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How can a grown-ass man not be a master of tacocraft

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im white

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>homemade beef taco recipe
>just a taco kit and and probably premade chopped veggies

>> No.18197879

>muh premade chopped foods le bad even though it's all the same food and doesn't change the quality or taste or anything because uhhh.... it's just bad ok?!?!?!?

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I mastered your daughter's taco.

>> No.18197885

I never said it was bad. It's just not homemade you fucking retard.

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I’m not gonna make my own salsa, but I do make my own guacamole. The store bought shit needs more lime and cilantro

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I'll fuck you retard, mandance-style

>> No.18197923

That's enough soul to consider it homemade.

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bagged lettuce is often what has ecoli

>> No.18197928

>preheat oven
>pop in your favorite TGIF frozen boneless wings
you wouldn't do shit because you're retarded.

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>I watched josh's birra vid and now I'm gonna chide you all for not making tacos from scratch

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WRONG on ALL levels

#1. Organic raw wings, marinate for 2 days, put in mesquite smoker

#2. Taco meat is good hamburger properly prepared with a good sauce

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>weird projection about some random faggottuber.
Just because you do that doesn't mean others do.

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aribba riba riba, make them six at a time whike on the cookarachas

>> No.18197961

Are you another retard? That's not what I'm saying. If English is your second language then I'm sorry for calling you a retard :/

>> No.18197964

Home-made mexican food is too hard for too little payoff. 24+ hours to make beans. Hours to make rice. And those are just side dishes.

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I like making basic lazy tacos.
>ground beef
>Old El Paso seasoning
>diced tomato
>diced onion
>sour cream
>"Texmex" shredded cheese
>store brand white tortillas
"B-b-but it's not a real taco!!" - Someone, eventually. Don't care, I like it.

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Based, the irony here is that this is essential tacocraft. No one said that it had to be homemade, except the resident threadfag

>> No.18198034

*starts sweating and wonders if I am in fact a master of tacocraft, suddenly whips 9mm handgun out and prepares to engage in spec ops level of sophistication of combat instilled in me by mysterious trauma based cloak and dagger "coin toss schizophrenic loose cannon or a crazy catfish with a heart of gold aka the soldier who can't miss his target even if he tried"* Broadtude by Mossad, CIA, KGB, M16 colab (split personality doesn't know brought to you is a combination of words rather than an ambiguous sound, he doesn't have time to consider such frivolities while hurling chunks of lead at enemies of the quote upon quote abyssal state, with a tongue fluent in ancient Hebrew and ancient Aryan, inside of a cheek, he bruises on purpose and licks, to remind the boy trapped inside the weapon flesh that there's a soul and a crazy catfish with a heart of gold only did what he did because he was poured into a mold, and rhyming was just a by product of red trout, if you catch OUR drift. *goes cross eyed looking at self cheekily* You could call it schizophrenia or you could call it American Dad, but so far it doesn't have any kids and it doesn't have any missed pieces of lead, only pieces of lead which resides within intended matter or intended lack there of. *mic drop* President Biden, gimme the captcha. It's been an honor performing the comedy which only God could chuckle at (if only because he knows where and when the spiral of inability to compound ideas together begins and or ends whilst doing absolutely neither and belonging to a catfish who is crazy with a heart of gold and a soul granted by the most humble lord himself who has the sense of humor of a child and the sense of urgency of a firefighter saving a giggling blind, deaf, and dumb child from an inferno that burnt neither Bruce Springstein nor Rick James, even if it should have. *presses two M&Ms together until one breaks, eating the winner and saving the broken one, the first time love ever triumphed.*

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OP's image is literally homemade-beef-taco-recipe.

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Ted mex is embarrassing

>> No.18198259

Get some cilantro on there, too, my man.

>> No.18198260

Ted Kaczynski is the good shit.

>> No.18198281

i cast spell of gay and it makes whoever writes shit like this become penis lovers

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