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I’ve noticed a slightly disconcerting phenomenon as of late regarding burgers on /ck/. A number of anons seem to be a little confused about how burgers should be cooked, and seem to think that they need to be cooked “all the way”. In other words, there’s this bizarre misconception floating around that you need to order your burgers well-done. This is false, and concerning, and generally just bad advice.
The narrative typically begins with, “burgers aren’t steak”. This is a red herring and should immediately raise some red flags. Obviously, burgers aren’t steak, but the fact that a well-done steak is recognized as unappealing by everyone with any sense of taste and discernment has no logical connection to the conclusion that a well-done burger is somehow any better. If anything, the opposite is the case.
Next comes the tired diatribe about how, “any pathogens are on the outside of the meat, so as long as the outside of a steak is cooked it’s safe to keep the middle rare, but with burgers the outside is mixed up with the inside so it’s never safe unless you cook it all the way through”. While the first two clauses are true, the third one is false, or at least misleading.
The chances of actually getting sick from eating a burger is approximately 1 in a million. You could eat a rare burger for every meal for the rest of your life and are unlikely to ever get sick. The reason places like McDonalds cook all their burgers well-done is because they literally sell a few million burgers every day, so statistically speaking people would be getting sick regularly. But people also get struck by lightning every day and that doesn't keep you from going outside, right?

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For historical context, this fear of undercooked burgers goes back 3 decades to an isolated incident where a number of people got sick from eating a bad batch of meat from Jack in the Box, and is very much akin to the stigma created by some random Karen claiming that she got migraines from eating at Chinese restaurants because of the MSG. Now every Chinese restaurant needs to commission a neon “No MSG” sign to hang in the window if they want to do business, while the Karen will happily walk to the bar across the street and drink a gallon of ranch with her boneless hot wings without issue despite the second ingredient in Ranch seasoning being MSG. Likewise, the JitB incident led to reforms in the fast-food industry whereby every major chain now cooks their burgers well-done without exception.
Jack in the Box is, and always has been, one of the worst fast-food chains. Regardless of that, and the fact that the supply chains supplying ground beef to restaurants are completely different from those serving fast food places, the quality control and overall awareness of food safety issues has increased just as much as the technology surrounding it in the past 30 years.
The question then arises: if eating a burger with a little pink in the middle is so dangerous, how come every restaurant will cook your burger however you want? Yes, they put a disclaimer at the bottom of the menu about how eating raw meat/seafood/eggs can be dangerous so that they can’t get sued, but for a regular restaurant a single bad Yelp review could be enough to kill their business. If it was such a liability places wouldn't do it, and yet they do. Obviously, people aren't getting sick from eating medium-rare burgers, and being afraid of a little pink is basically on par with being afraid of going outside if there’s a slight chance of a thunder storm occurring in the vicinity.

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everything you said was wrong? wtf was that shit about the outside of the steak? ever heard of steak tartare idiot?
eating raw burger meat sucks because it's so fatty, that's why you have to make sure the fat is cooked on a steak even if you're leaving the meat rare, it just tastes gross because its a bunch of white fat, nobody likes that and anybody from a restaurant will tell you white fat is no good

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I enjoy well-done burgers
>blows your entire Great Wall of Whine-a argument

Anyway, what'd you think of the Truff sauce? I only had the steak nacho fries with Truff once and I was too hungover to know if it was good or not. I think I forgot it even had the sauce until days later. I'm more excited for the 7-layer nacho fries and 7-layer nacho fries burrito anyway. Just 2 more weeks... (literally)

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One of the best burgers in SF is made by Nopa. They use a large patty of in house ground beef. They cook them over a wood grill of sorts. Rare in the middle and absolutely fantastic. Juicy, flavorful, no raw fat. Delicious. See pic.

On the other hand a smash burger or thin patty with very heavy crisping hits the spot in a different sort of way. They are essentially too thin to not cook well done, but the grease keeps them moist.

Both are fine if done properly, and different people may prefer one over the other. I quite enjoy both depending on what I want that day.

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Op btfo

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Post ur taco bell or get the fuck outta here

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There are no big chunks of unrendered fat in a burger because it's ground. Insofar as there is fat, it's akin to eating prosciutto with a layer of fat on the outside; it's sliced so thinly that the fat virtually melts in your mouth. There's nothing wrong with eating steak tartare for exactly the same reasons, but it does bring up the most common caveat people will make when it comes to eating burgers that aren't cooked well-done, which is that, "it's safe if you buy the meat from a butcher you trust and grind it yourself". It is true that it is marginally safer, as you can be sure that all the meat is coming from a single animal, but otherwise it sounds like you're agreeing with me about the dangers of eating rare beef.
>the fact that a well-done steak is recognized as unappealing by everyone with any sense of taste and discernment has no logical connection to the conclusion that a well-done burger is somehow any better
And the fact that a few people think they prefer well-done burgers has nothing to do with the argument that anything under well-done isn't safe, and is therefore a moot point. I never tried the Truff fries because I wasn't willing to spend $4.50 for a dozen cold fries topped with a drizzle of a sauce I have at home and a few chunks of their worst protein. I might try the 7-layer stuff.
>the grease keeps them moist
This is just blatantly false, but I guess it's your opinion vs mine. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone here say, "if you can't cook a well-done steak that's still juicy you're just a bad cook". That's just not how it works.

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I guess I should have said the illusion of a moist burger. They are technically still dry, but the grease does a fine job taking the place of water in a very thin patty.

