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>be broke
>go to groccery store to buy store brand bread for PBJ
>the $1 bread is now $2.40


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Dont worry the biden administration just passed a new bill saying inflation is illegal so thatll stop it

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Dude in Canada a loaf of bread is $4.50 here
4 dollars 50 fucking cents...
and after taxes its almost $5!
A can of campbells soup, the small ones, is $3!
$3.25 for a can of heinz beans!
I paid $6.50 for 2L of milk
A dozen eggs cost me $3.50
food is so fucking expensive. I'm down to just poverty cooking.

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stop buying luxury bread

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You are making a grave mistake by slandering Campbell Soup Company like this. Campbells' soup is an affordable, nutritious and delicious meal option. There are no issues with it's prices.
Do not post this again. We WILL find you.

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Kek. Just because that didn't work in Zimbabwe, doesn't mean it won't work in America!

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Take the roadkill pill leaf, it's the only red meat affordable for the average Canadian.

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>paying for overpriced groceries.
just steal it and leave a note that says, "not paying for anything until you stop overcharging. eat shit."

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>go to grocery store to pick up a couple things
>bill is ~$100
>end up having to go again the next day for a couple things
All of this time, I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me

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>end up having to go again the next day
why are you like this?
stop being like this.
you only need to go once a week.

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Enjoy your prion diseases.

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that only comes from eating brain.

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Lifehack: don't be broke.

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They really are crashing this plane with no survivors, aren't they

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Not really. People 40 and under these days are just all faggots who have never experienced occasional hardship. This is nothing. You're just dealing with the realization that life isn't a gravy train all the time.

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Go take your alzheimers meds and shut the fuck up you old ass bitch

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Houses are getting more expensive and average wages are not reflecting proportionally.
People are working more hours on average than people did in the 80s while having more expenses while companies are getting higher and higher record annual profits.

Wheat, for the first time in our lives, has caused starvations in several countries leading to global economic paradigm shifts that are only getting worse.

You're ignorant and assume young people can't research history. If you don't think there's a problem, you're not paying attention.

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The lack of wheat*
you know what I meant

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I like my routine of going 3 times a week. I work 3rd shift so i just swing my at 6am when i get off.

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>tfw even walmart made italian bread went from $1 to $1.50 now
It's just flour wtf. Why are they raising prices on them?

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go to foodbank for free day old bread.

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lol, pull your bootstraps up, kid

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>It's just flour wtf. Why are they raising prices on them?
its also volume. shipping and handling costs of that volume has increased.... as well as a slight increase in labor costs

people who support (((buisness))) like walmart only have themselves to blame for the death of american prosperity. outsource everything to the cheapest bidder no matter how harmful to america it is.

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lots of flour comes from ukraine which obviously has some issues right now

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just eat free breadsticks

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>4 dollars 50 fucking cents...
in maple pesos, so a buck fifty in real money.

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Anon we have entire states dedicated to wheat

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but serioulsy op we're gonna have to learn to eat peasant foods like gruels and shitty stews soon enough, i just can't afford to eat like i used to.

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So what? You don't have an export market? Global shortages increase the price.

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>A dozen eggs cost me $3.50
That's pretty cheap

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takes energy to transport stuff and fuel is up

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You have no clue what anything in the world really is and need to shut up. You detestable little nincompoop.

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You must be Californian. Even with the Joe Biden miracle going on right now eggs are $2.97 for 18. They used to be $1.97

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>1.97 for 18
That's 10 cents per egg. No way that's possible

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