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Does Spam have a place in ramen?

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Never tried spam but it always looks so tasty...

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I like spam. its like a really salty pork hotdog shaped like a brick. not a delicacy by any means but adds salty meatiness where you want it. good with eggs, sandwiches, or even as a meaty mixin for fried rice or rice. I wouldnt put it in ramen though.

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it looks mad yucky out the can but if you get it crispy on a skillet it's pretty good

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I think Treet unironically tastes better

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It tastes saltier than it looks. The saltiness is offputting but it's just what you need once in a while.

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it's a real Treet

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Yes, I’ve literally had spam in ramen at an Okinawa-cuisine izakaya in Osaka. The broth was made less salty to even it out.
Pic loosely-related; basically spam-tempura I had at the same izakaya on another visit.
Try the low-sodium stuff, bruh. I actually prefer it to “regular” spam for that reason.

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I always eat Spam with rice. You need something to cut the saltiness. Pic related was from yesterday and your thread made me crave it again.

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Letting the slices soak in water before cooking draws out quite a bit of salt. I’ve seen people do the same with “country” ham as well.

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Yiu should julienn span first

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Spam is already used in some japanese/korean cooking. Knock yourself out.

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I like the saltiness though. You just need to eat it with other things to balance it out.

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Another pic from that izakaya.
The name of the dish escapes me at the moment, but it was spam, tofu, scrambled egg, and bitter melon.
It was the first time I actually had bitter melon in a form I thought was really good.
Probably because the spam balanced the bitterness.

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Everything has a place in ramen.

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yummy nutella ramen

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is that goya champuru?

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Yup, that’s exactly what it is.
Just found their menu page with it; top right on the left page.

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>ramen 30c a pack
>eggs $4 for half a dozen
>spam $6 a can
ramen's supposed to be a cheap meal you retard

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What shithole do you live in? Inflation is bad but not Venezuela bad.

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>EBT eligible
lmao how does it feel to live in a caste system as an untouchable

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>Unironically eating emergency rations

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That's a waste of salt man.

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No, either spam or instant noodles alone already exceeds the daily sodium RDA. Combined that's way too much salt.
>inb4 low sodium spam
Tastes awful.

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Enjoy your high blood pressure

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Spam is unironically pretty good in a lot of dishes when prepared properly. Oddly enough though spam is weirdly expensive for a shelf stable can of reconstructed mystery meat, it's cheaper to just buy regular ass meat for your food.

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you can drink the spam water anon

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actual dish served by HK cafes.

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Those look like instant noodles. There's a "Hong Kong style" cafe near me that has those on their menu. I know it's just instant noodles but I'm curious all the same

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never had spam, but it looks good. absolutely would try it

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It's not mystery its pork shoulder, hence the price cost. I don't think its worth it anymore though.

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>a shelf stable can
That’s sort of literally the point of canning
>reconstructed mystery meat
It’s basically a caseless pork sausage. The idea of it using poor-quality ingredients is purely a pop-culture thing.

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ramen is just some fucking noodle soup, stop pretending it's some caviar tier bullshit

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No both are very salty not a good compliment. Spam goes in a bowl of rice drenched in ketchup

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I tried it cold once, smelt like dog food and tasted like the inside of a cheap pork pie.

I imagine cooked it might actually be passable as food.

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Some would stir-fry it with their own sauce, but most times it's 100% instant noodle.

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I don't have food stamps retard. It means that anyone can pay for it with EBT at Walmart. At least poor Americans are better off than poor Indians.

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Treet is the actual gross meat industrial waste people think is in Spam

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Take some meds you retardedly insane cunt

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>0.75 pounds of red meat
>Only 7g of protein

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Weight is given for the container.
Protein is given for the serving.
Not that complicated really.

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Probably if we're talking Okinawan style ramen. It has a place in sushi, I know it.

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They forgot the green onions.

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Fun fact Treet got it's name due to the tendency for the ingredients to randomly tremble. Trembling meat was eventually shortened to Treet. The cause of the trembling is still unknown.

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Imagine being Oriental.
Imagine living in the Far East eating 3x the recommended daily allowance of sodium every single day.

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>Treet got it's name due to the tendency for the ingredients to randomly tremble
I wish this were true but I cannot find a single source on this.

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Fresh meat can move but I doubt canned meat would react that way. Might be possible though. That anon is bullshitting though. That brand is not named for that reason.

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If someone put spam in my Ramen I would extract their teeth with a 9 iron

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The product may sometimes tremble due to compressed gas escaping from within the meat. It's cooked at high pressure, and it's high in gelatin that can trap air bubbles until a bit after it's opened (nice hiss) and the pressure equalizes.

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I could see that being true. I still doubt the brand name comes from that chemical interaction though.

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I love HK cafe food, its definitely one of those poorfag shithole cultural things that end up becoming a classic because it resonates with a lot of people. I like it when they use macroni pasta in a soup with spam and eggs

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>The saltiness is offputting but it's just what you need once in a while.

It's especially good when it's paired with something that's ordinarily very bland like white rice.

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Reminder, the less sodium version is made with blender chicken, and that's why it's cheaper.

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Here, this song will explain its qualities:


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indian fried bittergourd is the bomb
the spices balance out the bitterness making it the savoury equivalent of dark chocolate
but it has to be eaten fresh and crispy, it's disappointing when soggy

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Koreans have something called "Army Stew" where Ramen and Spam are the most important parts.

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I made all of that up but lol you believed me didn't you

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It's good with breakfast stuff too. Fry some spam slices along with bacon and put maple syrup on it

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That would be Aussie pricing I think, bloody $6-7 a tin when not on special at coles, absolute shambles

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>spam AND bacon
too much

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Jesus that’s a lot of meat

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>that's what she said
it's shared out

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yeah, typically you eat it with friends/family

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For you

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I would understand the outrage then. 6 AUS is like 4.19 USD using today's exchange rate. That's a fair amount above US price for spam

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*AUD, pardon my typing.

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treet is literally all of the lips, snouts, and assholes of hot dogs pressed into an overly smooth brick of meat

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It could be possible, but belief is tantamount to mental retardation. I've seen meat do odder things myself.

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Spam has its place in anything

I like to take bricks of spam re grind them down and pack them into sausage casings or make burgers.

I like to take 20 tins grind it down re form it and smoke it in a smoker in funny shapes like a giant octupus smoked spam brisket.

I like to take like 40 tins grind them down and form turkeys and cook and serve it for thanksgiving in someone elses house after they leave town to visit family. I usually invite a few vagrants ply them with bags of meth and hold them at gunpoint while i make up stories of how none of the photos inside the house include me or look like me.

Its comedy.

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It's just really, REALLY salty pork. It's reputation has less to do with the taste and more its association with poor people (I don't know why, spam can be pretty damn expensive)

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It's not good cold, but once it's fried up and crispy nothing else compares.

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my monthly comfort food is indomie with spam and a fried egg. you can see why I only eat it once a month.