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what's your favorite vodka for drinking neat?

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Orange vodka

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Stolichnaya (stoli), I like it with friends, well i would, if i had any!

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Is the vanilla flavor any good? I enjoy the regular kind

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For me its Titos

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I haven't tried it but im sure its not bad.

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The humble zubrowka

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>drinking vodka neat

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fruit loop flavor, OJ, mixed with condensed milk….wait, I don’t actually drink this… I give it to
college teens for fun
/OP is an idiot

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Reyka is best
Svedka is best cheapest
russian probably have some ok stuff too

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belvedere too expensive.
finladia reasonably priced and good.
smirnoff makes me sick.
stolichnaya my favourite

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If you find it of course

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This is my go to. Only $21 for a handle.

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the rye version of Chopin is the best I've had
normally I drink bison grass vodka though and use Wyborowa as a mixer
t. Polish

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bitch who the fuck drinks this shit neat are you stupid

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>bitch who the fuck drinks this shit
Whole Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Balkans
So, it's like half of Europe

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i guess its hard for you to read. but you can always ask for assistance before talking dont be embarrassed

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Sometimes I like to pop in John Wick, and setup a plate with boiled potaoes, pickles and raw onion and larp that i’m a russian drinking iced vodka

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lots of people drink it neat

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Ever since they banned Russian shit in the west, I've never wanted a bottle of russian standard so badly. I used to get stolichnaya until they rebranded to just 'stoli'

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I don't drink it neat, but I take a shot and follow it with seltzer water that isn't mixed with anything else. Doesn't really mask the flavor, just feels good.
And for me I'd go with >>18214758 for that.

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vodka is fucking vodka unless it's one of those gay flavoured ones

anyone who claims to be able to tell different vodkas apart is a liar

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This or any polish potato vodka

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Sobieski flask size. 3x/day.

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My nigga!

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my local store had Russian standard until like a month ago

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Men. Grow up faggot.

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Wrong-o amerimutt. I guess a Miller lite and a Sam Adams porter taste the same to you too?

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They call it "neat" but it will turn you into a mess.

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>bad vodka tastes like shit
>good vodka doesn't taste much
I seriously hope you're at least having some food with it and not just sipping it on it's own like an alcoholic retard.
anyway it would be russian standard, stoli is shit.

>> No.18215249

i'm finnish

>> No.18215256

I tried to make homemade vodka once with instant mashed potatoes and yeast reclaimed from panties I stole from a coin laundry.
There was definitely fermentation going on but I threw it out.

>> No.18215940

either or. sometimes I'll have it with dinner or a snack, sometimes I'll just sip it by itself when I'm hanging out with the boys

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