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What’s your favorite food to order at a bar? For me, it’s loaded fries

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A basket of Fries or Wedges and everyone at the table gets into it while we continue conversation and beer.

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>loaded fries
absolute meme woman food
only option is the chicken parma

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Don't know, there are so many to choose from!

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I’d never seen a condescending menu before

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>food at a bar
why are you like this?
stop being this way.
bars are for drinking, shooting the shit, and talking to girls.

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Women have no business in the taberna

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I don't go to bars (I have avoidant personality disorder and doing so would be an absolutely excruciating experience)
I do like hamburgers though

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>he doesn't know how babies are made

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hot wings and a pitcher of draft is my go to. your mouth is burning and that cold beer really hits the spot

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That process doesn't involve you, tranny

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When you hear "margarita pizza" do you think it's just a plain pizza or do you expect tomatoes on top? The menu at work explicitly says there's cherry tomatoes on top but like 1/10 people will order a margarita pizza and pick off all the tomatoes.

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what’s even the point of ordering it then? just order a cheese pizza

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americans think margarita means it has alcohol in it

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Bloomin onion

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>obese, ugly 4chan incel sticks his greasy hoof into basket of fries
>"hey bro u want some?? hehe lets go brandon!!!"

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I'll dump a load on your fries, OP.

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enjoy your complimentary monkeypox

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Seethe libtard faggot

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60 hot wings in parm garlic sauce

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>umami town
just for that, I would have shit on the cover of the toilet lid and would have left without paying.

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I don't usually go to bars nice enough to have a kitchen but i can get down to a big pretzel

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Well, I'm not obese, an incel nor am I even American.
You reddit shills are worse than the /pol/ people you're trying to mock, and if you didn't notice, this isn't /pol/

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The places I go to for pub food are places I worked before, so I go into the back, hand the line cook a pint of Tanqueray, and ask him to make me something good.

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beer battered onion rings

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You know you're extremely annoying don't you? I bet you contact your old teachers too

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>what's your favorite goyslop to order at a bar

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No prices on the menu?

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you pay by taking loads in the ass

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Chicken parma and chips

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Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

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I'm friends with all my old teachers. Stay a bitter faggot.

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Buffalo wings obviously

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Throw a pot in and you're set

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