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I'd sincerely hoped you'd died

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Holy shit anon, write a blog, no one is reading all of that shit

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Thinking about it more, aside from just completely missing the point of the argument, your entire post is confused. Not only do you seem to think that people eat well-done burgers for any reason related to food safety, but you also seem to think that the only reason people cook steak at all is to cook the fat. That completely ignores the fact that putting a sear on a piece of meat is where you get most of the flavor and texture. If that wasn’t the case how come you never see a filet mignon served entirely raw? And speaking of filet, if you’ve ever cleaned a tenderloin you’d know that it comes with a layer of fat and silver skin on the outside, which is one more reason why it’s considered safer to consume tartare. The beef is typically going to be cleaned and chopped up the same day, which means everything on your plate has been exposed to the elements for a few hours at best.
I get the appeal; they’re like the poor man’s burnt ends. They’ve always just struck me as a passing fad for people who’ve never eaten anything other than fast food and think a smash burger is the height of culinary excellence because only exposed brick wall hipster places that sell Ramsay meatball burgers for $30 (fries not included) would ever serve a burger with a little pink in the middle, and a smash burger is just like my McDonald’s but someone figured out how to add a little flavor and texture. Smash burgers were “invented” by short order diner cooks looking for a way to get food off the flat-top as quickly as possible, but all of a sudden people are treating them like some magical new culinary technique. And I like burnt ends.
Two more weeks, anon. Trust the plan. You can also be assured that when I go it will have nothing to do with the hundreds if not thousands of “undercooked” burgers I’ve consumed over the years.

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>There are no big chunks of unrendered fat in a burger because it's ground. Insofar as there is fat,
what the fuck are you talking about? are you literally blind? the burgers i get from my butcher look exactly like this. you see all those white bits all over the fucking place, have a guess how they'll taste if i just chewed them up raw, fucking awful, just like how your undercooked burgers taste. nothing but trendy garbage from soulless gentrified burger joints, places i'm sure you frequent seeing as you talk like a fag and use cucked words like 'protien' instead of just saying meat. what, is someone going to put chopped eggs or fucking tofu on their loaded fries? tard
>it's akin to eating prosciutto with a layer of fat on the outside
fat in cured meats tastes good because it's cured, curing also gives it a totally different texture
>most common caveat
where? not in general and not fucking here either, because everyone knows you can eat beef raw you muppet

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>Two more weeks, anon.
Goodspeed you fat annoying sack of shit

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>Thinking about it more, aside from just completely missing the point of the argument, your entire post is confused.
wow the more you agressively misunderstand my post, the less my simple and direct sentence makes to your dumb faggot brain. big whoop i said none of that at all, you've just wrote an entire paragraph replying to me with a conversation you're having with yourself. i can only imagine how much fun you are at parties
>how come you never see a filet mignon served entirely raw?
>what is steak tartare

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Why are soyboys so obsessed with rare /raw meat?

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The nopa burger I posted is an objectively better burger on the grand scheme of things, but sometimes a crispy and greasy burger with a cheap griddle toasted bun and melted american cheese just hits the spot.

Sometimes a simple and easy drinking wine is a better fit than the bold and complex "great" wine.

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The only people obsessed with raw meat are the same people who use words like "soyboy".

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two retards, equal yet opposite

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except why is it always the reddit tier bugmen who think growing a beard and excessively grooming it, or drinking ipa or ghost reaper 10000000 schoville hot sauce are the exact kind of people that obsess over gay fad shit like that. because they cant be normal, they are terminally online and instead of seeking the grass they become online experts and get obsessed with all of this stupid shit

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It’s amazing how unfamiliar you seem to be with this board while still falling into the exact stereotype you’re saying doesn’t exist and virtually parroting the caricature given in the post directly above. I am curious: how much time did you spend scrolling through google images looking for an image of the coarsest ground beef patties you could find?
Despite having “steak” in the name, steak tartare is not in fact the same thing as filet mignon. They may be made from the same cut, but the dishes are wildly distinct. You might as well argue that every item at Taco Bell is the same because, “it’s all just the same few ingredients arranged in different ways”, so you might as well just order 5 baggies of cinnamon twists and call it a night. I’d probably have some pent-up rage I didn’t fully understand if that’s the way I lived my life too.
You do you, anon. I just find grey beef that wasn't smoked, braised, or stewed to be kind of disgusting.
If you actually went outside you’d know that medium-rare is the most popular burger temp ordered at most restaurants, and 3 out of 8 taps at your local bar are IPAs because people actually like IPAs. Yes, I know that’s impossible for you to believe, and right now you’re probably picturing those “people” as a bunch of 20 somethings with big beards and flannel shirts, but in reality they’re literal 70 year old boomers and soccer moms and pretty much just a swath of the general population.

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>not adding onions to CFP

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>Despite having “steak” in the name, steak tartare is not in fact the same thing as filet mignon.
you asked when is filet mignion, a cut of beef, served raw, you said you wouldnt serve it raw because 'searing it is where you get most of the flavour and texture' except its served all the time as steak tartare you dimwit. stop talking about shit so authoritatively that you know nothing about
>how much time did you spend scrolling through google images looking for an image of the coarsest ground beef patties you could find
i searched burger meat and picked the one on the first page that looks like the ones i get at my butcher. you're not in tune with real life because you don't touch grass so you dont know what it looks like when you walk in to your local butchers and ask for a beef burger, they even have the same plastic dividers my butcher uses in the pic. you're out of touch with reality because you live your life online. cook your meat you sad tasteless fuck and stop slurping down raw fat. it tastes disgusting, the texture is awful. fucking raw minemeat with fat is nasty as fuck. it literally just tastes like how raw burger mix smells, who would want to eat that? fucking awful. cook it properly you fucking pig, you disgusting rat fuck

suck it up faggot. i dont care if you drink a gigantic bottle of whatever the fuck vodka is, i dont care that you listen to ravi shankar playing his gay sitar and i dont care that you eat your faggot trendy burger from a childrens bowl. you're a gay trendy faggot, so instead of bunching all of this irrelevant shit up on your table to show us you should take your prententious ass to the gentrified burger joint where you belong and discuss it with the other redditors over a disgusting ipa instead of baiting people here with your retarded existence

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Based and rare-pilled.

