if you wanted to.

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Tortillas have very little absorptive ability, so leavened bread is better for anything saucy/runny that you might want to soak into the bread. Otherwise, tortillas are versatile and great for a lot of things. Of course, sometimes you just want the more fluffy texture of leavened bread and that's okay, too.

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that shit on the left is not bread dude

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It's a concept image you retarded twat or do you eat your bread with marker ink?

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For me, it is the humble rice

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bread, of course. have you ever heard of someone eating a tortilla by itself?

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Keep in mind that Americans probably can't imagine bread being worth eating on its own either since they are retarded mongrels who can't eat anything that isn't 50% preservatives seed oils and high-fructose corn syrup.

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I could go my whole life without tortillas. I can't say the same for bread. But tortillas have their place.

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They do have their own pros and cons, but I think a tortilla has more uses than bread does. A tortilla can do almost anything bread can do but bread can't do half of what a tortilla can do

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the protein to calorie ratio is better for bread but you can fit more things in a tortilla without making a mess

i usually switch back and forth.

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underrated post KEK

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stop with the negativity please

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>Bread or tortilla

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fresh homemade bread > fresh homemade tortilla
supermarket tortilla > supermarket bread

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>the protein to calorie ratio is better for bread
Doesn't matter one bit when you consider the DIIAS score for most grains is below 20.

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love and peace
love and peace
praise for man's struggles
towards evermore

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bread fresh out of my oven I'll take over the best steak.

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Based and diocletian pilled

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Cabbage is life, cabbage is love.

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>Which one is better?
>> Tortilla
>> Bread
cheap worthless bread vs corn tortilla
lets get a a fair comparison before much that could be said is misunderstood
tortilla should be from a nixtamal sort of masa
bread should be of freshly ground flour, flour then left within a mother bread for at least a day
now the comparison
who cares both are great products and tasty as can be
enjoy however you favor

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What is the fifth meal? Surely you don't mean the midnight snack after first sleep?

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Whatever as long as there aren’t seed oils in it. You have to check every package as it differs every bake.

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bread can almost always be nothing more than a mess in the USA
so i go with tortillas if they are handmade

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I can enjoy bread that I buy but I've never had a tortilla that I've bought that I've liked
Freshly baked wheat tortillas made with 50:50 lard (unhydrogenated) and shortening is amazing, freshly baked bread with butter is also amazing
Corn tortillas are ok but I mostly make them because I have undiagnosed autism and thus if I'm making mexican food where corn tortillas are necessary I am making corn tortillas
Fuck I hate store bought tortillas

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Naan Bread

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Proper bread >Tortillas >>>shit>>>American goyslop "bread"

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Whatever that thing is on the left is, it's a poor excuse for bread

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Strawpoll needed

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this. you fags will argue over anything

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tips for selecting good pita bread?

I tried the walmart brand and it was like a cake almost. gross

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basically chips my guy just fried

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