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>tfw your pleasure from tasting will always be dulled as if your tongue were a circumcised penis

how do you cope?

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if you fast for a couple days then your sense of taste will really improve

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it's not fucking fair

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dont care

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>covid nuked my senses and my smell and taste haven't fully recovered in over a year

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good thing you owned the libtards though, totally worth losing the ability to taste food

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>getting vaxxed and wearing the muzzle protects you from the coof
big yikes, fella

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Got covid ~2 years ago
Still only have maybe 50% of my smell/taste
Food kinda sucks now. I can drink a root beer float and it mostly just tastes cold, there's a bit of sweetness but that's it.
I mostly only taste spicy stuff now.
I'm a nothing-taster really.

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yeah but weirdly I can still taste food and you can't hmmm...

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Only fats would want to be a supertaster, food is fuel

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I too had the flu this year.

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I've never had the flu and never had a flu shot.

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>food is fuel
And sex is for baby-making only right

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Being a supertaster fucking sucks. Yes, you can enjoy things you like a whole lot more, but you hate things you dislike that much more, too. You know when you eat something and go, "Yuck, I don't really like this but I'll get through it"? Well, say good-bye to that and hello to literally gagging and vomiting because of how amplified the bad taste is. I would give anything to kill my sense of taste and be like a normal person that's actually capable of middling responses to taste instead of everything being 10/10 delicious or -10/10 vomit-inducing with almost nothing in between.

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Covid is a lie. Any loss of taste/smell is merely an illusion. Quit spewing this libtard nonsense, numbnuts.

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Enjoy burning is hell forever retard

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>being a leftist means covid affects you differently
It really was a targeted bioweapon huh?

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>And sex is for baby-making only right
No, sex with your monogomously married wife can be for fun and pleasure too, but you must be always open to the possibility of children! (because contraception is evil)

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i got a cold last month and lost my sense of taste for a few days from the congestion. or did the juice bamboozle me?

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Coping thread? Supertasters are unable to eat any hard flavoured dishes, poor bastards.

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I taste things that friends and family claim are flavorless. Usually not a pleasant flavor. I ask why they eat it if they don't taste it. Hate mushrooms. Hate olives. Hate the tinge in soy-based products. Consider the kerosine flavor of cilatro to be the vile work of the devil.

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It sucks. I'm especially sensitive to bitterness so beer, brussels sprouts, dark chocolate and ginger of any quantity are right out.

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It sucks. I'm especially sensitive to bitterness so beer, brussels sprouts, dark chocolate and ginger of any quantity are right out. Cilantro and fennel seeds are HORRID, utterly ruin anything that contains any amount of them. Same for raw onions.

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>hard flavoured dishes
are you black

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what do supertasters find delicious?

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>he takes experimental juice developed in months and pushed by all media 24/7 from companies that had contracts with countries that stated they are not liable for any issues with it
Okay bro. Enjoy your mystery juice and blood clots.

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if you had more taste buds than every flavor would be stronger, not just the good ones, and some common nuanced flavors could become entirely unbearable like black coffee or sugary candies

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Tanned now, blue eyes.

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>you can enjoy things you like a whole lot more, but you hate things you dislike that much more, too
such arrogance, anon.
stop that.

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>developed in months
It's been in development over a decade sack breath.

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> You had covid, you must be a right wing unvaxxed!

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You're not a supertaster you're just autistic

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You have a mental illness. Seek help.

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Are you sure you're a supertaster instead of a baby? I like all those things and everybody around me acts like they would die if they ate nearly everything you mentioned. There's no way the average number of supertasters matches the number of pussy NPCs.

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Pretty sure I am a super taster.

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By being a super taster

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I know two fully vaccinated people who lost their sense of smell and taste completely for many months.
I'm unvaccinated and covid had virtually no effect on me.
you're a fucking retard if you still think the vaccines had a drastic effect on how sick people got from covid

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*jazzy theme music plays*

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Whatever they like, they just have preferences like normal people.

Imagine having a flavor you hate and then being able to also pick it out of literally any recipe any time it's present. "Oh, there's just a little in there you can't even taste it" no longer works for a supertaster.

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Kids are super tasters and they hate most foods.
Intensity /= enjoyment.

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Remember to avoid sports, cold showers, walks in the park, and standing up too fast in case you get a blood clot in your brain.

