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The hand roll is the ideal form of sushi. Apparently they're not that common outside of Australia.

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Not op
I love when little sushi kiosks have their own versions. Places near me do these honey chicken rolls, and another does 'paradise rolls'. I have no idea what the sauces are, but its a chicken avocado with a sweet teriyaki/dark soy sauce type condiment throughout. Fucking delicious. Aus poster btw. Any anons know if hand rolls are common outside aus?

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I've only ever tried teriyaki chicken with avocado sushi rolls and while they're palatable, they're not the greatest. The texture is a bit shit. My local sushi joint is a chain (Sushi Sushi in Australia), so that might be why the quality isn't the best. My favourite sushi is salmon nigiri. Tastes good, texture is alright (not great), and is healthy.

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I've had a hand roll here in the texas. It was more conical shaped though. Spicy tuna but there wasn't a sauce for the spice. Quite the experience

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oh wow, a shitty mall sushi chain has below average quality sushi! who knew! fuck you're intelligent

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it's called temaki and it's pretty common, actually.

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Handrolls are conical. It's the cornucopia of sushi.
OP's picrel is just maki that hasn't been sliced.

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I don't see how it could be much better at other places than what they sell. Even if I went to Japan and tried sushi there, I doubt it would be mind blowing.

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I have found sushi train to be consistently good no matter where I go. Definitely check them out. Their ebi fry is absolute insanity. I get it every time I'm there.

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I prefer the variety of getting makizushi though. Most places that make hand rolls have pretty average sushi too.

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I often see sushi in the u.s. as those conical rolls. Weirdly, they're something only certain places do here and even then you have to specifically order them to be made. I think rolls are just the accepted form of sushi here in aus, but so are nigiri. Thanks for the perspective, anon.

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'Hand rolls' in Australia are actually futomaki.

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On god yall gotta try the tempura ebi nigiri. Heroin.

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i got addicted to the skin kind for a while, i think it was the sauce

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A thing in Japan too it seems.

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No we have the conical kind your store is just lazy.

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It's a misprint.

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I prefer the convenience store version where the seaweed is packaged separately. The first time I had one, I felt like a retard trying to figure out how to open the wrapper, but it's actually a pretty neat thing once you figure out how you're supposed to roll it.

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You gaijin are confusing "hand rolls" with hand-rolled sushi, which is what's being advertised in: >>18198604
I get the confusion, the wording is basically identical in Japanese, too.

Those fucking wrappers, man...

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>just cucumber

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For me, it is burger sushi.

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You're retarded, sushi is all about the quality of the fish and the best sushi chefs know how to get the best fish. It's like going to McDonalds and saying "I don't see how a burger could be much better at other places than what they sell." Like of course an actual burger restaurant will get higher quality beef and prepare it in way that is better than McDonalds.

How can you be this retarded and post on this board?

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This seems like an extremely retarded way to eat sushi.

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so are you saying that the japanese coasts have the best fish in the entire world
i doubt that, given that they're more or less downstream from china

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Those aren't hand rolls in your pic, OP. Just unsliced sushi all made too far in advance such that the kelp will sog out and lose the crispiness.

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holy shit you are so dumb, I'm saying higher end sushi restaurants get higher end fish, and yes some of the best sushi restaurants are in Japan but it isnt exclusive to that country

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why is japanese cuisine so hilariously bad?
the main staple dish of nipponland is sushi which is literally just fish on rice
their curry is just watered soup
ramen is just inferior version of authentic Chinese noodles
even instant noodles is taiwanese (Chinese) and not from japan

why could the nips not make a satisfactory cuisine?

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anon that is how 99% of sushi places in australia sell their takeaway sushi and we call it a hand roll.

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I didn't know this was an Australian thing. Maybe it's because we like eating spring rolls or sausage rolls like that.
Fuck it, I'm getting some tomorrow for lunch.

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i found threads on reddit of sushi enjoyers visiting australia and being shocked by it.

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I try to avoid places that sell hand rolls, generally not very good sushi.

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I'm not a fussy cunt so I don't care. It's fast food, there's an expected quality level

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Tonkatsu and Kewpie is a GOAT combo

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I've never heard them being called hand rolls. Only sushi rolls.

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>unsliced rolls, for some reason

Is this because the government won't let you guys have sharp knives, or...?

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you eat them on the go

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So that's a yes?

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Think you've got the wrong country. There's no problems with buying knives here.

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This. Australia's third (fourth?) national sport even involves knives.

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I used to go to this Japanese place next to my work for lunch everyday at my old job at 19. I became a buddy with the sushi chef and he used to give me free hand rolls. I miss those days. Thanks for reading my blog.

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That's not a knife, that's a spoon.

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Cucumber is good though

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You know your knifey-spoony

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