I doubt any ck fags would know better.
I ALWAYS ask for my burgers rare. No better way to eat them.

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I’m almost certain those were ordered with onions and they just forgot to add them. I don’t think that particular item gets modded very often so they’re more likely to just make it on auto-pilot.
Filet mignon is a specific cut of tenderloin prepared in a particular way. Steak tartare is not made from filet mignon; it is made from tenderloin. Filet mignon is also not the same thing as carpaccio or chateaubriand. I’m sorry that it upsets you so much, but the world is bigger than the little bubble you seem to live in, and I honestly find it kind of ironic that you’re making me out as some kind of uninformed foodie who just follows the latest trends when you’re apparently going to a butcher who sells you barely ground beef (because you think it’s “rustic”? even though you think the big pieces of fat are gross?) and charging you double for steaks that you’re just going to chop up for tartare.
>baiting people here with your [mere] existence
This might be the one, unintentional nugget of wisdom to emerge from the fog of your confused ramblings. I’ve never baited anyone, or posted anything with the intention of trolling, yet somehow my mere existence and desire to post food and discuss food and argue about food always seems to make a few anons irrationally angry. (For the record, you’re the one who derailed my thread and then kept insisting that I was the one misreading you.)
I’m actually not that into rare burgers. Mine are medium-rare.

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how dare you tease us like that with the CGC. it's like flashing a quick nipple.
do you take a bunch of photos and then make a thread, or do you keep your food out this long?

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is there a TLDR?
just make a thick Burger and have it bloody as hell. its okay its only done when the fat pools on top.

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TLDR your burger is raw bro

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If you like tartare I reccomend making it with hand chopped hangar steak. Really delicious.

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> Steak tartare is not made from filet mignon
the fat controller laughed. you are wrong.
> making me out as some kind of uninformed foodie who just follows the latest trends when you’re apparently going to a butcher who sells you barely ground beef (because you think it’s “rustic”? even though you think the big pieces of fat are gross?)
you are a misinformed foodie, eating shit that is too rare attracts exactly the same faggots. that gravitate towards hot sauce and IPAs, i’m not irrationally angry, you’re just that much of a faggot you’ve given me all this material to work with. FEATURING DANTE FROM THE DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES.

look at you with your gay persecution complex, posting carefully manicured pictures including your ravi shankar sitar album or some other cultured thing you’d like us to notice, and then complaining that you’re being trolled and your precious thread is being derailed. for the simple fact that you’re being called out on your pretentious bullshit. go cry to the jannies you soyboy faggot. chunks of uncooked fat in the middle of your burger will NEVER EVER TASTE GOOD

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I see the fattest anon on /ck/ hasn't given up eating the same burger every fucking day, but at least he isn't eating it in a pile of funko pops and assorted garbage from gamestop

>> No.18541462

> but at least he isn't eating it in a pile of funko pops and assorted garbage from gamestop
i stand corrected

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> is there a tldr?
It’s okay to eat a burger with a little pink in the middle. It’s good, and you’re about as likely to get sick as you are from eating an over-easy egg.
> hand chopped hangar steak
I’ve never seen that. I’d assume you’d want to chop it pretty fine?
>no you’re wrong because I actually do make steak tartare from filet mignon just like you said!
Seriously, dude. Ask the butcher if he can put aside any scraps from portioning the tenderloins, or just ask to buy the fat end piece. You’re literally buying the most expensive cut of meat in the shop for absolutely no reason.
I only have one funko pop. I’ll see if I can find a picture with a burger in it (rule #116 98 97 110 111 110 : if a thing exists, there's a picture of it with a burger).

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you’re actually more likely to get sick from the disgusting taste of undercooked fatty burger mix

>> No.18541548

i dont eat steak tartare all that much, i just know people will buy fillet steak to make it with, sorry that you have to argue in greentext against a strawman for the nth time this thread just to dance around reality, keep showing us all your little books and raga albums tho

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I’m not arguing against a strawman. Maybe it started as an exaggerated semantic point about different cuts of meat and how they’re used/prepared, made solely to counter your claim that I didn’t know what I was talking about, but then you doubled down and insisted that filet mignon and steak tartare are the same thing even though we both know what we’re talking about, only for you to end up admitting that maybe “some people” buy the really expensive steak cut from the middle of the tenderloin in order to chop/grind it up as tartare. And why are you so hung up on Ravi Shankar? The guy died almost a decade ago. I’m posting my burgers in order to reinforce my argument that “undercooked” burgers are perfectly safe, as I’ve been eating them constantly, for years, and still haven’t crashed my car into a tree or whatever it is you people imagine me dying from.
>see if I can find a picture with a burger in it
Welp, sometimes I amaze myself.

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I want Taco Bell so bad right now it hurts bros

>> No.18541673

>Jack in the Box is, and always has been, one of the worst fast-food chains
>and always has been
holy shit zoom zoom

>> No.18541690

Where's your TB haul faggot? No one gives a shit about your blog

>> No.18541694

TBAnon is not a zoomer

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that's a lot of text im not reading. anyways raw ground beef doesn't have a good texture, a burger should be medium well

>> No.18541732

No they won’t. White fat in lamb chops, for example, is excellent.

>> No.18541745

>protein and meat mean the same thing
Jesus Christ, mister, we live in the information era. How the fuck can you be this confused?

>> No.18541764

You’ve embarrassed yourself in front of all of us. Now gtfo.

