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>chicken thighs, bone in, skin on

Give me your favourite preparation.
As is customary as OP I will wait 5 posts before I post my answer so as not to sway the results.

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Covered in pollo asado seasoning and air fried, stay mad.

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Dry out the skin- flatten them out kinda, leave coarse salt on them for maybe 30 mins
Convection bake 325-350 for about an hour
Season with whatever your favorites are- I use chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder and a tiny bit of sugar and cumin

It is like fried chicken

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pour over half a bottle of the shittiest italian salad dressing you can find, cover with foil

50 minutes at 375 and the last 15 take the foil off

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Marinade with soy sauce, black pepper and garlic powder (5 spice powder too if available). Coat in egg and a light flour dredge. airdry/deepfry


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Dry brine with salt/msg/baking powder mix then rub on grannulated onion/garlic. Bake in my steam oven for about 15 minutes. Take out and coat with olive oil then w/e herbs and spices then broil with a temp probe to go off at 195f. Juicy and super crispy skin

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OP here. I prepare mine in a bag of dicks, after I’m done choking on it for starting a request thread outside of /r/. Many such cases!

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>lightly dry
>brown in olivölle
>continue with chicken chausseur resippy of choice

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>bone in, skin on
Third world country?

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Into a big stainless mixing bowl:

Equal parts: garlic powder, onion powder, old bay
A lil'bit of cayenne
Couple glugs of olive oil

Dump the chicken thighs in the bowl, toss to combine. Make sure the undersides get well coated

350 for an hour, then turn on the broiler until the skin is crispy. Serve with pinto beans and broccoli.

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OP here,
marinade for 2 days in hoisin, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, garlic and dill
bake for 50 mins at 350'c in an uncovered pan, skin up
No. Skin-on thighs are superior.

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>chicken thighs, skin on, bone OUT
Only savages leave the bones in.

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For me, it’s this


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I just put them in the oven with salt, pepper and oil

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Lemon Juice
Red Pepper
Onion Powder
Bit of olive oil

Marinate for 30mins then cook in an air fryer at 400F for 25-30mins depending on the size. Serve with roast potatoes, a salad, pita and tzatziki. Comes out perfect everytime.

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Take out the bone, salt pepper , put it in the clay pot, bake for 2 hours from cold oven

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Chicken plov
Chicken curry
All with the chicken cooked for 1 hour minimum
Also cleaved across the bone, need a powerful and straight stroke to cut them without bone shards

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Chicken is for poor people.

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coat with a rub of smoked paprika, pepper, salt and oregano or majoram or sage, lightly oiled, baked in the oven at 180c for however long they take to cook. can finish with a high heat blast if the skin isn't crispy.
serve with potatoe.

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I do the ragusea bit and de-bone (into the freezer for making stock), leave the skin on, s&p, fry them in the pan until skin is nice and crispy.
Then I'll take some frozen vegetables and fry them in the same pan.
So good.
Kids love it too.
Whole process takes maybe 30 minutes

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Best thread on /ck/ right now, I'll try each post

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this recipe, you don't have to make the salsa and just buy green salsa verde or make guac

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i can’t have skin or dark meat because i’m fat

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This, thanks for all the recibes so far and any more to come frens.

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Pull the skins off, roughly chop and leave them in a small pan on low heat to render and get crisp. Brown a bunch of diced red onion, then add ginger, garlic and chilli for a minute, add the thighs and three or four heaping tablespoons of picrel. Add the rendered chicken fat at some point. When everything has fried a bit, add a large splash of soy sauce, salt, and water to cover. Throw in some potato chunks, simmer for 20-30 minutes, snack on the crispy skin bits while you wait. Serve with white rice.

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For me it's boneless skin on

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Make a garlic and herb compound butter, rub it under and on the skin, roast in the oven with salt, pepper, and cayenne

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Goddammit I really thought op won't be a fag this time...

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I only eat chicken breast. I would feed the scraps you mention here to my dog if I had one.

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Meat and skin is fine, just keep your fat self away from bread and sugar drinks my fatbro.

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Good fucking grief I can't stand this new mod from /v/

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Also this. I really like the sound of this

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