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I made a candle out of butter, you guys ever come up with this?
Step 1. Melt some butter in a small glass (butter is food)

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Step 2. I added some vanilla extract for flavor, then put it in the freezer to garden. The wick is held in place temporarily by a paper clip.

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Step 3. Take it out of the freezer. This candle is fully edible, and is therefore food.

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What does it taste like?

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My review:

This candle smells really good. The vanilla scent is coming through nicely. And it smells, frankly, like butter. It's really like something is being baked or fried in here.

The candle also crackles pleasantly. It must be the water content from the butter, or the alcohol from the vanilla extract, that's causing the crackling sound. This is a lot cheaper than a normal candle and smells better too. Try out my recipe for yourself!

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I tasted it too, it tastes like butter and vanilla. Really no surprise at all. I wonder why these candle companies are always using wax when they could use clean-burning and edible butter.

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Butter goes rancid. I bet a 50/50 beeswax butter blend would be nice as well. I bet having the entire candle liquid after a short while isn't great for it. Beeswax will probably raise the melting point a fair bit.

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You blew it, if you had taken a giant bite out of the candle and posted a pic this would be screencap material

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prolly using it right now D: i bet it smells nice...

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Yeah, I don't want to waste it
I burned it for a little over an hour before blowing it out. You're right that basically the entire thing became liquid pretty fast. I think this has an advantage though because you can burn it for shorter periods and the top always stays flat. With regular wax candles you can't light it for a short time or else it will just tunnel down the middle.

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Does it work well for erotic candleplay?

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olive oil and animal fat have been used for candles and oil lamps for thousands of years. butter probably not.

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> I wonder why these candle companies are always using wax when they could use clean-burning and edible butter

Do you really need to wonder? Are you that retarded?

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Probably not. Melting point is too low.

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Update: the components are separating into layers. The candle is still burning but the flame is small. It seems that the butter is not wicking well. I think some non-flammable impurities are gunking up the wick.

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Also, there is a visible "aura" around the central bright flame, which is orange and more fuzzy. It's not an artifact of the photograph. Normal candle flames have a more "crisp" appearance. I believe this indicates that the butter has multiple flammable substances in it which have different burning characteristics.

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I've always wondered about schmaltz candles.

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You should use a breadstick for a wick.

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