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For me, it’s the minced meat pie. Yum.

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ESL retard.

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No, I was being grammatically precise. I meant minced meat. Pic was unrelated.

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I will be going to London in a few months, what are the best pie shops? Or shops in general I suppose.

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Fuck off, weeab.

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No, I will be invading your city whether you like it or not.

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>Get absolutely BTFO
>Haha Retard

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You need to be up north for a decent pie, London is too hipster.
Most bongs drown their pies in HM Sauce so I hope you like the stuff.

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You did and he did.

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Londonfag here, you're more likely to find a restaurant for some international food than a pie store, just avoid tourist traps. Not sure if you have them where you live, but one of the supermarkets near me (a semi large Sainsbury's) has a lot of pies you can bake n shit and they're pretty good.
lmao seethe, 4chan is an anime site you cant escape

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Honestly never had it.

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go to Goddard's in Greenwich it's comfy

idk any other OG ones in London

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2016 Reddit immigrant detected

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> anime site
sure thing buddy
used to be called HP sauce

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This whole post circled around to cringe.

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>valid source

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Not sure if it's real but you're still a faggot (and a paedophile). L

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He iwbed it before you ever got here, new fag.
Lurk moar.

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so true

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KEK Jap fags btfo

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You're still spamming that screenshot where you had to shittly edit the post number to prevent getting embarrassed? Fuck, you're pathetic.
Congrats for continuing to spam an edited post from one of this sites most weebish events.

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Samefagging won't help you, newfag.

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>its another episode of newfag pretends to be oldfag
im so tired bros...

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> one of this sites most weebish events
That's pretty fuckibg sad, what's wrong with these people?

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I've been here since 2007 you little tryhard fuck

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You tell me, fellow 4chan user.

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>I've been spreading my cancer here since 2007
Tragic. Good job I know you're lying you fucking 2016 migrant.

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jej i wouldn't he proud of that really

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I get that not everyone here is a 4channeler, I was just looking for good recommendations in London

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You're too emotionally invested in this site. You need to take a step back buddy.

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>n-nobody can possibly have been here longer than me!!!
You're clearly projecting. Don't worry, it's okay you haven't been here as long as everybody else.

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Is steak and ale pie easy to find?

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Well deflected, newfag.
Gi and lick your wounds elsewhere and stop shitting up this thread.
Any decent gastropub will have steak and ale pies. Look at online reviews.

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Please don’t use that phrase, it’s almost a s cringeworthy as ‘mouthfeel’.

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The only one licking wounds is you my friend, being so insecure in your misplaced pride in being an "oldfag" (I'm guessing 2013-14) that you literally refuse to believe there are other people here who have been here longer than you.
But don't worry, I won't respond to you anymore. Enjoy the thread.

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what about barcade

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>I won't respond to you anymore
One less weeaboo cocksucker ITT I guess. Show me your pies, lads.

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I don’t even know what that is

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it's kind of like a gastropub

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bar plus arcade

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kind of like?
thank god, fuck off.

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Video games then?

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dumb itoddler

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Based Gookmoot. Even the nips hate weebs.

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Looks a bit dry. I prefer the meat to be ground.

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I refer you to your previous comment.
Stop samefaghing

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>I’ve wasted a good part of my adult life
Many such cases.

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>no pie floater
bongs and seppos can fuck off

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lmao cope
kys twitterfag, they were only 30 you sick fuck

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I'm an American and we have different words for the same things, mincemeat was right even if they are degenerate Brits.

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With some chili cheese fritos this was my lunch for the past twelve hours.
Now suck my big American dick!
Don't put your bullshit on me until you put it on yourself and not expect us to find it. Don't wait, come clean now, even if you retire or get of office, we will find you.

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why the fuck are weebs seething in a pie thread????

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Nothing more pathetic than self appointed 4Chinks gatekeepers.
Pure fucking cancer.

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I only see people seething about weebs on 4channel

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Seems like one guy got ass raped by weebs and started samefagging. Sad.

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So the correction was right and you felt a need to point that out to the person who made the correction.

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>used to be called HP sauce

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Anime avatar posters know exactly what they're doing.
>find a thread
>spam shit from their 1tb folder of 2d cartoons
>derail with some bullshit
>be smug about it
>tell their fellow xirs on discord
>repeat for 12 hours

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Looks like the wapanese fag had the meltdown and rage quit to me

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How is asking about pies in a pie thread derailing anything

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Moot sold us out.
Never forget.
Never surpress the rage.

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American education, ladies and gentlemen.

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He grew up. You didn't. I did, but I stayed because it's fun to laugh at you.

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I hear Google fired him recently?

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Order a stargazey n crisps