>> No.18541806

no one is reading your essay on /ck/ you fat faggot

>> No.18541821

that's a little too rare for me, but i'd definitely try it out.
i usually have my burgers cooked to medium. i like to dip my fries/rings in the grease that drips out

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I check the app from time to time when I’m out, but there hasn’t been anything worth trying for a good minute. I’m not paying $5 for a Mexican Pizza or some Nacho Fries, but maybe I’ll give it another chance if they introduce/bring back something I care about, but it’s unlikely that will happen at a price point I’m willing to pay.
I’ve cooked a thousand burgers for every possible kind of anon, and I want to set something straight once and for all. These are how people order burgers, from most popular to maybe-gets-ordered-once-or-twice-a-night tier:
Medium-rare > Medium >>> Well-done >>>>> Medium-well = Rare
Medium-rare is by far the most popular burger temp, followed closely by medium. People understand that medium-rare is the best way to eat beef, but there’s still a little bit of a stigma in the back of peoples’ minds that ground beef needs to be cooked more, so a lot of people settle for the middle ground and go one step up to medium. Then there’s a power gap for the elderly, adults who still live with their depression era parents, and literal children, for whom a burger is well-done and nobody is going to tell me otherwise! The last two are interesting. You’d think that rare would be closer to medium-rare, but there’s just something that happens between the two that makes the meat go from, “ehh, I don’t know man, that looks a little raw” to, “damn, that looks perfect”. Medium-well is the weird outlier. It’s basically like the kid who was forced to go to church his entire life and then discovered a Richard Dawkins book when he was 16 and went full on rebellion-core by ordering his burger one step below well-done (while everyone around him are on their phones like, “that’s cool anon, but you’re still deep in the cave looking at shadows on the wall").

>> No.18541900

Mentioning tartar here is stupid, because people agree that it's safe to eat raw beef because of the outside delemia, and people also understand they can get sick from tartar just as much as a rare burger, retard.

>> No.18541911

Rare burgers are so mushy. I like chewing so it's not for me.

>> No.18542066

>insisted they’re the same thing
i never did that, i just said people use that cut to make steak tartare, i don’t really give two shits if you want to write me some essay about why it’s more economical to use the upper part of the cut, go tell it to a butcher. all i know is that you said initially
> how come you never see a filet mignon served entirely raw? … searing it is where you get most of the flavour and texture

both points are invalid and easily dismissed, unfortunately you’re exactly the kind of faggot that would listen to raga music so you’ve gotta be right about everything and you’ve spent the whole thread kvetching at me for simply dismissing your argument. WHAT KINDA MEAT ARE YOU BUYING HUH YOUR BUTCHER IS RIPPING YOU OFF GOY. like please shut the fuck up, i don’t even eat steak tartare much at all, all i know is that people do use filet steak to make it very often. touch grass and accept reality and stop undercooking your burgers, they’re raw and burger mix is full of uncooked fat, nobody is saying you’re gonna die from it, and if they are it’s probably a joke about how shit they are, a joke that you’re agressively misunderstanding as you’re prone to do

>> No.18542070

>reedit atheist compares the euphoria of eating an undercooked burger to the passion of a fundie discovering dawkins for the first time
In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony well done burger. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence
(ravi shankar sitar melodies…)

>> No.18542085

Is this the most autistic thread on /ck/ right now?

>> No.18542100

didnt read haha

>> No.18542119

I don't take advice from people who eat of plastic dinnerware. Children, prison inmates, and mentally handicapped are all disregarded.

>> No.18542135

>Mentioning tartar here is stupid, because people agree that it's safe to eat raw beef
i know which is why i'm taking issue with the pretend arguments OP is knocking down. nobody says there is a raw beef issue, yet OP being the faggot that he is wants to educate us all with his diatribe on how to knock down this strawman

>> No.18542148

next time divide your word salad with spaces in to multiple paragraphs. I'm not reading that shit.

>> No.18542226

>eating medium rare burgers
Fucking disgusting. Only normies who don't understand what ground beef actually is or processed get it, thinking "muh juiciness" or "b-but Gordon Ramsey told me to do it! xD". Enjoy your food poisoning because grocery stores and processing plants will not use the freshest of meats to make the ground beef. While half of it is fresh trimmings, the rest is an assortment of old or expired, green shelf life meats. Enjoy.

>> No.18542249

it makes sense that you would post music from a street shitter next to shit food.

>> No.18542331

This thread is depressing. Do so many people really want dry overcooked burgers or is this just eurotards.

>> No.18542488

This guy is lonely af

>> No.18542547

Fuck I thought this obese faggot had finally died

>> No.18542565

How obese is he? Any proofs? Anyways it’s pretty sad /ck/ is his only friend

>> No.18542583

Aren't you that fat shit who posts the same looking burger along with like 6 other fast food items? Yeah nah, I don't listen to fat people.

>> No.18542590

You could get a cut of beef from a butcher or grocery and then ground it yourself. That's the only way I'd ever eat a rare burger.

>> No.18542612

A great butcher shop reccomended it to me. I did chunks a little bigger than 1/8th inch and it had great texture and flavor.

>> No.18542647

I envy the newfags who don't know who OP is

>> No.18542959

I think it's a zoomer thing.

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My mom always used to order prime rib whenever she saw a place was running it - “as rare as you’ve got” - and then she’d immediately proceed to cut off all the fat and move it to her bread plate before slathering on the horseradish and chowing down like big bird. A child shouldn’t have his heart broken so many times in a single lifetime.
There’s a perennial clash on /ck/ between home cooks and industry anons. It’s not really a conflict in as much as it is industry anons giving home cooks advice on how they can improve their cooking (perhaps sometimes being a bit harsh) and home cooks insisting that restaurants are a scam and the so-called “professionals” are actually all drop-out druggies who microwave frozen bags of slop delivered by Sysco. It’s a bizarre dynamic like step-siblings a decade apart who are both disgusted and enthralled at the thought of intimacy, and this frequently manifests itself in the younger brother lashing out whenever an industry term they’ve only heard used by their e-celeb crush such as “protein” slips out and they’re too embarrassed to admit that they know it, but don’t realize that they only know it as some kind of hipster foodie term nobody in real life actually uses, and just assumes that’s the only context. The home cooks absolutely love to be spoon fed – and you can go as hardcore with the metaphor as you want – but will always insist that they are the real cooks and everything they make is “perfect”. In other words, just your run-of-the-mill tsundere.

