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why does japan get so many different special flavour variants of popular foods and drinks?

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doesnt matter how many different varieties of slop there is because in the end it is all still fucking slop

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japchad marketing teams are more based than americunts or europoors

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They're fun people who'll buy unique flavors. Here in America people will drink redbull and alcohol there entire life before they buy a peanut butter coke or whatever

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because every person in japan has the 'tism.

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Vending machines. More retail realestate means that products need to stand out more to compete. Compare this to the US where you will see a single mini fridge by the checkout that only has like 5 rows, the top 3 being reserved for the top sellers while the bottom 2 are reserved for overstock shit they're trying to get rid of or sports drinks.

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because they dont drink it as usual thing, they drink it for memes which is why they need as much weird taste as possible.
And because they arent that mass produced the prices are higher too.

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post capitalist society allows for "food artists" to have a larger freedom of expression, resulting in strange and unique combinations

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Japanese have abandoned tradition and live in a perpetual pursuit of new novelties.

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Because they are based and enjoy novelty.

Autists are the opposite. They only like to consume the same things over and over.

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>Apple Pie Noodles
This was so bad.

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>Post capitalist society
Next you'll be telling me they're literally the Federation from Star Trek

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Japanese culture enjoys novelty, so they get lots of interesting novelty products. Western culture is a prison where even simple pleasures become burdensome, so we get flooded with bottom of the barrel novelty products to trick us into buying.

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Iced Cucumber Pepsi honestly sounds good, I'd try that.

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when it comes to food, japanese actually like trying new things
go to a travel agency in japan and literally every brochure, whether it's just different prefectures of japan or different countries around the world, the front page is always the food you can eat in that place.

westerners generally hate trying new food and only want some sort of combination of safe flavours they enjoy, like meat, cheese, carbs (bread/pasta), particularly americans

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Why do commonwealth faggots like you create shit threads?

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Cause japs actually buy meme flavors. I remember 10+ years ago you amerifats would complain that Japan gets all the cool shit then U.S. companies start pumping out meme shit and none of you buy it

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> slop is maya, the illusion of food

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Lol you’re a miserable piece of shit. Your single mom is a whore. Your dad dodged a bullet by leaving.

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>clearly liquid

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