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so, does it cause inflammation?

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Everything does and doesn't cause inflammation depending on who you ask. Do you have issues with inflammation? Did cutting out wheat help? You pretty much have to experiment on yourself to find out, because there aren't any really reliable medical tests for that yet. There are some tests that might tell you if you're allergic or if you have Celiac disease but the best way to find out is to do an elimination diet for a month, then test each food individually and see if there's a reaction.

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only in the genetically inferior.

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only in schizos

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If used with yeast.

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Wrong on all counts. Wheat by itself does not cause inflammation. The reason that so many people today have problems digesting wheat isn't because of Celiac Disease (which they mistakenly think they must have), but it's because the wheat is grown with glyphosate. It's the glyphosate and other chemicals that are giving people issues. If you give these people organic wheat products without glyphosate and shit they don't have digestive issues

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worse, instant death

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only to fags

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