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What is the greatest food created by each of these 6 places?

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Hot dogs

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Does GB have ANYTHING that is actually fucking tasty?

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thats actually a good fucking answer
they all do sausages/ variations very well

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cumberland sausage
kendel mint cake
any fucking stew

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battered sausage, the best variation of >>18571317

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Germany - Burgers and Hotdogs
Britain - Curry, Fish and Chips
France - French Fries and French Toast
America - N/A
Spain - Sardines and Olive Oil
Italy - Pizza and Paella

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Germany had incredible traditional food but it is getting harder and harder to find since old people die and Memenials and Zoomers are not interested in preparing food.
It is also getting much much worse the more west you go.

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You have to be at least 18 to use this site

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I'm 18 inches deep in your mom

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Spotted dick ofc

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Germany- black forest gateau
UK- English breakfast
France-creme brulee
USA- the modern cheeseburger
Spain- churros

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Shepherd's pie
Apple pie

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apple pie existed before US

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>the more west you go
t. Ossi

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Go on, state some good food from North Rhine-Westphalia that is still widely available and not some French import

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Yeah apple pie is British. Most American foods seem be slightly modified versions of other countries foods

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Kale? There's also all those regional dishes from cologne (which I admittedly don't care much for). I would say asparagus but that's common in the entire width of the republic

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>Most American foods seem be slightly modified versions of other countries foods
as are british it seems, its an odd cycle.

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Not really. They have lots of unique foods or foods that originated from there

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You always spot the dick ;)

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if you say so
i mean i was born and raised here and still live in the same area(ish) but yeah im sure you know more

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French fries are from Belgium and French toast is from Italy

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Full English breakfast
Beef Wellington
Lots of baked stuff

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Clockwise, starting from Deutschland, the first thing that pops to mind for each when I think of what delicious food they have are:
sauerbraten, cockieleekie, gataeu de crepes au jambon, pizza margherita, polpo a la gallega and fresh buttered popcorn.

Not a lot, honestly, as it's mostly bland, but Brits do make very good cakes and Scots know how to make several good soups, like the cockieleekie I mentioned above.

>french toast is from italy
I'm from Italy and I'd never heard of French toast or anything like it until I'd left the country. I thought it was from Hungary. What part of Italy is it supposed to be from?

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French toast originated from Rome

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Nigga, I'm FROM Rome. Literally no one in Rome eats it and we have no idea wtf it is unless we've been abroad.

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Germany: various wursts, spaetzel
UK: chicken tikka masala or shepherds pie
France: various cheeses and breads
USA: peanutbutter or various forms of bbq
Spain: Iberian ham or paella
Italy: various combinations of oil, bread, tomato sauce, pesto, and cheese

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Ancient Rome, look it up

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>gataeu de crepes au jambon
Am French, never heard of this. Is this just stacked crepes with ham in between? We have crêpes sarrasines for savory crêpes, but I don't really see the point of stacking them. Where did you even eat this?
Not judging btw, eat whatever you want.

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I did. All sources (in Italian) literally say France or Hungary. Is this yet another example of Americans trying to claim something is of Italian origin when it simply fucking isn't, like Alfredo sauce?

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The ham is shredded and there's also a thick sauce made of finely chopped onion, finely chopped mushroom and cream, but yes, stacked.
Had it in Lyon many, many years ago.

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Meth, no food has made more food
Heroin, also a big ingredient in restaurants
Liquor, Heavyweight Champion of the World
Cocaine, just saying
Wine, the first

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>fish and chips?
>duck confit
>smoked beef brisket

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If burgers are German, then curry is Indian

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>here's an unsourced excerpt of some nobody claiming some unsourced shit so just, like, take my word for it, okay?

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The earliest known "burger" recipe is from England and it was served on toasted bread

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It could be Hanseatic. The burger is said to originate in Hamburg.

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The English recipe predates all German recipes. The English recipe is from a 1758 The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy. It was called Hamburgh sausage

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An actual answer here

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It's okay Muhammad. You don't need to prove your Britishness to me.