>> No.18543214

Uh, I too like burgers, OP.

>> No.18543661

Someone caught a reflection in one of his pics back when he used to have a perpetual thread on here featuring his stinkburgers and he is one fat cunt

>> No.18543692

>b-but Gordon Ramsey told me to do it! xD
Now that's what I call projection.

>> No.18544187

>let me just completely ignore the op and repeat the exact same talking points he's criticizing with zero sources and zero argument

>> No.18544260
File: 1.17 MB, 3888x2592, 8131746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you guys so angry?
It's a fukin burger...

>> No.18544266
File: 33 KB, 616x462, 1620065398672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18544270
File: 176 KB, 1125x1125, Burgers know burgers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18544283
File: 298 KB, 2000x1334, burger with egg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18544296

So you are trans and mentally ill

>> No.18544297
File: 108 KB, 959x540, ZomboMeme 07102022150622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly I've never given a second though to medium rare burgers. I can honestly say I've never been sick dude to a burger not having been cooked well done.

>> No.18544350
File: 2.38 MB, 2662x3549, come to burger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that fat shit who posts the same looking burger
Doesn't ring a bell.
I'll have to give that a try. I'm scared to see what hanger is going for these days.
True in my experience. This younger generation has a sick fascination with outdated shit that everyone who was alive at the time has long since moved past. Yeah, movies and music and video games were better when I was a kid (just as a matter of fact), but food has generally gotten better. They're also all afraid of their own shadow.
This looks terrible.
I've never met anyone who's gotten sick from eating a burger with a little pink in the middle. It's mostly just an internet meme at this point, like how people pretend that you're going to burn your house down if you use a gas stove or that a large portion of the population actually doesn't like pineapple on pizza.

>> No.18544369

That looks like the nastiest burger on the worst bread/bun I have ever seen

>> No.18544375

I think it's a salad and not a burger

>> No.18544384

Oh shit I forgot, this was the case...

>> No.18544431

I guarantee my burgers from the frozen food patty section are 100x better than any if you lame ass backyard burger wannabe types

>> No.18544485

Post your burger or fuck off.

>> No.18544510

The what? frozen food patty section?

>> No.18544519

Why the kiddie plate?

>> No.18544563
File: 36 KB, 368x341, killmepls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go away fatso

>> No.18544573

Your supermarket doesn't have an entire frozen patty section? What third world shit hole do you live in, and how do you have internet?

>> No.18544592

it ain't easy being 233lbs of pure muscle either. if everyone on /ck/ was put in a steel cage and forced to fight to the death I would easily be the last man standing, genuinely

i sit here sometimes looking at the smart arse posts you little students and neets make and just chuckle to myself because if you ever said anything like that to my face (as if you would dare) you could literally be eating pavement in under a second

think on, cooklet

>> No.18544615
File: 1.91 MB, 2329x3105, a chicken sandwich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m actually not a huge fan of brioche buns, but these are really good. It looks bad in most pics because it was shoved into a little box where the bun got smooshed. Pic related is a chicken sandwich on the same bun that’s a little closer to how it’s supposed to look.
I’m okay with this. I’m pretty loose with my definitions, but will crack down when something is blatantly being mis-defined or logically inconsistent with shared lived experience. Not sure what Wittgenstein would say, but I’ll let this one slide.
My burgers don’t fall into either of your categories, and honestly I don't think most people can even tell the difference between ground beef that's been frozen and stuff that was freshly ground. But yeah, post one of yours if they're really that good; there's nothing to lose other than the embarrassment of having your food called what it is by a bunch of anons who probably can't do any better.
It’s part of a decade-long research project.
Hey, I was just drinking some A'bunadh. Funny coincidence.

>> No.18544837

>let me just completely ignore the op
The cunt is writing fucking essays. Dude's a faggot poster anyway, always has been.

>> No.18544894

Don't be a meanie.

>> No.18544955
File: 1.72 MB, 2531x2310, TB 11 4 22 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You win, anon. This is a thread about burgers - and how they should be cooked - but I had to go out for a bit to pick up some vodka, and decided to give Taco Bell another chance on a whim. So here you go. Fuck Taco Bell. Everything is more expensive. Everything is smaller. There's almost nothing on the menu I want anymore. And they didn't even have the drink I ordered.

>> No.18544961
File: 2.07 MB, 2329x3105, TB 11 4 22 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>b-but at least they remembered the onions!

>> No.18544975

a tragedy
i feel the same about the Bell these days
i go and get the new "experience" every other time and that's it. so like once every 4-5 months.
i'm still gonna call you TBAnon though, since it's iconic at this point.
here's to hoping taco bell fires all the C-level fuck-ups and does a 180.

>> No.18545554
File: 2.61 MB, 2662x3549, future burger conan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No matter how you look at it they're never going to lower their prices. It's over.

>> No.18545844

>wtf was that shit about the outside of the steak
Most of the bacteria will accumulate on the surface of a piece of meat, so it's only necessary to cook the outside. That's why it's recommended to cook something like sausage to a higher temperature than a steak, and why people say that burgers aren't the same as steak. This is pretty common knowledge.

>> No.18545859

Once he stops being fat and annoying I'll stop being a meanie. But I don't think that's ever gonna happen.

>> No.18545975

Love this fatass and his pictures of the same burger with taco bell and his shitty knick-knacks . Post the one with the pillbug plushie

>> No.18546049

I'll take that deal, I believe that TB Anon is up to the challenge.

