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whats the secret to a good chicken stir-fry that doesn't use deep-fried (or any sort of deepfry imitation) chicken?
is it even doable?

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stir-fry doesn't contain deep fried meats, anon.

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what do you call that thing in the top left there then?

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looks like lo-mein.

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Stir-fry doesn't NECESSARILY contain deep-fried ingredients.

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not that far left
right... hence why I asked the initial question

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>not that far left
kung-po beef.

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I don't believe that that's beef

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it is.
if it was chicken it would look more of the color of bottom right.

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in any case it's certainly been done before

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but that's not a stir-fry.

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man you know what I mean come on man stop being pedantic

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stir-fry is a type of dish, anon.
that is not stir-fry.
you're literally asking a question and basically calling all chinese food stir-fry.
that's just silly.

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yes, you're being pedantic
and you're also wrong
stir fry is literally things stirred and fried together
now andwer the question you autist

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marinade the chicken with whatever flavors you want + baking soda and then lightly coat it all with starch before you fry it

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dang it anon I said no deepfry imitations

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how is that a deepfry imitation, do you want to fucking boil the chicken or how else do you plan to cook it

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i've never had a stir-fry with deep fried meat.
it's literally a style of cooking, yes, but it's a dish.
even though g-tso is stir-fried it's still called g-tso.
just don't use deep fried meat, anon.
stop being so cantankerous.

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use dog meat and gutter oil

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Stir the chicken while it's frying.

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Coating the meat in 5 spice and sesame oil is good

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