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Germans have the sausage and beer down
British have a killer breakfast
French have bread and cheese and Moules frites
Americans have bbq, beef, pork, chicken
Spain has Paella, Crema Catalina
Italy has alot of wine and good times.

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Here your spoonfed evidence anon. Not the OP btw, just an annoyed bystander. This took less than a minute to find.

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1) Ancient Rome != Rome, Italy, which is what Anon originally claimed before moving her goalposts.
2) it that's "French toast," then cheesesteaks are just burgers.
3) have you come out to your dad yet? think he'd be proud of your habitual cocksucking?
4) u r gay

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>it's totally English
>never mind the obviously Deutsch name, it are English original fud, donut steel

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Germany - crispy pork shank
UK - Welsh rarebit
France - filet of dover sole
USA - Philly cheesesteaks
Spain - chorizo
Italy - Eggplant Parmigiana

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Schnitzel or Hamburger

Beef wellington

Duck cassoulet


Seafood paella

Pasta pesto

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Fish n Chips
Soupe a L'Oignon
NY Style Pizza
Patatas Bravas
Parmiggiano Reggiano

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lol ok

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lol u gay

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Clockwise from top

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I don't know much, but
>hamburg steaks
>cullen skink
>steak tournedos
>pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (might be a Canadian invention? idk)
>paella, I don't give a FUCK if that's basic bitch I love it
>genuinely pizza, Neapolitans have to have SOME reason to continue living I guess
cock-a-leekie is an interesting choice lol
how come you chose that Scottish soup instead of my personal Scottish soup waifu, cullen skink?

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We created burgers and pizza. Get your history right.

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What do names have to do with anything? That's a horrible method to use. You'd end up attributing americanos to the US instead of Italy and bourbon to fucking France.

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>French fries
>Has literally invented nothing, all stolen from other countries

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I-- uh, I guess?
I have to admit, given all the macaroni cheese worship this board has, it surprises me that nobody's picked macaroni cheese for the UK's choice.

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CockieleekieAnon here.
It was just the first thing to come to mind. Cullen skink came after, as did scotch eggs, pork roast with crackling and Yorkshire puds, scotch broth, cauliflower cheese, victoria sponge and jam rolypoly.

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Because it obviously originates in or with Hamburg, just as Americano was developed for Americans in Italy and bourbons are so named for Boubon country Kentucky, which is itself from its French namesake. There is no plausible reason for the English to name a dish Hamburg anything without said dish being associated with Hamburg. It's quite safe to say it is not remotely English in origin. If it were, they'd have named it haberdasher's folly or something else equally ridiculous.

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It probably would have been called "beef patty" and everyone would claim that it wasn't an English dish because everyone has beef patties.

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Apple pie

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>Yeah apple pie is British
Literally Euro country has a type of apple pie

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Look, it's either haberdasher's folly or vicar's carbunkle. Take your pick. I'd go with folly. No one wants to eat a carbunkle. Have you seen them shits? Wholly unappetising.
Even so, I guess naming it vicar's carbunkle really would fit in quite well with other classics such as "spotted dick," "mucky dripping" and other vaguely STI-sounding food names.

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You can take your Besserossi bullshit and cram it up your stupid ass. West-Berlin had some great restaurants doing traditional dishes at high quality. Went all under with Ossis flooding the city and demanding burgers, kebabs and curries everywhere.

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Then why is there no mention of it prior to the English recipe in Germany?

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British invented the apple pie that people think of when they say apple pie
They're not thinking of tarte tatine or apple cake or apple crumble

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Yeah, guess they got it from the UK.

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Because it's called a Hacksteak in Germany similar to steak hache in French.

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So it's a French dish?

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I like how I made a joke about how if burgers were invented in the UK they'd simply be called beef patties and people would claim they weren't British because "everyone has those" and then two replies down someone is claiming that apple pies aren't British because "everyone has those".

