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Thoughts on Liver King?

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He got Ab surgery to show them more.
That said, he is good motivation for people, being in tune with nature and working out and eating cleaner are great things to encourage.
Where he starts to get off the rails is shit talking cardio, thats where he loses m especially when he has done videos showing him doing cardio (with added weight)

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more like larper king

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Do people even find this attractive? It looks so unnatural, full of hormones and chemicals and shit

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Attractive? No. Impressive? Yes. If you arent impressed you either dont lift or are a woman

Anyway, I don't like anyone who won't openly talk about roiding, but I do like that he's getting people to eat more offal

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he is one trip to thailand away from dying of a heart attack

stupid roidcunt

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>full of hormones and chemicals and shit
Just like a normal human being then?

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>shit talking cardio

wat. Hes running and lifting random shit all the time

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He’s definitely using steroids. Looks awful.

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He says Cardio is a waste of time on a podcast, idk what hes thinking Cardio means

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yea has said specifically that cardio is pointless, but I'm not for or against this dude, i'm not the anon you're responding to

i'm really curious about his claims on his calorie intake, he claims to be consuming very high calories per day but also claims to not perform cardio, "real cardio" - maybe he's just lying?

i'm specifically interested in his basal metabolic rate considering he's on a carnivore diet, which is just a ketogenic diet - i know from a research standpoint that the ketone adapted diet does in fact increase basal metabolic rates, the body's cells increase their mitochondria count and also burn calories more inefficiently - but I wonder how much exactly hit is helping him stay lean

but there's so many more factors that just shadow those facts, i'm betting he's lying about not going real cardio, he's not honest about his steroid use, he's probably had some fat reduction surgeries

he just hasn't show any receipts of this progress, the guy is a mystery beyond his liver king persona, he didn't grow up eating liver and adhering to his so called ancestral diet, as a kid he ate mcdonalds chicken nuggets and pizza just like most everfy other american kid and if that's not true he would have shown clear information about his childhood, again a relative mystery

now shut up and buy his product

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>i'm really curious about his claims on his calorie intake, he claims to be consuming very high calories per day but also claims to not perform cardio, "real cardio" - maybe he's just lying?

He seems to eat a lot of bacon which is weird

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normal people have a normal amount of those things

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Does liver king know how many licks it takes to get to the end of a tootsie pop?
Ha, no, then liver king is not my king.

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>anons itt believing this guy is natty
we're all doomed

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>those chicken legs

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>in tune with nature
>doing a shit ton of gear and dehydrating yourself into beef jerky to larp on youtube videos
choose one

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The thing keeping him lean is anabolics.

>now shut up and buy his product
This. Social media influencers are just grifters who lie to get you to buy whatever they're selling.

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I never said he practices what he preaches, just that he preaches it

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Nu anime posters deserve the rope

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roiding grifter

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Amazing physique, roids or not (most probably on roids). He has pretty retarded takes on nutrition, even though I agree very much that eating organs is beneficial. Just not raw and eating liver doesnt improve the functioning of your liver etc. Why would one even think that?

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>Thoughts on [insert random e-celeb here]?

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>Liver King
more like the duke of roids
god daym

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I legit thought that was David Portnoy

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>that roid gut

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>eating liver doesnt improve the functioning of your liver
>Why would one even think that?
Probably the same reason people think eating fat makes you fat.

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why is he so stiff and bloated

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Because big muscles restrict your movement.

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He has tiny legs for that upper body

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that doesn't sound very healthy

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projecting for your countryman, burger?

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i don't know who is but he has poor bicep genetic and small forearm, he's clearly at the peak of a cycle in this pic, and yet he looks unremarkable aesthetically. lots of hard work in that body but from a bodybuilding perspective i think he would make podium in a regional contest, probably state at the most

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You're the one for me, fatty

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"The Liver Kingonator" have the same tonal sounds as "The Governator."
Might as well be Klingonator, ha!
He's no Arnold.

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why do morons keep posting obscure people as if we all know who they are?

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Social media attention whore. Will hang on the day of the rope

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so that you look them up, zoomie.

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sorry not a zoomie, you're off by 2 or 3 gens. and no I don't ever look them up.

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>as a kid he ate mcdonalds chicken nuggets and pizza just like most everfy other american kid

this has more impact on your bodies food referencing than what you eat as an adult. If you eat a buncha processed slop as a kid your body still prefers it over other things as an adult. His brain is probably dying to eat another chicken nugget but hes just in eternal cope life crisis mode.

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Looking at pic, an absolute roider. So an idiot.

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It would be impressive if he wasn't obviously on steroids.

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that guy is blasting so much test I don't even know what else he consumes.

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Body dysmorphia and gym/diet obsession is not impressive

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Wtf is going on here?

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yeah, a healthy diet is good and daily exercise is fun and rewarding but there is certainly a line where it becomes damaging and obsessive/sad
this guy passed it long ago

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>dude eat NATURAL and RAW
>blasts multiple grams of gear every week
wow didn't know neanderthals had tren and deca lol

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Yeah all that is good but over that is plowing your best girl into oblivion.
I know what's next, what is best in life...

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It actually is. Pushing a body to it's physical limits is pretty impressive and takes a lot of work and knowledge. Again, only women or men who don't lift would think your way. I guess men who don't lift are basically women though

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is that a mcrib?

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>most probably on roids
He definitely is.

I'm okay with people doing whatever they want but they usually mislead people into thinking they can get the same physique by just following their eating and exercise routine.

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that is clearly a disgusting roidbod

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Liver is fucking delicious but damn does he need to stop skipping leg day. Throwing is just as much about leg drive as upper body strength.

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the fuck

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hes based and natty

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>He got Ab surgery to show them more.

holy shit what a dyel

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just another e-grifter roidhead, this time with a "primal" gimmick. who gives a shit. he'll be dead in 5 years anyway.

Liver king out.

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Even that Latvian psychopath considers this guy to be a retard.

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I'd kick him in the nuts

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>Bad tranime show at that
>Nothing of worth to say

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I lift and can wholeheartedly agree with you that despite the copious amounts of roids he is clearly on, he has indeed an impressive and extremely difficult to obtain physique

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He's literally doing disservice to carnivores with his steroid abuse and LARPing videos.

He will die of heart/liver/kidney failure pretty soon and it will be labeled as "RED MEAT'S FAULT", not because he's a fucking walking pharmacy.

Lifting weights is fine, abusing roids like a fucking retard is not.

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hes not carnivore

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Good luck. That's a small target.

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People in the past commonly thought that eating an organ would improve that organ in yourself. So eating brains = more intelligence, eating testicles = more virility, etc.

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