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>Outlives your favorite candy

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Sorry did you say something?

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I thought they discontinued necco wafers

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These are good

These are dog shit

>> No.18199361

they're still around

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These are stale 9/10 of the time they are on the store shelf. When I get a fresh box I'm actually shocked.

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I used to mix the brown pink and yellow ones in my mouth until it looked like blood and play dead with the fake blood coming out of my house, then wait for my grandma or mom to find me

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Reese's acquired them but they're still alive

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They did, but they brought them back. Although I swear they taste different now, not worse just not the same as I remembered.

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>fat free candy
Hey guys look at this fat free head of lettuce I just bought

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It doesn't make you fat that's nuts

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for me it's wax bottles and mary janes.

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Unironically liking Dots, black licorice, candy corn, and these >>18201321 meant that I got all of my candy and half of everyone else's every Halloween as a kid.

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Also, those who can't stand Candy Corn might be pleasantly surprised if eaten with a 1:1 ratio of dry roasted peanuts--Tastes JUST LIKE a Payday bar.

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How is it possible that these are so horrible. Peanut butter is delicious and taffy is also delicious. Its like there is a some strange chemical reaction that when combined they make the worst candy possible. There is a special place in hell for the people that hand this out on Halloween.

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I like dots, candy corn is not bad when its fresh 99% of time I've eaten it they're stale. The only candy corn I actually enjoyed was my neighbor made homemade batch.

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I've found them to be hit or miss.
Could be a couple different companies making them.IDK...
May be a tastebud thing too.I personally LOATHE "Circus Peanuts" they taste like bathroom cleaner to me.

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Where can I buy these? Carrying around hard boiled egg slices is a great solution for protein on the go

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Anyone else think Autumn Mix ruins Candy Corn?

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Is there a good cinnamon candy

>> No.18202085

I like Fireballs. Unless you don't mean the hot cinnamon flavor that only seems to exist in candies.

If so, I don't know. I love cinnamon pecans. Especially when they're fresh.

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I want the childhood memory of cinnamon candy but I think if I just buy cheap shit from the gas station it will be disgusting to an adult palate. So something in the same vein but better

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