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>Germany - sourkraut
>Britain - beans
>France - snails
>America - hamburger
>Spain - tacos
>Italy - anchovies

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>Britain - beans
But they're American

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Pretzel with mustard or cheese
Fish and chips with vinegar
Frog legs
Biscuits and sausage gravy
Pizza obviously

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happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you..

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Are you on drugs right now or something anon
Answer honestly

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>Curry Fries
>French Fries
>Freedom Fries
>I don't know what country this is

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Anon, baked beans are an American product that was reformulated for British tastes in order to alleviate possible food shortages during wartime rationing. The reason why it's so ubiquitous is generational familiarity combined with the fact that it takes an absurdly low amount of effort to cook. It's like saying that Hamburger Helper is the epitome of American cuisine, though in all honesty it is more respectable since you actually have to cook something in order to make it.

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-Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, Pretzel
-Ulster Fry (or Full English), Victoria Sponge, and Sunday Roast ofc :)
-Bouillabaise, Onion Soup, and so many different cheeses!
-Jamón ibérico, Paella, and Gazpacho
-Chicken Piccata, Spaghetti Bolognese (the real one, from Bologna!), and Pizza Napoletana

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I would argue its more so the north-west in specific

t. Swabian.

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Pretty much this

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Gumbo/Jumbalaya, Buffalo wings, Key lime pie, Reuben sandwich, Chocolate chip cookies, BBQ

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Germany: Sausages and meaty dishes
Italy: Pizza and pasta
French: Treats
Spain: Spicy food

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>look mom I posted it again

>> No.18577586

It's true tho, the USA didn't invent shit.
I take what I said back about the UK.
They have biscuits and breakfast.

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>TV dinners

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The french do not know how to do anything without butter and flour.

>> No.18577618

I hate brits and their food

>> No.18577633

Nice bait.

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>I'm from Italy and I'd never heard of French toast or anything like it until I'd left the country. I thought it was from Hungary

are you mixing it up with bundás kenyér? stale bread dipped in salty eggs then fried?
French toast is sweet. Basically a stale bread dipped in custard then fried.
they are very similar and I doubt hungarians were the first people to think "what if bread in salty eggs?" but who knows.

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When I stayed in the Glasgow Hilton I ate haggis for the first time. It was actually pretty good.

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literally only need bottom left and bottom right

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t. Has never had Spanish food

Spanish cuisine is criminally underrated compared to French and the massively overrated Italian cuisine.

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Germany - brats
Uk - full english
France - chocolatine, snails,
US - crawfish, gumbo, poboys
Spain -
Italy - lasagna, za

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Various styles of bbq, cajun food, tex mex (better than mexican, skyline chili, hamburger

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The best American food is either a prime steak or king crab legs

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Cajun food is just French food

>> No.18579508

Dumb esl poster

>> No.18579612

yeah ESL because im from ENGLAND

>> No.18579634

>Criticising ANYONE else's cuisine
Eat your eel slop and fuck off

>> No.18579744

Not enough chitlins and plastic cheese for you ?

>> No.18579765

It’s french cooking techniques used on a mix of local american and imported african ingredients + spices. Crawfish, hot peppers, and sassafras are rarely if ever used in domestic french cuisine. But they are fundamental to cajun.

>> No.18579794

Fish & chips
Coq au vin
Barbecued ribs
Insalata di polipi

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The U.S. takes all those countries food and makes them better

>> No.18580396

bakewell tart

>> No.18580451

Hamburgers (perfected by Americans) or schnitzel (does this really count? also was perfected by the Japanese)
Fried Chicken (also perfected by Americans)
Frog Legs (also perfected by Americans)
Probably biscuits and gravy.
I would say pizza (perfected by Americans) but pasta a la puttanesca is delicious
Scottish invented fried chicken, so that. Fish and chips are good. If you count Northern Ireland, Shephard's pie is awesome.

>> No.18580457

you can make a sweet bundas (lol) with cinnamon sugar. maybe add nutmeg to the eggs too.

>> No.18580493

Potatoes with sausages, doesn't matter which kind
Meat pie
Onion soup
Fabada, retards who claim paella is the best staple are uncultured plebs.
Mushroom ravioli

>> No.18580552

Where did anyone else mention this word ITT before you did, you cock-obsessed ball gargler?

