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Another day, Another Macdonalds thread to shit up the catalog

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Why are there moths flying out of the package??

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That's supposed to be steam from the hot side.

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The cheese belongs on the hot side

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The heat of the moths cooks the meat.

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What does the D stand for?

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You will eat the bugs.

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This. It's such a clear oversight, I don't know what they were thinking.
Don't you normally add cheese to the patties while they're still cooking? Is McD's procedure different?

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I don't understand, don't all burgers you get have lettuce and tomato already?

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Since McDonalds patties are kept in a warming drawer while the cheese is kept in a cooling drawer, they just went with that. The cheese is designed to melt when it's put on the patty. Thus the real oversight was not having the cheese on the top of the cold side.

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No. They do the same thing in Germany with the Royal TS (Tomaten Salat).

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Did these ever end up being successful in their time? I can't imagine customers wanting to assemble their burgers. Isn't that why you're paying them?

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Is "missing the point" a hobby of yours?

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This was back when they made burgers enmass then microwaved the burgers, and then put them in a heated shelf to be sold when a customer ordered. Now they only assemble the burgers when a customer orders one. They are shit now because they skip the microwave and the cheese and sandwich does not get hot or really melt. You're getting a "fresher" sandwich but the quality of it sucks. Picrel is how they did it the old way when McDLT was around

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It was an incredibly dumb idea, created twice as much garbage, and still tasted like shit.

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They really need to bring back the Pimma

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>t. illiterate 3oomer

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Those are clearly M's

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you are a fucking retard my guy. “Pimma” goes more better with the name “‘Mcdonalds” (notice the M’s). Why wpuld they enact some sort of silly archaic typestyle into an ad like that? You think you are smart but you aren’t at all

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I forgot they stopped teaching you kids how to write last decade.

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I have vague memories of this, except my 4~ year old era clouded by nostalgia memories saw them as row after row filled with 5+ burgers each color coded by type. We're they that busy or do my memories just add more burgers? We'll never know.

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Yeah at rush hours they would pack that shelf with sandwiches. At least that was my experience working there.

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>more better
ESL retard.

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*en masse

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They sell quarter pounders with lettuce and tomato as an addon already. At least in USA.
This is just a hotdog.
This is just a frozen pizza.

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Why is there egg salad on that dog?