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>In the UK, this is considered a "balanced" lunch

Fuckin hell

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what is your problem with a cheese sandwhich? pretty sure only picky old people buy this one anyway

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Looks like a "Gordon Cheese Melt"

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There's a lot of different sandwiches, wraps and salads in those meal deals, they're obviously gonna offer something basic as fuck for picky autists.

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>for picky autists.
or kids

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no thats literally the cheapest sandwhich you can buy there for like 45 pence
its for people who dont have alot of money and just need to eat for something in their stomach
i think its pretty sweet that they include those super cheap ones

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What are you talking about? With just bread, cheese, and some sort of sauce, you could live indefinitely

At least live longer than any drunk bong eating “chippo mushies” or whatever the hell their meme culture calls food

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>ITT Bongs seething at OPs flawless fact

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>for like 45 pence
Goddamn. Here this would be at least $3.99

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As a bong I'd like to point out the bread would be buttered. I know Americans don't often use butter in sandwiches.

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Even kids will eat a ham and cheese sandwich, which I know FOR A FACT that Tesco offers for the meal deals.

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sandwiches by themselves aren't the best value, but when you get a drink and a snack it ends up being a half decent meal that you can take in the car, on the train, put in your bag for work etc

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They used to have these spicy long chicken sandwiches at the Amazon Warehouse I used to work.They had like 30g of protein and they costed 2p.Those along with the onion cheese sandwiches were the only edible sandwiches for me,I would rather rather eat a can of patte with bread

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American, here. I still remember the day my mom sent me to school with a butter sandwich because we didn’t have anything else.

Also, as a rule, you always put down a layer of butter before jelly/honey/etc.

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The ham and cheese sandwich is actually pretty good if the shelf is down to the dregs.

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>I still remember the day my mom sent me to school with a butter sandwich
occasionally, I got the "apple butter" between two bread heels.

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Inshallah ham is not HALLAL that would be islamophobic

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Just pick up dandelion leaves to put in

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Yeah, you're so spoiled. People literally ate that, as a lunch, 100 years ago up until maybe your father or grandfather days.

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I only ever taste butter on a sandwich if I buy it at a restaurant, but otherwise I never make them with butter. This isn't to say it's not good, just that I probably don't need the extra cals even if it does enhance the sandwich.

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Buy it as a meal deal, stick the crisps in the middle, wa la

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oy bruv, that's extra cheese on there, the chaps can't afford that with the current prices.

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I'm American and I will butter the bread for most any sandwich, like a ham and cheese or BLT. Notable exceptions are Italian Deli subs (oil and vinegar) and Banh Mi.

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why do brits call it bread when theres 6g of sugar in it?
its cake

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it's 2.8g

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>its for people who dont have alot of money and just need to eat for something in their stomach
So it's for people who don't know how to put the slightest effort into making themselves something to eat? Do you have any idea how many cheese sandwiches you could make with a loaf and cheap block of cheese?

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its 9.5g of pure cane sugar

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just move somewhere else and forget about the baked beans and the supposed "english breakfast"

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These meal deals are very popular for workers in the UK, every supermarket and many shops/petrol stations have them. It's cheap and there is a wide selection so you can eat something different each day. It's not just sandwiches, there's rolls, wraps, salads, sushi, crisps, fruit, yoghurt, baked goods, various British snacks, chocolate, all kinds of drinks.

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Butter the outside and fry it and it would be 1000 times nicer than american toast with a cheese slice in between it.

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You keep that Bri'ish "sushi" the fuck away from me

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And you would enjoy it more.

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No a meal deal is a balanced lunch you fooking mongrel. If you're a fatty you have crisps but if you're not you swap the crisps for something protein like chicken bites or egg etc

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Never heard of plough man's lunch
Tell me you're a fat seppo without telling me

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Me enjoying ham isn't Islamophobic, me forcefully cramming ham down your throat while laughing maniacally would.

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Balanced? No, but it's satisfying at a decent price for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

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For me it's the humble duck wrap

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No mayo
Just cheese
>This costs £4

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You're a mong if you buy anything that has less than 3 ingredients in it and deserve to lose cash. It's all about the chicken stuffing. Literally the same price

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Aye nae bor ya Tory

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For me? It's maxxing my 'eel 'eel at around 8 quid and getting it for 3.50

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While I enjoy a Vegemite and cheese sanga as much as the next cobber, it's indicative of the powers that be who have lobbied for such a disgracefully unhealthy food to be considered 3.5 health stars. White bread, cheese, butter and yeast extract. Utterly disgraceful.