>> No.18580809

>(perfected by Americans)
LOL how? by shitty franchise chains?

>> No.18580832

rueben sandwich
french fries
pineapple pizza

>> No.18580998

By immigrants who could now afford better ingredients and were competing with other immigrants to provide the best meal. We have the best cheap food, the best expensive dining, and the best value meals, and it's not even close.

Stay salty(and keep losing culinary contests to Americans) my euro friend.

>> No.18581031

>cock-obsessed ball gargler
It's cock-obsessed pube muncher you mongoloid cum slurper.

>> No.18581065

>By immigrants who could now afford better ingredients and were competing with other immigrants to provide the best meal
They obviously made some sort of cartel to serve shit food instead of competing because otherwise I can't see how it could have been ended like this
Or corn syrup niggers actually believe this?

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you haven't explained how neapolitan pizza has been "perfected" by americans in any way. it's either the same pizza with san marzano tomatoes, olive oil and fior di latte all imported from italy (best case scenario, true for less than 1%) because none of those ingredients are available in america in top tier quality.

or it's stuff like this. americans think that this is pizza

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lighting up have fun
why so serious?

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>We have the best cheap food
Best cheap food is vegetables, and we all know how much vegetables MCPeople eat

> the best expensive dining,
Lol, not even remotely close, at least if we count per capita

> and the best value meals
If you mean quantity/price. Otherwise nope
> and it's not even close.
To the truth, yes

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File: 1.25 MB, 3264x2448, Philly Sicilian pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never been to the Pizza belt have you?

>> No.18581336

You have no idea cause you have never been here, what do you know?
jealousy, envy?

>> No.18581360

We give more money to wars in a day that we could give a shit about than your country makes in a decade

>> No.18581362

Euros can't stand the idea that their armpit scented Homeland isn't the best at everything ever and regularly gets btfo by Americans at the very things they are famous for(wine, cheese, beer, etc). They'll just point to McDonald's or jimbobs tater casserole as if that's all there is here. It's cope, because this cuisine tradition is all they have, and being beat by a culture only a few hundred years old is too embarrassing to admit.

>> No.18581375

always these damned lyonnais
they're still coming up with wacky recipes to this day

>> No.18581377

True, the underdog always bites however how futile it is

>> No.18581413


all of these countries have greatly contributed too the world through all of their culinary inventions and i greatly appreciate them for this reason

>> No.18581454

Do you two ladies not realize how embarrassing you are?
America loses to Europa in 3 main ways
Culturally, financially and military.

>> No.18581492

>Britain: Tikka Masala
>Italy: Spaghetti and Meatballs with Red Gravy
>France: French Fries
>Spain: Crunchwrap
>Germany: Kebabs
>American: Fried Chicken & Watermelon

>> No.18581504

i hate this post

>> No.18581563

You wear our blue jeans and watch our movies
You depend on our protection because you can't provide your own

You do have your heads further up your own asses though, so I guess you beat us there.

>> No.18581613

From left to right: Food, food, food, slop, food, food.

>> No.18581647

> Jeans
Italians invented jeans, not the amerilards
Also America was an Italian invention, one of the worst thing that happened in the world honestly
> Militarly
Lol. Americans are too busy taking antidepressants and debating if a man with chipped dick is a woman or not
You got fucked in the add by slanted eyes who wore straw hats

>> No.18581664

chicken wings were invented in America.

>> No.18581708

Never been there have you, basement dweller?

>> No.18581714

What a faggot reply, could you not come up with anything better than that?
I mean 18 inches.
What a fucking soft cock.

>> No.18581717

What's the bet you're American?

>> No.18581719

You also don't need to prove your American ignorance.

>> No.18581727

Your country created nothing.
It stole food from other cultures and summarily made them bat-shit worse and for a gluttonous population.

>> No.18581729

UK: Sosij Role

>> No.18581737

Gee you're full of shit.
England had baked beans before America was a country.