>> No.18546062

didn't read
enjoy your salmonella, dumb amerigolem

>> No.18546069

Should've gotten del taco

>> No.18546501

that's taco bell anon. be careful what you wish for because he's probably going to die of CHD before 2030

>> No.18546991

People don't get salmonella from eating medium-rare burgers in 1st world countries.

>> No.18547006

Honestly convinced this dude just has one of those really high quality food props of that sandwich.

>> No.18547034

Oh ok, thanks for clarifying anon. Yeah he doesn't have long

>> No.18547036

same lmao
I will be cooking my burgers pinks regardless of what this cu/ck/ op posts

>> No.18547070

It lets people like me recognise OP, this isn't the first thread he made on /ck/ and it wont be his last

Based plates as always

>> No.18547222

yes, this faggot posts here a lot. you can recognise him by the shitty vodka. well and the retarded rambling

>> No.18547482

Even Del Taco cut their menu and raised prices. It's only really worth going for taco night and getting like a dozen tacos for $8.

>> No.18548505

That looks delicious. Don't understand people who say rare ground beef has a bad texture.

>> No.18548679

I actually think the analogy with runny eggs is pretty on-point. People aren't really afraid of getting sick inasmuch as they have an ingrained disgust associated with certain foods due to generations of people being told that they'd get sick by eating them. It's more of a psychological issue, akin to being a picky eater. There will come a time in the future when people will look at rare chicken and think it looks pretty good.

>> No.18548803

Burgers are supposed to be cooked properly, not this half-assed lukewarm slimy shit in the middle, it's not steak.
>but-but steak tartare
Steak tartare isn't even supposed to be ground restarts

>> No.18548829

Bun looks like crap so does the cheese looks like it sat and has congealed.

>> No.18548856

>burgers are supposed to be cooked properly
>it's not steak
Well that's embarrassing.

>> No.18549245

NPC moment.

>> No.18549567

I see taco bell fatfuck is back. Why do you have so much shit on your desk? Fo you put it there first so that everyone can see your knickknacks or do you willingly eat next to stuffed animals and records?

>> No.18549583
File: 114 KB, 1024x1019, 1666204123537299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you haven't already been diagnosed, I'm letting you know now that you have autism

>> No.18549612


>> No.18549780

it's what cultured, sophisticated gentlemen do anon. you wouldn't know anything about that obviously

>> No.18549790

If you freshly mince your fresh beef then no problem.
0.0001% of people making burgers are doing this.
Burgers. Are. Not. Steaks.

>> No.18550010
File: 123 KB, 1000x1400, me and my girlfriend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>burgers are not steaks

>> No.18550107

There's no problem unless you're literally buying discount tube meat from Walmart.

>> No.18550121

>order your burgers well-done
Any resto that asks me how I want my burger cooked I'm walking out.

>> No.18550123

The only time you cook burgers all the way is when it's a smash burger or really compressed/thin patty. Then it'll be done really quickly, and you're just aiming to crisp up the exterior for that maillard reaction

>> No.18550168

Every restaurant asks how you want your burger cooked.

>> No.18550231
File: 159 KB, 746x468, 481724F5-08DB-467F-A51E-EDCB3DD761A0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Warwick is that you?

>> No.18550241

*kicks you in the balls*
nice muscles loser

>> No.18550253

Does the cooking temperature of that meet 165 degree recommendation for meat?

>> No.18550513

>thinks a disclaimer will prevent a lawsuit

Jesus christ how niave are you

>> No.18550522

Ignore OP. His diet consists of the burgers he is posting, fast food, and booze. Never pay attention to the opinion of someone this unhealthy - they are a goyslop addict.

>> No.18550526

I could literally hold you down and rape you if I wanted to

>> No.18550722

Holy shit, did you just say "goyslop"? Fucking based. I only get my opinions from people who up on the latest memes.

>> No.18550736

Sway brother hope you didn't get any vaxxes

>> No.18550882

It can't prevent someone from suing, but the case would immediately be thrown out.

>> No.18551101

No... you can't waive liability you fucking idiot. If anything, the disclaimer could be used to support a claim of negligence because it shows the vendor KNEW what they were serving could cause harm.

t. An attorney

>> No.18551161

>you can't waive liability
Sure, but unless the plaintiff has grounds for a claim of negligence, such as poor quality control or failure to follow standard food safety/handling guidelines, it's very unlikely that a one-off case of somebody getting sick from ordering a medium-rare burger is going to have any standing.
>if anything, the disclaimer could be used to support a claim of negligence because it shows the vendor KNEW what they were serving could cause harm
This is complete bullshit in this example, as the warning is ubiquitous and I'm pretty sure comes directly from the FDA. The point is that if a restaurant is following proper procedures, has a decent health rating, and has no history of people getting sick, there's no precedent to sue. If there were, restaurants wouldn't offer anything that has any chance of getting people sick, which is why McDonald's doesn't. (And it's ironic because far more people actually get sick from eating McDonald's than they do from ordering a medium-rare burger at a restaurant).

>> No.18551197

>he doesn't use venison and egg to make his burgers

>> No.18551202

They only got rid of a few items but yeah they did raise prices. It's still considerably cheaper than every other fast food place

>> No.18551290

A rare venison burger with egg mixed in sounds terrible.

