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All borger should be smash borgers (no exceptions)

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I disagree

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Smash burgy, is just a "fuck you" burgy
why would i wanna eat a sandwich somebody else gets to smoosh/smash...

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I agree

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No, a quarter-pound patty creates the perfect thickness for a backyard burger. Anything bigger cooks too slow and you end up with burnt nastiness, and anything smaller cooks too fast and creates some dry ass bullshit.

Smash burgers are the next best thing when you can't use the grill. They are a nice substitute for the carcinogenic taste you get from a backyard burger, but it doesn't truly replace the flame-broiled taste.

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Can you explain to me what a smash burger is?
I saw one at a '50s style diner but I had no idea what it was supposed to be, so I just got a chili cheese dog with a smokie instead of a hotdog.

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It is a normal burger, but a 400lb lady sits on the patty and rubs her butt into it

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i will never order a smash burger
thank you for your explanation Anon Y. Mous

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no le epic meme burger for me, thanks

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>can i haz?
>can i haz?
>do not want if no smashed
The demands never end with you lot, do they?

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yeah smash burgers are great but due to their small size you need 4-6 to make a good meal

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Not fat enough

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>why is it screaming

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If you were smart, you'd be doing the same thing.

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>Amerilards too lazy to smash their own burgers

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You're a black retard faggot and you should be ashamed.

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>(no exceptions)
any burger is better than no burger

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