>> No.18581742

Them Foriegners are so superior!!
Make them stop!!

>> No.18581750

Nothing has ever been perfected by Americans.
It is just useles shit that they have made more fattening and less appetising to the outside world.

>> No.18581753

Keep believing that fat boy and your fat family.

>> No.18581757

>the Pizza belt
Where no-one wears a belt, it's all stretchy pants?

>> No.18581764

>We give more money to wars in a day
Sucks to be that guy, the kid in the sand-pit that damages everyone elses toys, just because he can.

>> No.18581768

You'd never get me to eat American cheese.
Not even a Euro.
That shit is plastic defined.

>> No.18581794

Invented: Burgers, Bratwurst, Schnitzel, Cereal, Krapfen, Brötchen, Strudel, Bienenstich
Developed: Bread, Cake, Pancakes, Chocolate, Fries, Turkish
Invented: Sandwiches, Fish & Chips, Full Eng. Breakfast, Apple Pie, Potato Chips
Developed: Baked Beans, Chocolate, Indian
Invented: Fries, Brioche, Croissants, French Toast, Waffles, Baguettes, Quiche
Developed: Bread, Soup, Cake, Pancakes, Chocolate
Invented: Barbecue, Baked Beans, Choc. Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, Brownies, Tortilla Chips
Developed: Pancakes, Chocolate, German, British, French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese
Invented: Chorizo, Paella, Jamón, Churros, Tapas
Developed: Mexican
Invented: Pizza, Pasta
Developed: Bread, Sandwiches, Cake, Chocolate, Ice Cream

>> No.18581858

Didn't kill himself.

I prefer comfourteur.

>> No.18581862

Look, you dick-infested man-mattress; if you swatted the cocks out of your face long enough, you'd see Anon was also gargling balls.

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A roast fucking dinner.

>> No.18582047

>Invented: ... Brötchen,
Jesus, no. Pretty sure no one modern country gets credit for rolls.

>> No.18582062


>> No.18582082
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>> No.18582118

Frankfurter Sausage
Steak Pie
Chicken in Winesauce
prolly sloppy joes or some shit
Pasta that drowns in garlic

>> No.18582121

Italians use barely any garlic.

>> No.18582127

Maybe you know different Italians than i do.

>> No.18582400

I know real Italians

>> No.18582432

>Spain - tacos


>> No.18582733

Depends on the part of Italy. Abruzzo and Molise don't use much garlic, for example, so I imagine their Jersey Vinnie and Philly Joey descendents, who are not Italian and never will be, don't use much, either.

>> No.18582770


Germany: Döner (it originated there in its current form) or Weißwurst
GB: Beef Wellington
France: Too hard but gun to my head, it's rilette. Coq au Vin and, Canard confit and Foie Gras close. Or croque monsieurs... God I love the French cuisine.
US: Barbecue or Gumbo
Spain: Inferior to Italy and Portugal, but patatas bravas and chorizo be good
Italy: almost as difficult to choose as France, but will go for pesto alla genovese and pizza. Shoutout to Negroni and Limoncello as the best aperatif and digestif ever in one country.

Truly I love almost all cuisines but French, Italian, Mexican and Portugese are in a different league. Also Eastern European (including Greek and Turkish) is vastly underrated. Asian food cannot compare in terms of variety, despite utilising way more herbs than Italian (for example) it's all the same sloppa in the end if you judge by total diversity of foods. Sure Thai food is nice but most is sloppa or starters, deserts suck and it's too similar. Fight me, I've travelled and tasted the world.

>> No.18582783

>country created by immigrants from around the world
Gee I wonder why?

>> No.18582994

Finally a good post

>> No.18584261

Italians don't use much garlic in general. The whole northern Italy uses much less garlic (if they use it at all) respect to southern Italy (which include Molise and Abruzzo). Even in recipes like aglio e olio, where garlic is the main ingredients, the Italian recepy suggest 1 medium clove per 1.5 person or per 80/120g of pasta.

>> No.18584366

Damn Limeys are based?

