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I want to bake gnocchi with pesto instead of boiling it. what temp should I set and for how long? will post results

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212f. Make sure to cover them in water.

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is it dry or fresh gnocchi? if it'd dry then you have to boil it. if it's fresh... ehh, can't be too different from, like, new potatoes?

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lets gooo


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sloppa phase 2
>jarred artichokes
>salt n peppa

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finished sloppa
currently eating out of a mug because i've lost control of my life

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how does it taste?
What is the texture like?
Why aren't you a better person?

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the pasta isn't as gummy as it would be if I boiled it. tuna and pesto pairs really well since they're both oily and savory. the veggies were added to make it a bit healthier

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based ishiichad

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I want to fuck stu so bad.