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Best part about making Meatballs?

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that isnt meat. that is sl0p

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Heyyyyy, that's a good lookin meatball!

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not that a nigger would know!

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is that leftists, welfare cases, politicians, bankers, and op can't make them.

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eating a few fresh ones right out of the oven

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Balling the meat, of course~!!! Honestly, it feels therapeutic slowly balling up the meat to a specific size. Taking a bit out if you think it's too big and start balling it up again. Feeling the seasonings course through the meat is nice as well, since the textures of them differ.

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OP loves balls in his mouth, same as usual

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Having a Swedish mother who does it instead

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It cleans the gunk from under your nails

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I’m not allowed to have anything nice, just Kool-Aid and malt liquor

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i have a feeling its because a certain minority doesnt know how to make them
>>ya'll need to lurk more

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Chopping the onion. I love to chop the onion.

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