>> No.18551306

take your meds schizo

>> No.18551399

Fully cooked for burgers
Medium rare for steak

>> No.18551479

This anon gets it

>> No.18551537
File: 2.34 MB, 3024x4032, burger, the wrath of god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s definitely a psychological thing, rather than being based in any kind of rational insight or even just being a basic matter of preference (obviously people have preferences, and there are going to be people out there who like every kind of burger; I wouldn’t be surprised if GG Allin liked his steak burnt to a crisp, but he was also into scat and had a micro-penis). The picky eater analogy is good, but I think it’s closer to vegans. Most vegans just hate the idea of eating meat and find it disgusting. Ultimately this comes down to a gut reaction they don’t fully understand, but they will spout off half a dozen different arguments for why veganism is better that are entirely ancillary, and have nothing to do with the initial motivating factor that caused them to make such a drastic life decision. And these hold virtually no weight if you haven’t experienced whatever visceral experience they apparently had at some point in their life, outside of maybe making more informed choices about where you buy your meat, just like any informed consumer would have no issue ordering a medium-rare burger from a restaurant but would never make tartare with clearance Walmart meat.
>half-assed lukewarm slimy shit
And this is a perfect example of the psychological aspect. I’ve heard tomatoes described in almost the exact same terms since I was in pre-school, and it never registered. Some people have simply convinced themselves that [thing]=bad and will concoct all sorts of wild fantasies and machinations in order to feed their phobia, as it’s become so tied up with their identity that demonizing [thing] has become entwined with their sense of self-worth. We see this in many other places that have nothing to do with food, often with violent repercussions.
What’s the problem if you don’t “freshly mince” it?

>> No.18551570

This is that autist that dresses like a little girl, isn't it?

>> No.18551571

Yea dude your yelp reviews will totally indemnify you

>> No.18551578
File: 3.07 MB, 4072x3054, 1627456861595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When did that happen?

>> No.18551586

How come you don't have an anime themed table cloth?

>> No.18551605
File: 2.93 MB, 2994x3992, fall guys burger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

165 is the recommended temp for poultry, not ground beef. If you’ve ever cooked a chicken breast to that temp you’d know it’s basically shoe leather, and not fit for human consumption. If a restaurant grilled their chicken to that temp people would stop eating chicken there because they’d think the cooks had no clue what they were doing.
“cheaper than every other fast food place” doesn’t mean much now that we’ve lost the dollar standard.
There’s no such thing as “fully cooked”. It’s an arbitrary term with no exact definition, and differs depending on the food and your culture. “Not cooked” implies “raw”, but the yolk of an over-easy egg isn’t raw, just like pink meat in the middle of a medium-rare burger is in fact cooked.
Insofar as they’re part of a larger swath of evidence showing no sign of prior negligence, yes. Obviously you can't prove a negative, but you can show that you've never had an incident of someone reporting getting sick from your food, and whatever you may think of Yelp as a reliable source for food critique, you can be damn sure that if anyone ever got sick it would be on Yelp - even if it wasn't the result of the food eaten at the restaurant.
Never (as far as I remember).
Displaying anime shit in your home would be kind of sad. The only responsible way to consume anime is streamed on your laptop in bed with a nightcap before falling asleep.

>> No.18551626
File: 464 KB, 1416x868, killmepls2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off loser

>> No.18551642

Goddamnit you fucking idiot that's not how negligence works. If you poison my client you don't get to say "but I didn't poison 99 other people." That does nothing to refute breach or cause in the instance at issue. Holy fuck you are dumb.

>> No.18551662
File: 53 KB, 455x609, tb energy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18551711
File: 3.53 MB, 2994x3992, reel burger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s not “negligence” if you weren’t negligent. If you go skydiving, sign a waiver, and your parachute fails, they’re not going to immediately assume it was the fault of the skydiving company. Yes, they’ll check if the parachute was packed correctly, maintained, and otherwise up to industry standards, but they’ll also look at whether it was a manufacturing defect, or some other oversight that couldn’t reasonably be attributed to negligence on part of the company that rented it out. If you're actually in law school you might want to reconsider your life choices; real life isn't a Vince Gilligan script.

>> No.18551726

Burgers are my least favorite thing in the world to cook. They never turn out. They're never dry or tasteless but fuck I can't get them consistent, I can't get the right doneness every time, I know they shrink but I can never nail how much they're gonna shrink.
I wish I could press a reset button in my brain so I could forget everything I know about burgers and start from 0 on specifically burgers without losing any of my other experience in cooking. It's almost like I'm tilted when I start cooking; I just know they're gonna come out unsatisfactory so I'm just frustrated the whole time and it makes me cook worse because I just want it to be over so I rush.

>> No.18551754

Drunk driving piece of shit.

>> No.18551830
File: 2.96 MB, 2994x3992, burger reflection, second light.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Burgers will always shrink, and sometimes they completely change shape and bulge in the middle, while other times they retain the same shape while only getting a little smaller. This is just a matter of how you shape them, and being sure not to overwork the meat. I don’t have a good video to link showing how you should do it, but that sounds like the main issue you're having and should look into. Cooking them consistently to temp is just a matter of practice. You should never listen to anyone who tells you to (e.g.) “cook one side for 2 minutes and then flip and cook for another 2 minutes” or anything like that. You want to cook them to temp, not to time, and there’s always a handful of different factors affecting how long it’s going to take. Burgers are simple, but you have to realize that they’re going to be a bit of a hot mess if you’re doing it on the stove. Get your patties formed, season well right before putting in a hot pan, flip once, pay attention and remove when it’s done to your liking. There’s going to be fat and juices and smoke, but as long as you’re not burning the thing you’re probably doing it right. Everybody loves to shit on my burgers for how they’re cooked, but nobody denies that they’re consistent - even going so far as to suggest that I’ve commissioned a sampuru burger bust or whatever.

>> No.18551901

Based taco bell anon. I missed you

>> No.18551921

fries with the nachos. interesting... i would love to try it, but haven't ordered nachos since they got rid of the triple layer nachos and the $5 nacho box LTO expired.

>> No.18551945

I cook my burgers well done then dehydrate them to make little burger jerky. I then put this between two pieces of several different varieties of crackers, along with toppings of a piece of lettuce, small slice of cheese, and dehydrated bacon jerky.

This way I can enjoy the flavor of multiple burgers at once.

