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Monster to debut first flavored malt beverage alcohol product

Monster Beverage plans to launch its first flavored malt beverage alcohol product late this year, Co-CEO Rodney Sacks said in a statement.
The product, which will be called The Beast Unleashed, will contain 6% alcohol by volume and initially be available in four flavors. Monster will gradually roll out the drink with a goal of having it available nationally by the end of 2023, Sacks said.

While Monster is best known for its energy products, the company has been moving aggressively to enter the alcohol sector — further blurring the lines between beverage companies that until recently have focused on either booze or nonalcoholic drinks.


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/sips/ and /alc/ set for a collision course

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between this and caffeine donuts, we are entering the pinnacle of humanity

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Wake me up when it's at least doubled, like these digits.

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No caffeine no buy

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Just add a 5 hour energy that’s what I do with four loko now

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>first flavored malt beverage alcohol product
>6% alcohol by volume
i can already get higher abv beer in practically any flavor, why should i buy this?

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