>> No.18585554

Here are some classic dishes...
>potted shrimp
>ham & picalilli
>pork pie
>scotch egg
>pickled herring
>smoked eel
>deviled kidneys
>kippers/arbroath smokies
>ox tongue
>watercress soup / muligatawny / cullen skink
>dressed crab

>ploughmans / salamagundi
>steak & kidney pudding
>steak & oyster pudding
>assorted short-crust pastry pies (game, hunters, mutton, hommity, balti)
>fish pie
>sausage & mash
>ham egg & chips
>jugged hare
>roast grouse/pheasant
>roast brill/skate/turbot
>battered cod or haddock w/ tartare sauce
>mince & tatties / mince on a fried slice
>roast lamb & mint
>roast beef & horseradish, yorkshires
>pork chop
>liver & onions

>cheeses (berkswell, cheddar, stilton, stichleton, tunworth, ticklemore, yarg...)
>bakewell tart
>eve's pudding
>trifle / eton mess
>steamed ginger pudding / steamed marmalade pudding
>queen of puddings
>rice pudding
>treacle tart
>clotted cream / custard
>Sticky toffee pudding

>> No.18585568

my willy

>> No.18586640

Same meme that the French use garlic in everything while the vast majority of recipes doesn't include it at all.

>> No.18586706

french fries still arent french

>> No.18586711

your definition of "people" is americans

>> No.18586712

and it's tarte tatin without an e

>> No.18586726

thank you for using the proper name of chocolatine

>> No.18586727

>18571311▶>>18571340 >>18571388 >>18572038 >>18572601 >>18572945 >>18574077 >>18574088 >>18574090 >>18574450 >>18574869 >>18574894 >>18575735 >>18576235 >>18577559 >>18577575 >>18578952 >>18579147 >>18579344 >>18579794 >>18579812 >>18580451 >>18580493 >>18581413 >>18581492 >>18581613 >>18581794 >>18582118 >>18582770
>What is the greatest food created by each of these 6 places?

Germany - Eines Gutes Beer with Hotdogs
Britain - Weekend Roast
France - Beef Bourginonne with frites
America - The Banana Split
Spain - cafe con leche for breakfast, Horchata mid-morning, Gazpacho and Pollo al Ajillio Lunch, Surf and Turf dinner, Papas Bravas late snack
Italy - Gave the world Cheesecake. Plus Tuscan T-bone/Chicken Vesuvio

>> No.18586732

the only interesting american foods to me come from those places influenced by the french

>> No.18586750

jeans from france, called denim because it is "de nîmes", from the city of nîmes

>> No.18586752

>>>18581065 >>18581284 >>18581320 >>18581753
>By immigrants who cou

Ah, the classical American Lido Pizza, voted best innovation by Italian Restaurateurs, 1958.

>> No.18586754

literally american military is struggling to recruit valid soldiers because of how fat they fucking are (legitimately)

>> No.18586757


Thanks, great list...

>> No.18586760

>invented barbecue
the word comes from old french you could hardly be more wrong
obv another thing brought from europe

>> No.18586762

Haggis is from Scotland

>> No.18586767

confit de canard god tier taste

>> No.18586768

I hate that your mass reply autism post is pretty decent.

>> No.18586779


big mac

>> No.18586930

I bet you think Lord Sandwich invented putting beef in two slices of bread.

>> No.18587049

bratwurst, fasting, bechamelle
corn syrup, lomo, pizza

>> No.18587102

>here, let me explain to someone from Italy what people from Italy do

>> No.18587168

Germanu: hot dog
GB: fish and chips
France: foie gras - tartare
America: they ruin everything
Spain: Paella - Pata Negra
Italy: Pizza - Pasta

>> No.18587177

>By immigrants who could now afford better ingredients and were competing with other immigrants to provide the best meal. We have the best cheap food, the best expensive dining, and the best value meals, and it's not even close.
>Stay salty(and keep losing culinary contests to Americans) my euro friend.
Oh jesus, in culinary contest your level is sub-human

>> No.18587423

I'm also Italian, just not retarded as you
Better now?