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ITT: Post your favorite beer.

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>tfw cant get any european beers where I live
>most local stuff does shitty IPAs and fruit beer
>finding Imperials is like finding a unicorn
Its not fair!

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Anon fren that asked me to post a review of Gulden Draak, I still have not opened it and decided to save it until I finished the Trois Pistoles. They have been good, the spice is rich and as another anon said it makes me yearn for Christmas time foods

How is this? Planning on trying it soon

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based weeb

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Ayinger is really good. I've been buying a lot of it even though it's a bit out of my budget for a daily drinker. Favor flavorful and relatively dry

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yep, that's the stuff

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it's a shame all japanese beer is relatively expensive in america

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The one and only.

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Hoegarden for me

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It's not some world class beer, but it's so damn refreshing I can't stop drinking it once I crack one

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Do you live in Australia or some shit

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Patrician choice.

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Going to be heading to Quebec to drink this this weekend

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Bros any stouts and lagers I should try? I literally only drink Guiness and Sapporo. I live near a great liquor store that imports a lot. I will check out these various lagers you've posted

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Anything local. Deschutes has a good stout. Pic related is my favorite lager, unfortunately brewed by cucks but I can't argue with quality

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Where do you live? If you're anywhere in the US you're doing yourself a huge disservice by focusing on imports.

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It comes in tallboys in Quebec, and I think they cost less than 4$.

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Is Unibroue not sold in Canada outside of Quebec or something? You can buy that anywhere in the States.

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This shit is 1.99 at wholefoods. How the fuck.

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I honestly can't tell whether you're trying to say that that's cheap or expensive.

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yes, US. why, because of what 82 said - to buy local? I've tried some local stuff and like anything else it is hit or miss. if there are some good non-US-but-popular imports out there that you all have enjoyed I would be interested to hear them. it's not as if I can get recommendation on good local beer around me, I am out in the sticks

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It's not just buying local for the sake of buying local. You should be looking at local beers because you can find much better stuff just about anywhere in the US compared to Guinness or Sapporo, and just limiting yourself to average German pilsners makes it sound like you're still in the 90's and never got the memo that US beer is much better than most of the stuff that's imported. I'm not even trying to start a pissing contest. Buy your imports if you want, but still try local stuff and make up your own mind. It just seems like kind of a silly take.

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What this >>18355422 fella said. Try some imports, but generally the best beer you can get is the freshest beer.

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fair enough local bros, thanks and checked on 22

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you’re a little far from reddit, but this post seems to imply that european products have some sort of value, they do not.

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my nigga

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not my favorite but after the 5th one from my 6 pack I started to warm to it

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Was about to post this. Rauchbier is the shit

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that look incredible.

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Goose is more of an IPA brand, and their bourbon barrel stouts are good too

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The best beer in the world.

Pic related.

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Ayinger is great, my local store never ordered any more after I got the last one.

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Wee Heavy is the tits.

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its very simple, and is just perfect for me. i wouldnt ask for anything more when im thirsty after long hot day, its so drinkable. wish they would sell it where i live

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Kirin isn't even that great for the big 5 Japanese beers. Premium Malts tastes better, Asahi Super Dry drinks easier in the heat, Sapporo is crisper with better flavor. Kirin is barely better than Yebisu.

Hitachino Nest White is the undisputed best Japanese beer.

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I can only get this around Christmas and it's a pretty dark little thing but definitively the one that gives the best feeling whenever I take the first sip.

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Put the pointy hat on me. I'll be in the corner.

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my nigga

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That's one dark strong tasting MF:er I once tried at a restaurant. What do you pair it with?

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>american beer

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good ol fratty natty

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For me, it's tilquin

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>beer, Japan

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It's actually good though.

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No, it's not. As I said, it's #4 of the big 5 mass produced beers. Boring, uninspired lager.

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where my Antwerpchads at?

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I always buy different kinds and a few of the ones I know I like.
Pripps and Sofiero are honestly good Julöl. Their regular lagers are nothing special though.

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But the logo is a cool mythical beast so that's all that matters.

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pic related but I haven't drunk that in a while, maybe after all this time spent together with the bongs I'll like a darker and more bitter beer better
do yourself a favor and try Schneider Tap 7

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Good taste. Backwoods Bastard is excellent too.

