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Egg and breadcrumb patties cooked in oil in the frying pan. Is this a thing other people have made? My parents made them when I was a kid and I always thought they were delicious and I still make them every once in a while. It hit me the other day “can this really be a thing other people eat or did my parents invent this?” Googled it and a few recipes come up but still doesn’t seem to be a common thing

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When I make chicken Parm and I have leftover eggs and breadcrumbs I make this (Italian). Works better with Parm added

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Exactly, I think that was why my parents originally did it, the leftovers.

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This sounds like one of those old school simple but delicious euro peasant foods although I've never heard of anything similar. Might try it myself

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Add some grated Parmesan cheese into the mix, good stuff

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The weirdest thing with eggs I remember my parents doing was adding zucchini flowers (we used to grow them in the garden) into them which I thought for sure must’ve been a thing only they did turns out people buy those blossoms at farmers markets all the time I couldn’t believe it lol

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I feel so fucking retarded for never thinking of this. I always autistically measure out breadcrumbs and eggs, so I don't waste too much when I throw the leftovers away...

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Its either that or someone looking at the leftovers from breading Schnitzel and going "Hold on, i can make improvised pancakes with this."

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