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Any bologna fans?

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Not really. I had some recently for the first time in many years. It's not bad but it's just kind of bland.

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actually yes. it's so fucking unhealthy but I love it. I buy packaged sliced loney sometimes and hide it under the rest of my shopping basket because I feel like people will judge me :[

>> No.18198240

Try turkey loney it tastes mostly the same but healthier because less far.

>> No.18198263

My mom would make us bologna sandwiches, or chop up a chub of it to use in cooking because it was cheap. I've had so much cheap bologna that the idea of eating more than a slice or two makes me nauseous.
The only time I do eat it is when making peanut butter and fried bologna sandwiches, with toasted bread. And only as a comfort food when depressed. I miss my mom :(

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I like to make grilled cheese and bologna sandwiches on kings hawaiian bread

>> No.18198329

Buh log nuh

>> No.18198335

mmm pinkslimewich

>> No.18198344

i have not had it in years
would try again

>> No.18199347

I always take one for a camping trip.
Cheap and quick protein source.
Usually less salty than hams as well.

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