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>You'll cowards don't even bake bread
I'm tired of trolling you fake /ck/ wannabes and pepephobes, baking thread activated

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How hard is the crust?

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Post crumb shot so we can dunk on it

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i ripped one open and took some pics, the best shots for crumb comes after they cool down, these fuckers are piping hot

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I'm not scared of Pepe. I want him to grab me and speak passionate French to me. Not even gay or bi otherwise, it would just be a nice experience to have someone desire me that much.

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I'm not pepephobe I just the hate that dumbass frog.

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a little dense for my liking but good for what i wanted, the decision to make small rolls was last minute, the recipe was for a nearly 1kg boule

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of course we need kerrygold, none of that sneed oil goyslop - i'm already pushing it with bread flour

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this one had a big air bubble in it, i figured little snips on the top would allow some rise, should have just used the ol razor and did the proper scoring

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I'd love to have a talented fren who only performs for me in private

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last bite, butter and fresh bread - simple but delicious

think i'll make me a cheesesteak with the next one

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that's a lot of butter

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are you unironically gay? get out

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damn on top of brain rot you're gonna have to deal with clogged arteries, rip my guy

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i was afraid of this, the last second decision to make tiny bread was a bad idea, the crumb is all wrong for this application

at least it's still tastes - i'll be trying pan pizza in a cast iron skillet in a couple days after my fresh mozzarella proper dries out in the fridge, maybe i'll post it if the tranny jannies haven't banned be during that time

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i'll take buttery brain rot over monkey pox, fag

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looks doughy

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yea it didn't rise enough, should have scored it properly - was supposed to be a french boule but I didn't want to wait hours for it to cool down, i got too greedy

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I cook meat, anon.
Meat is brain food.
Grain is for peasants.

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>none of that sneed oil goyslop
No one is impressed.

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don't goyslop shame me, i love fresh bread - i'm mostly carnivorous, so what if i like beans in my chili

fuck you

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welcome to my high quality thread, sir

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it was too chewy, i have dishonored my ancestors

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Post your bread recipe then.

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it's not a recipe really, it's just basic bread calculation


made a 16 hour poolish of 100g of the flour and water, small sprinkle of active dry yeast and a half tsp of more active dry yeast in the final dough

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Oh nice. Thanks.

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if you like bakin bread then you'll love bacon bread

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Looks good anon

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those are 2 things I like

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nice loaves anon. mine is about to come out of the oven, 70% hydration einkorn & whole wheat sourdough. looks a little underproofed, will post crumbshot later

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>Viper conaisseur
Very based

I dont anymore, got keto-pilled

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When I get home in 4 hours I'll be baking some sourdough shit batards. I'll be posting results then. Pic is of previous work.

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Breadbowls I made. I don't believe I have a shot of the crumb.
Was a wonderfully-heavy meal when filled with some Penobscot Bay clam chowder I also made.

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Cake is basically bread, right?

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Bread is good

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makes sense that someone who can't even bake bread would use the language of the children of the devil

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Made breadbowls for the whole family when my mother had her birthday. Filled it with fish and shrimp soup. Good stuff.

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I consider myself a fairly novice baker, but I do really enjoy employing Baker's Percentage. Eliminates guess-work and I can deliver a similar result everytime.
I would be curious what any pro-bakers thought of my formula, my template for any bread I usually bake:
>60-75% hydration, depending on what kind of interior I want
>1.8% yeast
>1.8% salt
>4% sugar
>8% fat

If I want a darker crust, maybe a little more sugar.
Italian style bread? Use EVOO as the fat.
Cubano rolls? Use bacon grease or lard as the fat.
A Broiche style? Butter as the fat, and maybe 10 or 12 percent.
If I want something really soft and fluffy, I'll steal about 10% of the flour and make a Yudane dough.

I dunno, I think it's a really nice rubrics that can lend to just about any type of bread I'd like to make. I just scrawl the math and amounts on the back of an envelope or whatever, and that's my bread recipe.

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remnants of yesterday's bake. sourdough leaven, 1/3rd each of regular whole wheat, einkorn, and spelt. 58% hydration. spiked with fennel, caraway, and poppy.

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Baker's % is nice and all but I find the temps in my home fluctuating is enough to make it hard to have sufficiently consistent results. However, that's just my and my slow ass sourdough probably.

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Forgot to say that sometimes I play around with adding an egg, or substituting a portion of the water with milk. I keep the percentages tidy though, cuz I figure that whole eggs are about 75% water, and 10% fat.
Milk is usually 90% water, and the fat content is right on the container.
Thankfully salt levels are negligible for both.

Bread is fun.

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I get it, no woman expects a date-rape from being drugged by bread. You sly creature.

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I can sometimes fight the temp inconsistency by preheating the oven for only about 30-45 seconds, and then proofing/fermenting in there. Ensures a stable temp of 80ish degrees F, for the hour or so I need to proof.
I want to get into sourdough, but I see terms like Poolish or whatever and get intimated. Just need to research it more.
Could always go the coward route and just add a splash of vinegar to the dough, hehehe.

