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Anyone else here grab organic vegetables and then ring them up as non-organic at the self-checkout?

Also: share your unethical grocery store hacks

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I ring up non-organic vegetables as organic.
I'm keeping the universe in check.
I'm also based and extremely trans.

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I don't get it. What are you based on?

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Nah doesn't seem worth staining your immortal soul over pocket change tbqh

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Is it really immoral though? Everyone in the supply chain except the people at the very top make the exact same amount of money. Even the store owners just claim the difference as lost inventory. It's literally the definition of a victimless crime.

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Yes, not that anon but you live in an immoral society so it’s your call. That doesn’t make it right though.

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I'm gonna be honest.... I know it's kinda wrong but I'm pretty poor right now and I know it benefits me more than it hurts the people it hurts so I do it anyways. Hopefully i can atone for it one day or something. idk

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That's an easy one and I've seen them do it in seedy grocery stores, that's changing dates on meats. Not all stores are like that but some definitely are.
Remember "Crazy Eddie" it's similar shit and money laundering.

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Based on a true story

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I prefer to play my part and make the store think the locals give a fuck and aren't blacker than black. I have stolen maybe $5 total, it's just not worth the trouble.

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I don’t judge you if that’s what you’re asking. I stole stuff as well before, I even stole for leisure in youth. The question is do you think it’s right. - no - then what is that of your character? Ultimately, no one here should have any say over whether you steal or not. It’s a man’s right to live how he sees fit, and if that means making moral sacrifices then that is what must be done. But we always have a choice. Have a good day.

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They raise prices to compensate for theft. Nobody is just eating the cost of stolen goods. If nobody stole anything then prices could potentially be lower for everything. Of course that's unlikely as they'd find a reason to raise prices anyway, but it's not entirely victimless.

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