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Best beer in existence.

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*blocks ur path*

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>doppio malto
does that mean double malt by chance, cause i love malty beers

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*teleports behind you*
nothing personnel kid
*you're owned*

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imagine picking a "best beer" and it not being a stout

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>does that mean double malt by chance
>cause i love malty beers
me too, and all memes aside it's fantastic for a mass-produced beer

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but it tastes like shit

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some do. some are tasty as balls.

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i tried Kilkenny and Guinness and it tasted like shit.

i'll stick to clean, crisp hoppy master race like Bavaria

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I don't like either of those either, and honestly that's kinda the same as you saying that light beers suck ass because you tried bud light and it tasted like shit.

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Not even the best Dutch beer

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Agreed, there are some beautiful, thick, tasty, desert-like stouts out there. Guinness is not representative of all stouts.

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I like this one.

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Die Straße frei!

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seig heil indeed

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Being fair the only reason I get Bavaria is cuz it's only $5 for a bottle instead of 6 or 7 for other brands
The chink brand is cheaper but I'd rather not drink gutter oil

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This is why you’re fat and a pussy lmao. Scotch or whiskey, and the occasional tequila but nothing less.

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fuck oyor faggtos busch ice babt yyyyyyy

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Euh oh you frickin' moron, you summoned him.

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Viel Glück, Alois Irlmaier

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best beer is store brand beer in 2L bottles with a discount

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Not gonna lie that hint of funk it has really makes it satisfying to down.
I wish I could find similar beers because my local stores only ever stock a handful of the 700ml bottles at once.

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Aye im walking here!!

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Based hobo or frat boy.

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Why is he sucking off the gun like a dick? That's not how guns work

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he's using it to finish his leftover dip

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You appear to have posted the wrong image.

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Here its 50 cents in the supermarket

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*haymakers wife*

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Paulaner is better

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Of all Dutch beers you chose one of the shittiest lmao

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I like how they sell 6 pints for a decent price in canada. legends for that. heineken is swill