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ITT: Master Race Beer

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except it's not IPA, it's pale ale.
crisp fresh fruitty and that addictive bitterish aftertaste...ahhhhh heaven

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Sounds good. I just wanted to share the funny picture. Here's my real answer.

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describe the taste

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Alcohol and malt, extra comfy; reminds me of South Park season 1

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does it have any bitterness? any floral hints?

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Maybe, but alcohol is one of my favorite flavors, so that's what I pay attention to.

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why then are you paying premium prices if you dont give a shit about flavor apart form alcohol?
you can get 3 times cheaper vodka if you just wanna get smashed.

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sounds like a glownigger

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sounds like a regular nigger

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regular nigger > pathetic wagecuck glownigger

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good thing I'm a neet then

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My desert island beer.

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>is good AND cheap in your path

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muh nigga

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describe teh taste

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why would i buy beer from a known union-buster company?

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Based San Diegan beer drinker

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DESU - I don't trust a beer drinkers opinion outside if Austin or San Diego.

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Official beer of scabs? wtf I love Yuengling now

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My favorite is banquet or miller high life but I'm ashamed to admit I've become partial to Steel Reserve

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Coopers Pale Ale.
I also like sparkling.

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for me its extra stout

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Based. Love their 394 IPA

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Master race beer, eh?

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For me it's

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I don't want to make a whole new thread so I'll ask here:

Are IPAs a meme? They literally all taste the same. Hops raping your mouth, that's it. Sometimes they even have a nice taste up front or in the middle, but as soon as that passes or you swallow it, it is hops. Hops and hops, hops and also hops, and hops. Just completely fucking raping your mouth with hop taste/flavor. You might as well go outside and pluck some grass and chew on it because it genuinely might have a better flavor.

I bought a 4 pack of these IPAs from a brewery because I had a taste test and it actually was good. But the cans (whether from the can or poured into a glass) is fucking horrendous. The flavor up front is nice, it's citrus-y, but seconds after that is nothing but mouth destroying hop flavor. They are ALL like this, every one I have ever had is like this. Why? Why do they suck shit so bad all of the time?

It has nothing to do with the bitterness, I like bitter flavors/tastes in thing. Coffee, chocolate, whatever, the bitterness is not the problem. IPAs seriously feel like a joke played on humanity and everyone is in on it, like you trick someone into drinking an IPA because you know it tastes just so fucking horrendously bad.

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The Midwest and east coast have been out performing you losers for at least a decade at this point

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>Are IPAs a meme?
Yes, actually. Like Guinness in the 70s, IPA is the first beer with actual flavor that an entire generation of boring people have been exposed to.
Naturally the only thing they can think to do with it is to make it More Flavor, make it the MOST IPA it can possibly be.

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No, people actually like IPAs. Some people don't, but many people do. There's lots of different IPAs, and some are very hop forward while others leave you with a bitter hop aftertaste. If you want something a little more balanced try drinking a double or even a triple IPA. You should also be drinking them as fresh as possible; hops should be floral and nuanced and just taste like bitter grass. The reason IPAs are so popular with brewers is because they represent the furthest you can go on the spectrum of extracting as much flavor from a beer while still using the basic 4 ingredients of the Reinheitsgebot. Like any style, there's a lot of bad IPAs out there. Making a good one is more challenging than something like a basic lager.

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*not just taste like bitter grass

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>shiller crap nolife
eww gross

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Like any style of beer there are good examples and bad examples. A result of the IPA boom is that lots of breweries hopped onto the bandwagon and there's an oversaturation of low effort and outright bad IPAs that just taste bitter for bitterness' sake, but there are still good ones to be found
Kind of similar to how despite the huge abundance of shitty macrolagers, you can also get good quality lagers that don't just taste like vaguely malty water

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>hopped onto the bandwagon

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It began as a preservative due to its antimicrobial properties. They had to add a lot to make it from england to india. Maybe try and start at the beginning: find a Bells Two Hearted, which by todays standard is basically just a pale ale. Pairs well with a ton of different foods. Then understand that making a hazy is cheap and requires little skill which is why most US breweries make at least one. If youre not over it by this point, start looking for fresh hop stuff (out right now) and start learning how different hops imbue different flavors. Then realize that lagers take more skill and showcase the brewers talent better.
t. former brewer and current Hamms enjoyer

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The citrusy flavour you like is a hop flavour. Sounds like you like some hop flavours not others.

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hell yeah

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I never got the attraction. Hops are fine but there's such a thing as overkill

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> They literally all taste the same. Hops raping your mouth, that's it.
Try a Japanese IPA. They have literally no hops. Asians hate hops for some reason.

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>Are IPAs a meme?

Yeah. They're supposedly very easy to make so most breweries push them, idk

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>Japanese IPA
>no hops
Bug "people" are weird.