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>Intensity /= enjoyment.
This is always the most important thing to remember.

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I burn my taste buds on hot coffee every three weeks. Get on my level.

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I'm definitely not a supertaster but none of those have a subtle taste tf?

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Maybe not, but remember you can enhance your natural sense of taste by scraping your tongue of gunk that inhibit the tastebuds before a meal.

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I did and I haven't been sick in 2.5 years.

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My immune system has been in development for over three decades

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>they just have preferences like normal people.
Careful, there's one particular hyperautist on /ck/ that takes personal insult to that opinion. It's impossible to not like the food they cook, and it's impossible to not like any food because that just means you haven't tried it cooked by the hyperautist yet

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>how to turn being a picky, autistic baby into a superpower

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Based and immunepilled.

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That picky eater thread really mindbroke you huh.

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Found you

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You’re probably just autistic anon. I know your mom says you’re special, but she’s just being retarded.

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One way to increase your tasting ability is to eat incredibly bland food.

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I am, but I also have a strong sense of taste I wish wasn't so strong.

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Eat what you want you schizo. You're the one that's invented this bizarre scenario where you're beset from all sides by evil food pushers.

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Supertaster is a bit of a misnomer. There's no sciencetific evidence that supertasters have a stronger overall sense of taste (despite the name), though there is evidence that they are far more sensitive to bitter flavors, and generally have an affinity for sweets. It doesn't mean they are any better at picking out individual flavor compounds (i.e. spices, individual ngredients, etc.).

I'm a supertaster. I can't stand coffee, bitter melon, IPAs, most brassicas, etc, etc. My sense of taste otherwise is pretty good. I'd venture to say above average, but well within a standard deviation. Certainly not better than some non supertaster wine sommeliers, chefs, etc.

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Wow. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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Clearly you knew the thread I was referencing

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That's not what being a supertaster is, lmao. It's not amplified taste. You're just a faggot who wants attention.

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as a super taster myself its really not a big deal
professional sommeliers, critics, cooks, even professional tasters are rarely super tasters
i'd prefer not to have it, and be able to prepare food on properly cleaned surfaces without tasting the tiny hint of bleach left on the worktop or bowl.
I don't eat the (incredible) ice cream from a local dairy because I can taste the bleach they use to sterilise everything. I complained about it before and got treated like I was making it up because I wanted free shit. "I can't taste it. Nobody else can taste it" etc. Yeah well I can and I don't want to eat bleach flavour ice cream.

this isn't quite correct, I think being sensitive to bitterness is more common, but its not a hard rule.

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You mean the one where you threw a massive shitfit because someone suggested you try vegetables? Yeah it was hilarious.

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>It's impossible to not like the food they cook, and it's impossible to not like any food because that just means you haven't tried it cooked by the hyperautist yet

>> No.18250807

>this isn't quite correct, I think being sensitive to bitterness is more common, but its not a hard rule.

Feel free to edit the wiki, then.


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i dated a supertaster once and he wouldn't eat pussy. not just mine either, you fucking mongoloids. I talked to his exes too. fuck supertasters.

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It's amazing, you've reached some previously unseen plane of giga-pickyness where you can't even believe other people's preferences might evolve. Eat your vegetables Billy.

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>this isn't quite correct, I think being sensitive to bitterness is more common, but its not a hard rule.
Actually, on closer reading, the wiki supports your contention. I stand corrected. My apologies.

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It's amazing, you still can't understand the concept explained in this pic >>18250610
>I don't like this food

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based dark chocolate hater

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My cousin was a supertaster, and he sometimes saw it as a burden because there were a lot of foods that he didn't really enjoy. He got the woofloo, and now he's a normal taster. He's enjoying himself. Thanks Obama.

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This represents at most 5% of no jabbers

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i'm vaccinated but yr retarded if u think that's how it's supposed to work

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And the other 95?

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I told you to eat whatever the fuck you want you picky bitch, why do you feel like you need permission from some random internet stranger? Are you genuinely schizophrenic?

>> No.18252595

Nobody is asking for permission, hyperautistkun

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>being vaccinated has no effect on severity of illness
It really is hard for antivaxxers to remember to breathe, huh?

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vaxtards spazzing

>> No.18252634

Damn so you're over 30 and still a virgin.

