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I made carbonara today

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What recipe did you use? Looks different when I make it

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Should have done a cook along.
This is food and cooking, not fast food and post pictures of food so immature trolls can roast me.

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>ah bloo bloo
Give recipe then dumdum. This board is for drunk line cooks and doped up dish bitches off work to let out stress.
Looks like you used bacon, so you're like the perma dirt on my heels. Not even worth the effort removing but also not exactly what I care to have around.

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No, you didn't.
You made a calorie bomb.
But it's crazy that a <1 year old can already cook. Why would anyone except a baby consume milk/cream...

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i made it last week
also, cut your bacon finer to render more fat. i'd also get it crispier too

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your noodles were too hot when you added the egg

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>adding egg to carbonara
maybe add something with actual flavour like cream, chili and curry powder

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>Never met two Italians using the same exact recipe for carbonara or bolognese
>Still attempt to murder any foreigner that doesn't cook it according to the "traditional recipe"
Why are italonigs like this?

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why'd you go to a carbonara thread if you don't like carbonara. if you don't then you can just say so instead of being fucking edgelords

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No you didn't

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The troons have stolen our word again

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i am proud of you anon

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Looks tasty anon, I would eat. Although personally I would prefer the pork a little crispier, and it looks like you're using pancetta or bacon instead of guanciale. However you got the consistency of the sauce right, and that's the most important thing.

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nice, how did it taste?

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just needs some butter and ketchup now

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Lol classic amerifats
>Better add cream, otherwise it won't taste like anything

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Where's the fucking pepper you god damned embarrassment?

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I highly recommend trying pancetta if you can get it at a deli instead of bacon. I think the smokiness of bacon detracts from the dish.

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lol classic europoor
>they improved the dish but it must be bad because.... cream is bad okay?

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all of this can be solved by just saying pasta carbonara alla americana or american style

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I made carbonara once. Didn't like it. Never made it again.

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I've never had carbonara, is it that good? It certainly looks tasty, and I think I'd like to try it out

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I made carbonara once and have never cooked a meal since

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Go back to /pol

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What is carbonara supposed to taste like?mi made it once and fucked it up pretty spectacularly

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like a breakfast pasta

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>curry powder

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Looks bretty tasty to me. Here is my version. The first time I somewhat got the temperature right.

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I tried carbonara once but I didn’t like it and didn’t inhale.

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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Carbonara is with guanciale/pecorino romano but it's good with pancetta/parmigiano either. Damn you can even scamble these and make guanciale/parmigiano, just don't add cream or butter

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>He didn't know this was going to happen
I called it, some anons called me a lying nigger and they were wrong. Get ready for <anything anon doesn't like> being called goyslop.

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Looks really nice but your a subhuman nonetheless since your soul eating spaghetti using a funking spoon

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But carbonara is literally goylop. Wheres the lie?

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there's too much cheese or not enough pasta water in there

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Shut up faggot wop, nobody outside of Italy makes Carbonara without cream
>t. German

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i do

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You just motivated me to cook some myself