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I made sauerkraut, let it ferment for a week, and just tasted it for the first time in my life.

It's bitter and sour and I had to eat it with sausage to stomach the flavor.

Did I fucked it up?
How is this supposed to taste?
What can I add in my next time to make this taste better?

I hope it wasn't spoiled, my stomach is not so well after eating it.

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Kraut needs 3 weeks minimum. Post recipe.

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>half cabbage cut
>half tablespoon of salt
>smash it till all the juices get out and the cabbage looks like a shotgun victim
>put all in a jar with the liquid over the cabbage
>seal it, place it in a dark place with a towel on top of it
>wait 7 - 10 days

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If you don't have the experience going by taste you should probably use a scale to get the right salt concentration. Minor critique on technique is you should allow the salted cabbage to sit for around 30 minutes after you mix it with the salt. Everything else sounds fine.

I'd wait out the 3 weeks and see how it tastes then. As long as there isn't any mold.

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Needs a bit more salt and cumin seeds. Use something to push it down under the liquid level. 3 weeks minimum as other anon said.

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My first 2 batches I used a little too much salt and fermented about the same amount of time you did and came out how you described.
I know realize I should've waited longer more like 3 weeks like >>18386076 says.

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It tastes better imo when cabbage is not shredded. But it's a whole different recipe than what you are making.

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>It's bitter and sour and I had to eat it with sausage to stomach the flavor.
You deserve whatever foodborne illness you have acquired you dumbfuck.

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End product

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