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low tolerance so i only need a couple or a few for a good buzz plus it has a great taste far better than any of those piss beers

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Why are american beer cans 335ml? Here in europe it's always 500ml.

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I disagree, not a super fan of Nest

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I prefer their doppelbock, but that's an excellent choice.

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>only a couple for a good buzz
Aren't these are like 10%? A few of these is more than a good buzz. Real tasty though I have to agree.

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so goddamn tasty

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To be honest, it's not my fave either (and I posted it). However, it gets consistently high marks on most review sites, and as Japanese beers go, it's hard to beat. I get that not everyone is into wheat beer, but again, there aren't many that do it better. Beeradvocate has it as #12 on their wheat beer list.

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i live in new braunfels, which is a town in texas with strong german heritage so we get a regular supply of ayinger when its in season (sept-nov), i tried it a couple times a couple years back and remember liking it a lot but that was when i was still finding my taste for beer, i should try another one very soon now that i've tried all kinds of shit since then before they all get scooped up. it's also worth noting my sister was a bartender here and she says she never met anyone who didn't like an ayinger.

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Exactly the same for me.

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Antwerpen is parking.

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Ayinger is easily my top 3 favorite beers I've ever had.

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Drank 12ish pints of it last night. Hanging out my ass today.

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Why.? It's like 4% pisswater

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Cheap, it's our national beer, crisp and clean. Nothing beats a big juicy.

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For me, it's Aass.

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good lord how indescribably based
I wish it weren't $5.50/bottle where I live

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This is the only Portuguese beer I've ever had (usually love their wines though) and I really enjoyed it. Are there any other good ones I should try?

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Based pick.

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I used to really enjoy Franziskaner Hefeweizen and West Coast Ol’ Rasputin, but recent years my main has been Two Hearted Ale. Guinness is still my go to for the colder months though.

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I hardly drink IPAs anymore, but two hearted is the GOAT

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who else /orionchad/ here

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Very nice

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I should be in Czechia right now if not for fucking plane cancellations :(

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Excellent choice Anon. I was looking for a photo of this one myself.

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12 English pints is 2 US gallons. More than enough beer to procure a hangover.

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straight outta Reudnitz

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You guys know any good non alcoholic beers? I like the taste of beer but don't want to drink alcohol

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Dar beer connoisseurs, I'll stay in Hamburg for a week, which local/regional beers should I look for?

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Brugse Sportzot seems to be the go to right now.

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Painfully based. I actually came here to post Dirty Bastard. I got turned onto Wee Heavies when I picked up the one Einstok made; tried a bunch, and decided Dirty Bastard was my favorite. Great taste, solid ABV and not even that expensive for a craft beer (10.99/6 pack where I live).

Since someone already posted DB, I'll follow up with a close second. Feels like drinking a beer milkshake. Half the appeal is the sound they make when they pop the can. It usually turns a head or two, lol.

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Can I get that in the USA?

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Good choice. Left Hand makes some fine beer. You have good taste.

My dad used to drink a beer called Younger's Tartan Special. I don't think they make it anymore, but it was the first beer I ever liked. Many years later, I had Oskar Blues Old Chub and realized it tasted similar. That sent me down the wee heavy rabbithole. DB is the best regularly available, though I did have one imported from some place in Scotland (don't remember the name) that was better, but it was crazy expensive and only available at serious beer importers. Glad to hear I'm not alone in my love of the Dirty Bastard.

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Chocolate, raisins, blue cheese, Herve cheese. Heavy stews like boar with figs, rabbit & prunes, beef stew made with Rochefort 10 and Belgian mustard.

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Anybody got recs for a good, dry cider? Bonus points if it's hopped. I used to fucking love pic related but they went out of business during the early days of covid. Most ciders seem to be super sweet these days.

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He is not cool like us, right 4chan broskis?

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Leffe :-))

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Fuck, i had 2 leffes and 3 or so feldschloschen cherry beers, plus a tiny but strong stout. Still drunk 9 hours later

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I don't know how it's seen in Poland but I absolutely love it. It's my favorite when I go visit.

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Based. I used to drink a lot of it. Goes down well.

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LOL I actually live in Erding and judging from what is on hand in grocery stores most often and from the bottles I find by the roadside most often pic related is the bestselling beer in Erding and the surrounding area.

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unironically Corona

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