>> No.18551957
File: 2.49 MB, 3024x4032, 1627064799868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I doubt they sell it anymore. That picture is from my vintage taco bell man collection.

>> No.18551961

Didn't read most of the thread (just the first quarter), came here to say that the best burgers are cooked medium. Thank you

>> No.18552224
File: 126 KB, 1068x699, 1616083822806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>for me it's 2nd base before marriage, followed by consensual sex In the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
>the best fast food sandwich

>> No.18552537

Selfish fuck. Don't know how you haven't wrecked your car yet. Your time will come.

>> No.18552865

You can still add fries to nachos bell grande.

>> No.18552957

It has been exposed to bacteria. The inside of a steak hasn't, but minced beef has. If you freshly mince it the exposure is so brief that it doesn't matter. But fundamentally store bought minced beef is not suitable to eat rare.

>> No.18553157

I have never heard of steak tartare idiot.

>> No.18554230

That was already addressed in the OP. The point was that it's actually not that much of a risk.

>> No.18554266

the bun, other toppings will mask the flavour of (pink) meat, its not a safety concern, its literally just an inappropriate texture decision for a burger.

t. burgers are by design for cheaper cuts of meat, if you made me a pasta and it was boiled in the most expensive spring water from the furthest reaches of the planets mountains i wouldn't fucking taste any difference because my tongue isnt that acute

>> No.18554440

I'd eat a burger if you cooked one for me anon. Not on that pedo plate, though. I'm hoping it's a childhood plate and not something a grown man such as yourself bought.

>> No.18554700
File: 105 KB, 596x599, R-4143844-1657525851-7375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your thrift store vinyl is not impressing anyone
imagine listening to that shankar/menuhin or walter carlos bullshit when there are thousands of good hindustani or european classical lps out there. but i guess they don't turn up at goodwill

>> No.18554836

>buying vinyl in 2022 when record stores know exactly what an album is worth online and publishers are reprinting every album in existence
>thinking shankar is low brow just because he's popular, even though everyone in the north indian classical community considers him the goat
>not realizing that posting the og tranny electronic musician on 4channel isn't a chad move
Oh wait, this isn't /mu/. How do you enjoy your burgers, anon?

>> No.18555572

Well done.

>> No.18555662

Holy shit how did you guys let the taco bell freak troll you for almost 200 posts?

>> No.18555687

the reason mcdonalds does it isn't because they sell a lot of burgers. Its' because they pay minimum wage to workers AND managers, and can't reasonably expect anything resembling standard to be maintained by the rotating door staffers, not in storage, rotation or cooking. Thus, raising the risks of meat becoming tainted pretty significantly.

>> No.18555777

Not reading your wall of text.
But ground beef needs to be cooked well done because there's much more surface area for bacteria to grow, and also when it was ground, any surface bacteria is now inside the meat.

>> No.18555783

t. Jack.

>> No.18555923

Thank you.

>> No.18555938

Wait is this the
>actually I driver better when drunk

>> No.18556118

Some people do drive better with a little alcohol in their system.

>> No.18556133

A little pink is alright, that is a lot more than a little

>> No.18556144

Yes. He's haughty for an alcoholic.

>alcoholics are better at driving when they finally got enough alcohol in their system to stop the shaking
Gee, you think?

>> No.18556164

The fact that you can't even discuss this referring to the elements more than demonstrates you have no idea what you are talking about

>> No.18556192

Med rare burgers are the way only if the mince is freshly ground that day. This is the only correct answer.

>> No.18557222
File: 47 KB, 792x600, latest[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me, it's heart, the best element.

>> No.18557378

What if it was ground a few days earlier but immediately formed into patties? Then there's no time for excess bacteria to wind up inside.

>> No.18558089

is no one really going to mention the picture on the wall?

>> No.18558105

Non-Americans should not be allowed to make burgers.

>> No.18558201

All of those were made by Americans.

>> No.18558204

I made raw burgers because eog this cunt an I'm shitting my bed

>> No.18558206

nice trips

>> No.18558223
File: 26 KB, 400x290, nicetrips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18558531

Nobody is suggesting eating raw burgers.

>> No.18559063

>White fat in lamb chops, for example, is excellent.
not if it's like totally totally white like if it was in the middle of a burger. if it's brown on the outside and white on the inside while being hot all the way through then yea its delicious but it's no good when it's undercooked

>> No.18559078

>sits on bed
>ravi shankar playing
>raw burgers are perfectly fine anon, i've eaten 2000 myself and never gotte- ACK

>> No.18559082

>There’s going to be fat and juices
not if you eat raw burgers with your 20%fat burger mix uncooked and red raw in the middle you tasteless hippie

>> No.18559086

You're not getting your pan hot enough.

>> No.18559088

it's literally raw bro

>> No.18559159

>literally raw
>it's very obviously been cooked

>> No.18559480

it's very obviously raw

>> No.18559502

>I'm slightly disconcerted that there exists old wives' tales misrepresenting food safety
Yeah and I'm slightly disconcerted that the sun produces radiation.

This stuff is news to you and you alone.

>> No.18559770

>this stuff is news to you and you alone
More than half the board is regularly regurgitating these "old wives' tales". You might as well say that nobody is actually afraid of eating soy, or seed oils, or microplastics. I wish this were true. It would get rid of around 30% of all shitposting on this board if nobody actually took any of that tinfoil hat nonsense seriously.

>> No.18560366

That burger is medium-rare, if not medium.

>> No.18561395
File: 48 KB, 325x303, 1667948292798517.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude don't put your grooceries on your food. A lot People already touched that shit, they even touched their asses and then touched that anchovy box and then just put it back on the shelve just minutes before a dumbass like you had the bad luck to pick up the same contaimed anchovy box just to end puting that shit on his pizza

>> No.18561834

Why is everybody so paranoid about germs all of a sudden?