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>listen to deenz posters and make some sardine potato salad for lunch
>stink up the break room so bad that people gag and now I have to eat it alone
Is this really worth it, deenz shills?

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Yes and your coworkers are fags

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The deenz life is a solitary one, anon.

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you're supposed to buy fresh deenz at the market you poorcel

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>tasty as fuck
>sick gainz
>repels nearby faggots
based deenz

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don't bring fish to work idiot.

>> No.18251260

yeah, because fresh deenz smell way less...

although i partially agree. stop being poor and eat fresh deenz. also this >>18251242 specially if you work around homos

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rookie mistake

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this is clearly bait
i eat sardines at work every day and no one gags because of some overwhelming smell
what do you have against sardines? why do you want to make people think they smell horrible?

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wait until you start sweating out the fish smell

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>Always thought Sardines would taste disgusting because I found them visually displeasing and never tried them
>Visiting dad earlier this year
>Tin of sardines in the pantry
>A little Druk so figure might as well give it a go
>Just tastes like canned Tuna
What are some ways to enhance deenz?

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Hot sauce, a bit of pepper.

My personal favorite is frying up some leftover rice quickly in a pan with onio, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. I toss in the deenz once they're all done.


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2 cups of boiled rice
1 small smelly fish
1/2 cup of diced jalapenos
Stir together.

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it's a pleb filter. I used to do this with spam in the cafeteria in high school

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how dare you to compare spam to deenz you subhuman faggot

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>He fell for the obvious troll threads

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Did you warm it up? You can’t reheat fish as work.

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>always thought canned fish would be awful
>get convinced by deenzmarinez to buy some
>turns out they're delicious
>start reading other schizo shillposters, stop eating sneed oil and start drinking kefir and eating raw eggs
>now have a diet of mostly canned fish, nuts, fermented dairy, raw eggs and cruciferous vegetables
>lost 15lbs, gained muscle mass and dick gets 0.5'' longer at full mast now
thanks 4channel.

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