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the VIRGIN 'omelette rice' or whatever
vs. the CHAD Fried2*(Rice + Egg)

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have sex

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>have sex
Back to twitter with you

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>implying cats
They've been nothing but helpful, except when you push shit onto them. It's those fucking squirrels I don't trust. Hiding food, staring at anyone who leaves the home, barking at people who gets too close to their tree. They're only good for pan-frying.

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very true, op, very true indeed!

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What is it with southeast asians and massively burning their sunnyside-up eggs?

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>he never had crispy and aromatic eggwhite with running yolk
the white man fears the browned eggwhite, like pottery

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It's not that I've never had it, it's just that I don't see the appeal. Burnt eggs like that develop a kind of off taste.

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