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What beers do homeless people drink where you live?
Here in New York, it tends to be:
>Coors Banquet (based)
>Natty Daddy
>Bud Ice
Out of these, I unironically love the first and third

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idk man hobos round me just do meth. i barely see them drink. living a low cal lifestyle i guess.

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They can drink all the beer they want
They're not eating much food

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im just reporting what i see, anon.

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Here they drink cheap wine in cardboard boxes -čučo. And we’re not a wine country, our hobos are just sophisticated.

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This seems to be their favourite

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Before new years and a big price increase in alcohol most bums used to drink the cheapest 9% ABV beers, but after that they can rarely afford them because they increased by like a coin in price so most of them had to go back to weaker cheap brands.

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i have never seen homeless people in my cunt

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funnily enough Żubr is 6% ABV, which is still a lot compared to the average beer in, say America or Czechia
I think most hobos over here drink bum wines though

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This. Literally came here to post this but 4chan warned me of a duplicate file lol

Other popular ones are Gulpener Gladiator, Amsterdam Navigator and Grolsch Kanon. Though Holland Export is peak homelesscore. Based homeless drink Atlas though

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holy shit.

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>What beers do homeless people drink where you live?
Really strong Polish beer/mocne like Karpackie... here in England we have fucking loads of Eastern Euro shops now and the Polish beer is always cheap for how strong it is.

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Milwaukee's Best

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I can't say I've ever paid that close attention, usually it's in a brown paper bag, also NYC btw

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My favorite cheap beers are Coors Banquet and Milwaukee.
Most of the others taste like corn.
Coors banquet is pretty expensive for a homeless person though.
I'm not even homeless and I opt for Milwaukee because of price.

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icehouse edge out of 40oz plastic bottles. i bought some for this cool old black dude the i used to see all the times.

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Kek, forgot about those. Kanon is an alltime classic for the homeless. Rip Willem

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>I opt for Milwaukee because of price
I guess after the first three it doesn't matter

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6$ for 1.18 L

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