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Krispy Kreme specialty donuts.

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I call dibs on the jack o lantern donut

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I want that Frankenstein donut. Gonna get me that kitkat bolt.

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Why do I keep seeing Halloween shit it's not even close to Halloween

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You will get excited for Halloween and buy Halloween candy in August and like it.

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I call one of the regular krispy kreme donuts.

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You'd be better off paying a homeless vet to beat you over the head with a ten pound sack of sugar.

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there's something about their donuts. don't like most big brand processed food and I don't like donuts, but a few of these a year, fresh, hit different

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Goyslop thread #37388582

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why are they called krispy kreme? They're soft, not crispy, and they're oily, not creamy.

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Real question: Why is 90%+ of /ck/ just goyslop?

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Link a good thread you made.

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nabbing that chocolate frosted sprinkles mcgee next to the jack o latern

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> we-should-improve-society-somewhat.jpg

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I hate that image so damn much. It's the biggest cope instead of just admitting that you don't live according to your own values.

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I do live according to my values, and of those values is to disregard the unworthy opinions of people like you.

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based retard.

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because cooking is actually a skill that requires investment of time, money and effort while consuming goyslop is accessible to everyone. Basically every single 4chan board is like this btw. Every single board is mostly focused over the most surface level, accessible, instant gratification portion of the hobby or interest. Slow blue boards are the only thing that's tolerable because threads live long enough that you can have good discussion once in awhile, and they don't attract discord trannies who think trolling 4chan is an accomplishment, just the occasional viral marketer.

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their donuts are ass

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Oddly specific bum reference

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Japanese edition

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we found you lying we found you crying, my friend

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That's not the happy house

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I called the Spurdo.

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One of the few things I liked when I worked at dunkin donuts was making spider donuts. You'd put a munchkin on a donut and pipe on the legs and eyes, but I always liked to add little c: faces and one :c face. Any time a customer would ask why it had a frown I'd say because it knew it was going to get eaten, and more often than not that was reason enough for someone to buy it

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I don't see french crullers in there and u fail miserably

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Fixed that for ya m8

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Here's one I picked up from here, spider bro cookies.

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Kek that's a good one

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I swear the orange filling tastes better than normal

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That is so fucking wholesome and cute. I would've bought that donut.

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>you will never try a frowning spider donut to save it from its misery
why even live

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I can't wait for the spoopy season. Is the Dracula donut jelly filled?

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Checked, me neither fren! Spoopy season is best season. I'm not sure about the dracular.

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God I want to eat donuts so bad rn.
I haven't had a donut for like five years probably.

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>kitkat bolt
okay that's pretty clever

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Yeah it was pretty fun making them, you wouldn't believe how many more we would sell because of the smile/frown on them as opposed to just the eyes. Couldn't find a picture of them but found a pic of when we would pipe orange and purple frosting on regular donuts for halloween

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Posting in a blessed donut thread full of good frens

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They have something other than glazed? I cross 8 lanes of traffic for that red light.

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oooh, spoooky.

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Pumpkin bros are cheeky buggers!

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>if you only knew how krispy things really are

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on the whole I prefer dunkin but kk are really nice, although I'm rarely near one and never not near a dunkin

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I would eat the fuck out of that neko

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My Buddy liked Krispy Cremes, on the way to a job he was all excited cause we driving by one of the plants. We stopped in and got a dozen glazed and then at a couple there while they were still hot...
Fucken best donut ever had, the hot donut threw me but it was great

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Fuck you, buddy. I already called it. You just didn’t hear me.

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Their specialty donuts are even better. Red velvet, or frosted, or stuffed with various lewd creams and jellies. Or all 3.

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