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>Get home from long day
>Spend hours patiently cooking something from scratch with music or a good show playing in the background
>Eat a great meal
>Put away the last cleaned dish with a full warm belly just in time to lay on the couch for a bit before I start getting ready for bed
>Feel incredibly fulfilled, comfy, and happy
Thank you, Food & Cooking

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This is one of the reasons I cook. I've spent the whole day doing meal prep for next week, making pickles (my dead thread is floating around here somewhere), making a pot of black bean soup from scratch and later I'm going to have a bottle of wine an a cup of Sleepytime™

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>Get home from long day
>Spend hours patiently cooking something
Eh stopped reading there OP. Your sloop looks good though.

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Cooking always helps me relax, though. Something about a very slow task.

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You sound very lazy and spoilt

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Whatever works for you, OP.
What do you think a long day is, retard?

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