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I wish I were this pizza

>> No.18197824

Why are women so cute bros?

>> No.18197828

Women probably have been attracted to me but I've been isolated for so long I assume they all hate me and thus I hate them.

>> No.18197829

I wish I was that girl

>> No.18197830

I am, don't bother

>> No.18197833

That's a photoshopped image from bbc porn. Pizza is covering up a dick

>> No.18197836

Why do I love and hate them

>> No.18197862

They're not. They have slimy makeup on their faces and their tongues taste like overboiled carrot.

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or this one

>> No.18198120

why does girl like pizza so much

>> No.18198134

do you not like pizza that much?

>> No.18198137

It's pleasure without commitment. Women hate commitment.

>> No.18198158

she's like 35 now lol

>> No.18198183

that's how time works.

>> No.18198394

anons your perfect woman is out there looking for you. doesn't matter how picky you wanna be.

dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise. anyone who does is trying to cope because they were fooled.

>> No.18198435

That's kap bro

>> No.18198436

No, I let her get away. All downhill from here kek.

>> No.18198439

nah shes getting destroyed by the bbc right now

>> No.18198481

Kill all trannies, I’ll try to stay on topic
Dunk tranny heads into the deep fryer
Chop them up with a meat cleaver
Prepare tranny foie gras by tube feeding them month old fat from liposuctions
Slice up a tranny’s arm with a rusty mandolin
Grate the other arm
Stuff a tranny into the oven, bake until crispy
Blowtorch their limbs to make tranny brûlée
Pour lots of salt into their wounds after the previous steps
Air-fry a tranny
Sous-vide a tranny
Tenderize them
Boil ‘em mash ‘em stick ‘em in a stew
Gut them
Kill all trannies

>> No.18198498

to think, that pizza was turned into her shit probably 20+ years ago.

>> No.18198519

I wish I were the girl, but only because she's going to get to eat pizza and no agp reasons

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