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ITT: Post a beer, and repond to another post, stating what kind of person drink what they posted.

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You must be European and young

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Very based person

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Youre a white hipster faggot with a dumb mustache. You live in California.

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You drink that because it makes you feel like you are in an episode of Breaking Bad

I've got one of these right now actually.

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Not white, I'm clean shaved, I lived in California briefly. You probably live in Arizona or some shit
I dont even want to begin with you

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It's 9% and like $10 for a six pack. Unless I want to be drinking 40s and Four Lokos is a pretty economical way to get a nice drunk going.

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A foreigner.

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Very basic although somewhat tomboyish woman

Suburban dad


Rural middle class white guy

Someone who doesn't drink much, maybe twice a month

Recovering pisshead

Boomer, (actually old gen Y/young gen X but boomer at heart)

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Insufferable hipster
A man of taste

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Better than corona

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Only beers I recognise. Probably decent blokes

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Middle aged

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Elitist trash

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You never use enough paprika when you cook.

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Get the fuck out of my state you californian.

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You judge people for not being as smart as you are. Not reddit level delusion, but your beer says you think you know more than you do.

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i like it. its the cheapest beer here

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here illegally


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>here illegally
You're thinking of tecate

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nice dubs Pacific Northwest poorboy.

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God that haze looks so good

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All the spics in my town drink modelo or bud light.

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You've been expelled from 109 countries over 300 times.

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First of all, I am from Texas, and living in Texas. Secondly, I have spent years in Colorado so I can drink any damn thing I want. Also New Belgium is a nation wide brand you neet.

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Anesthetic label, I'd probably buy if I saw it.

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Fucking autocorrect