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I find my scrotal tastebuds to be the most receptive to sweet and especially spicy flavors but very desensitized to salty/umami flavors. I basically can't taste anything mushroom related with the tastebuds on my scrotum.

Any ways... It is worth investigating. There really is a different way to experience flavor.

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>if you didn't take the experimental shot you... you're a virgin

>> No.18252742

I don't even understand what your problem is any more. You're arguing with an imaginary boogieman. Eat what you want, don't like what you want, who are you angry at?

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Taste as a sense is overrated. Smell is where its at. I recently started neti potting for the first time and I'd forgotten how great cooking/eating smells

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I'm not a 'super taster' or whatever but am what I guess the other version is: "super smeller"

And you know what? It fucking sucks. If I was a tracker dog yeah it'd be great, but I'm just a fucking person. I can detect an cat/dog/skunk/stinkbug/any kind of animal scent from like 1 particle of material and taste it in my mouth. When I finally got to move out on my own and not have any pets it was fucking amazing after having to being around cat piss and dog dander smells at everyone's houses after like 24 years.

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Fuel for what? Eating is one of lifes pleasures. There's no point in being alive if you cant enjoy it.

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My condolences. I enjoy everything listed.

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I'm one of these faggots and I have participated in a few studies at college about it. I got to drink IPAs one day, but they all tasted like pic related. I like beer, generally, but IPAs are fucking nasty. Another time I got to drink a whole lot of tea and found out that sweet iced oolong tea is fucking awesome but that shit is hard to find unless I drive to chinatown.

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I didn't and I haven't been sick in 3+ years.

>> No.18253490

the troon cope

>> No.18253501

i'm a super taster and i'm 500 lbs because i can't stop tasting. please help me

>> No.18253505

can you taste why kids love cinnamon toast crunch

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I’m a supertaster. So is my mom. Cringe term btw. Its not fun to live this way. Everything is overpowering. Can’t enjoy a lot of things normietasters enjoy. The good thing about this is that sweets/desserts are inedible so we aren’t fat (my mom is a milf)

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There was already a fucking cure the second it was bioweaponed out into the air, they just killed the scientist that made it.

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I am a supertaster. I have to cook my food at home due to non supertasters obliterating my orders during visits to family restaurants.

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Are you sure you aren't a superbitch instead ?

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If anyone had the cure it would have been China since they made the damned thing and they're still disappearing people with the disease or sealing them into their homes.

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I am unironically, and it gave me an eating disorder. Imagine everything has a bad aftertaste.

I have been diagnosed in a clinic by a doctor

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There's actually a test for this?

>> No.18256069

>If anyone had the cure it would have been China
That was literally where the doctor was killed at.

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I think I have some sort of supertaste, but it's not like most people talk about it. I dislike most bitter things, but I love cilentro. Don't like beer, absolutely fucking detest all malt liquor products, hate fake sweeteners (stevia, aspertane, you name it, it does not taste sweet, it tastes like ass), not a fan of coffee (I'd rather drink an energy drink instead of dumping sugar and milk in it)

>> No.18256671

pretty sure most people are supertasters
most people just don't autistically focus on each individual flavor of the shit in their mouth

>> No.18256710

good god

>> No.18256714

I was a super taster but I got the coof and after 2 years I have not recovered fully yet, probably I never will
Aside from bizarre taste change of some food (watermelon tastes like cheese to me) I have normal taste

It's not something I wanted for sure, but being a supertaster is not that big thing
It's the normie equivalent of perfect pitch, every musical retards act like they all have it and that is some God gift

>> No.18256716

It unironically was

>> No.18256742

anon you just have autism or something autism related like dyspraxia

>> No.18257553

Isn't that a good thing? Every anecdote I've read from super-tasters claims that it's an inconvenience.

>> No.18258443

>-10/10 vomit-inducing
Bullshit. You're just a flaming faggot with a childish palate. No food from your culture should be "vomit inducing". Maybe something extreme like surstromming or natto you just wouldn't want to try, that's ok. But even then, just don't try it or if you do don't act like a child.

>> No.18258525

>biomechanical reactions are childish
Retard. I don't control my gag reflex.

>> No.18258699

I dunno man, I've seen some pretty impressive gag reflex training on chaturbate.

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