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The one thing Canada got right

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i've loved everything i've tried from those french faggots

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I buy a case of Terrible once a year. Love that beer

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Wa lã

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Nice, a man of fine taste

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I miss finding Russian imperials everywhere come winter. Now they're all fucked in barrels and with vanilla beans and graham crackers and shit

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I agree with the general sentiment, but Canadian Breakfast Stout is too good for me to pass up

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I had so many imitations that capitalized on the shitty CBS distro that when I got to try the real thing I didn't care. Founders straight imp stout was honestly my favorite followed by stone's. I miss it so much bros.

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>hobo shit beer

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Enjoying this overly shilled beer brand.

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back when I worked in Michigan I lived about 10min from a bar that served pints of this on draft. it was kino

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Their peach IPA has to be one of the best beer I've ever had. It's light and refreshing with a fruity taste without being overly sweet. It's technically an IPA but it has none of the usual "thick" feel and overt bitterness IPA tend to have.

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Drinking some orange, juice, I usually don't like stuff like this but it's actually pretty good

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Going through the Yuletide beers this week.
Do your local bars/stores have seasonal Christmas beers?

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almost christmastime, excited

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I had goose island ipa earlier. It tasted like grapefruit. Pretty delicious.

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despite living in San Diego, I've never had San Diego IPAs.

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Yuengling's my go-to beer when watching westerns. America's oldest operating brewery, and they even stood by Trump through all the shitflinging.

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For me it's the humble gose. Truly perfection is a beer that tastes like a mix of sour copper and salty sweat.

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this shit goes down too easy

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Total banger of a beer, best taste itt.

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This website is so anxious about bugmen because they know they're so close to being them. How many posts have you seen on 4chan begging for realistic sexbots and true VR so they can escape their lives?

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This is considered to be THE working class beer in Hungary and it's kind of a meme, but it's actually better than most other beers produced in the country and mogs a couple of internationally famous lagers too. It's slogan reads:
>Reward at the end of the day.
Damn right it is.

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hobos can't afford Fin Du Monde, they drink 10% Molson Dry 40 oz

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drinking this, taking a dump

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so we can have a thread about drinking beer but not about drinking milk?

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If I could still drink, I'd try that beer just to save the can.
I'm no faggot, but if I could still drink, I'd try this just because it's 12 proof

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Simple. Crisp. Not pretentious bullshit

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based stolen stella chalice enjoyer

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>and then he said heineken wasn't pretentious bullshit

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Been waiting all year for these

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Great lakes and anchor have the only Christmas/holiday ales I buy. Good shit

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What a terrible name for a beer; reminds me of that tragedy.

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It isn’t

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breddy gud desu

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This, IPAs are ubiquitous because it's economical to mask the flavour of a shitty or mid 6%+ pale ale with loads of hops and then charge 1/3 of a unit price more than just a pale ale because IPA is associated with craft beer in the popular imagination, even if it's made by a large brewery owned by a megacorp.

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IPAs sell well because they're usually a high percentage than most ales and lagers and hops, even when poorly used, have a distinct enough flavour profile to convince alcoholics and "craft beer nerds" (bugmen whose wives allow them to have ONE per when they go out to the gastropub on the weekend) that they're justified in spending quite a lot of money on what amounts to a strong pint or can of pale ale. You can see strong pastry/dessert stouts starting to fill this role as well now. Imo it's kind of a meme even among craft beer afficianados who pride themselves on being able to taste specific hops in the IPAs they drink.

It's a matter of personal preference but marketing plays a big role. IPAs are pretty easy to make and if you fuck up you can blame the awful taste on all the hops you've thrown in and tell people that it's meant to taste that way and that they're tastelets for not appreciating the complexity. Brown and amber ales are rarely made by microbreweries that release tons of IPAs for the opposite reason; an imperfection in one is immediately noticeable and can't be blamed on it being a hop bomb. Most consumers also equate IPAs with craft beers (I managed a craft beer pub and people would use "IPA" as an interchangeable term for "craft beer"). Basically though they are so popular because they were one of the first commercially popular beers with a high abv that wasn't marketed to blacks or Latinos and let white people get drunk quick while allowing them to pretend that they're sommeliers drinking vintage red wine.

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get help

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Drinking rotten grain juice mixed with rotten flowers is gross

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archibald is molson shit

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all of you are faggots
beer is supposed to be cheap and strong
if you dont like beer then go pick up a hobby for fags like smoking

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you kiss prostitutes

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i got some picrel recently
it's liquid feces
100% sugar

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Root is best Beer

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Sorry anon, this thread isn't about rice waste products

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based, and I'll add picrel

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piss water, even here in danemark

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Currently enjoying a nice pint of Trooper. It's truly delicious.