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Literally everyone on the planet learned to bake bread in early 2020
Whether that bread ended up being any good or if they've all already forgotten about it is another matter entirely

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I had completely forgotten about bread until I stumbled upon this thread

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>just add a splash of vinegar to the dough
that works pretty well, especially if you use white whine vinegar
sourdough is like cast iron, it's dead simple yet youtoobers trolling for views try to make it complicated and mysterious.

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All pastries are bread

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Mug cake with strawberry frosting sprinkles and candy cigarettes as garnish

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>thinking Kerrygold is good butter
eiraboos are a special breed and one day inshallah we will come up with a vaccine.

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I haven't baked for a while if you don't count things like banana bread.
Last actual bread I baked was ciabatta like a year ago.
>pic rel

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that looks like something my dog threw up

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can you place one in your palm and crush it please

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Unfortunately I no longer have time to make anything other than sandwich loafs due to work eating up all my time during the week. I basically just have time to make a loaf on Sunday and that's it any more.

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That butter is too many

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post recipie

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guys please. /k/ here. i can cook well. well enough to survive and get pussy. i can bake most things even, but i cannot bake bread. please i cant afford to buy weaponry and prepper trash anymore. a loaf of garbage dogshit chinese bread is 2 dollars now (canada) and a bread fit for human consumption is 7 dollars a loaf. i eat a loaf a week from lunch meals, this is unsustainable. i would like a nice dense bread so i can spread my shit, all the other breads ive tried have been soft like muffins or cake or something. unspreadable. please gentlemen, please give me a recipe and explain to me like im a retard, i will bake tomorrow morning. i need your help.


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>so what if i like beans in my chili
That's actually real Tejano chili. The beef stew variant is Anglo/white.

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Anyone have a biscuit receipt for someone with no buttermilk or regular milk?

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>mfw allergic to flour
bread kneaded by a machine is soulless

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I live like a mile from a legit spectacular bakery that's pseudo famous in my state. I could never bake bread as good as them, so why even try. And it's not like their bread is astronomically expensive -- it's like $5 to 8 a loaf.

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you're fortunate in a way, as much as i love bread I recognize that it's very unhealthy, which i had a strong biological mechanism to prevent me from eating it

when i did keto for a year my body and body was a completely different machine, but i had to develop a religious fear of carbs to maintain it

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but i'm trying...

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How i can achieve this?
I try to bake bread since 4 years ago. I can cook many things but bread will always be the same. almost no areation inside, with every kind of flour and yeast.

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you just need a very wet dough made with milled hard winter wheat.

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in what kind of basket did the right loaf proof? the shape looks perfect for sandwiches, because all slices will be the same size

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I live in a place where we have the baguette.
Can't compete whit those boulanger

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Those fuckers literally study how to make bread for 2 years straight

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I always bake my own bread, been doing it for close to 15 years. Tastes better, more healthy and saves me a bundle. Every man should be able to bake bread for his family imo.

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i had some. it's good.

>> No.18203760

any tips on making a milkbread/pizza dough hybrid?

>> No.18203792

no but I know there's one out there. it incorporates alt. milk with apple cider vinegar.

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bread today

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what's the inside look like though? are they dense, or airy and fluffy?

>> No.18204955

How do I bake bread if I have never done it before?

>> No.18204957

watch youtube videos, learn how to activate yeast

>> No.18204959

What's the secret to good oven spring? O use a wet dough, live sourdough starter that's healthy, and a rommertompf to stream during baking. I get some spring but not much. Bread turns out great otherwise

>> No.18204977

vital wheat gluten

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>saves me a bundle
how? In my country a simple bread costs like 10 cents at goymart while a kg of flour and everything else costs at least 2 dollars.

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There's bread and there's bread. The difference between the cheaper alternatives from commercial providers and a decent quality bread I will not try to explain to you. Either you get it or you don't, it really makes no difference to me. I would however suggest that you try to compare the cheap 10cent bread with a bread that's on the other side of the price scale, or even try to bake one yourself, it's not that hard. Who knows, you might even like it. Either way you're bound to learn from the experience. Yiur choice m8.

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I baked some beer bread. It is good.

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cooked too hot

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Overall, I give this shit no more than a 3/10. Commendable effort, despite being wasted. Don't quit your day job.

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Ever since my favorite store bread stopped being sold anywhere I haven't been able to find an adequate replacement. Maybe I should just bake my own.

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>cooking bread in the summer
>Using your oven in summer
You masochist

>> No.18205801

Looks amazing

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supper was some cheese tortellini lightly seared in olive oil along with some sliced garlic, with a sauce that was basically crawfish etouffe except seasoned more italian rather than cajun, and thickened with parmesan cheese. the fennel/caraway spiced panis quadratus went amazingly well with it.

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Nigger I have gluten out the ass. Holds air fine and the matrix is nice and strong. Good crust.

>> No.18206345


Imagine unironically baking your own bread and not just buying store brand white.

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Just a fairly normal batard (oblong) shaped banneton. Usually the ends get a little narrower but I folded them up here.

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