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>typing in an accent so people think you're special

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You're right, we don't. It's an unusual cultural quirk. I like butter on most sandwiches

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BASED bahn mi enjoyer
Apple butter is delicious, I forgot about that stuff

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Sandwich plus sugar syrup plus pack of sneed oil. Wise up man, they’re poisoning you and your loved ones under the guise of “value”.

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Looks just Foine by me grommet

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>"grilled" cheese
happy soyjak
>"grilled" cheese, raw
angry soyjak

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Why would you use butter when you can use mayo?

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Who told you that?

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Because butters pretty alright.

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>cheap cheese.

Your goyslop isn't cheese. Cheese isn't cheap, retard.

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Not necessarily, I hated cheese as a kid. My brother hated ham unless it was the very cheapest for some reason. Kids have weird tastes sometimes.

Then again, if you're getting a meal deal even as a kid I'd have preferred tuna or a chicken and bacon one or something, since it's gonna cost £3 anyway

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Why? We're surrounded by sea, we have fresh seafood. It's not like we're some midwestern landlocked state importing frozen salmon

Plus we haven't had it long enough yet to add fried chicken like americans do, it's pretty standard

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Based, I got three of them once for 20p each since I was there just as they closed on sunday.

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How do you get it that high? Max I got was 6.49, and that was with some smoothie I didn't really want

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>chicken stuffing
My man.

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2.8/5 stars kek

had the same exact thought, so repulsive.

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You've never been homeless, have you? Sometimes you can afford a pre-made sandwich, but can't afford the ingredients to make it.

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>Owned by German company
>Named after Scottish idiom
What the fuck are you on about?

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I just ate a Mexicana cheese, salad, onion and red chilli sandwich.
It was fucking tasty.
Felt pretty balanced.

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The word "balanced" isn't anywhere on that package.
You illiterate fucker.

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Retard detected.

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"quick pick-me-up" it's around 600 calories with OK protein and carbs and fat, more if you don't get water. It's a fine lunch for the average person.

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Would most workplaces get pissy if i brought a panini press to grill my sandwiches? These guys are so much better hot and buttered it's unreal

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Fuck no everybody will love you but you'll have to make them clean it

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do bongistani grocery stores not have a deli that serves hot food?

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>eat this
>hmm where's the sauce
>get to the last inch
>ah yes there's the sauce, pooled into a massive glob at the bottom

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I eat a vending machine sandwich (or a wrap) everyday for lunch but as we make them at my place, I’m only paying $1.25 for them.

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Because it's bread, not cake

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Yeah they do, but it's usually at the back of the store for some reason

t. used to get a ham hock and 1l bottle of coke for lunch before I turned my life around

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The stars are a rating on that food type

Ie, thats healthier than other prepacked sandwiches, not "thats healthy"

Youll also find cookies and stuff with high star ratings, not because cookies are healthy, because that particular brand/type are less detrimental to your heath than another type

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what in the fuck
tbf i havnt been since like 2018 but i swear they where like 50p

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Why do they feel the need to tell you NO MAYONNAISE
like is mayonnaise added on EVERYTHING by default?

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So sorry, but I can do what I want, darling.

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Mayonnaise is included in probably the majority of these sandwiches. Some people really hate mayonnaise, especially the fussy eaters that would choose a plain cheese sandwich.

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At the burger supermarket they just don’t put anything on the sandwich. There’s a little side bar where you get your mayonnaise or mustard packet. You can grab as many as you want. Is there some kind of ban on plastic mayonnaise packets in the UK? Lmao

>> No.18165863

No. We have those packets in every fast food restaurant.

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>no passport, the post
Fucking idiot.

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Cheese and mayo is a common vegetarian sandwich in the UK. Its proper cheese not shitty mutt slices though

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From the UK. Not balanced at all and premade sandwiches and meal deals are a rip off. You tend to get the worst of each ingredient. They tend to have a lot of added fats, sugars and salt. Super processed ingredients and bread. Far better for your health and wallet to buy the ingredients separately and make your own.

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They seem to be closing a lot of them now. I was gonna say they usually do, but after actually thinking about it none of the ones near me serve hot food any more. Got a Sainsburys, Marks & Sparks, Waitrose and a Tesco Express here and I think there's maybe one hot shelf section like this in the M&S, I haven't been for a while though.

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I know, and it makes no sense that it's rated so high compared to other sandwiches. A wholegrain oat loaf with salad and fresh meat or something to that nature should be a 5. Yet somehow salt city with white cake bread and zero protein is a 7/10. Something clearly doesn't add up.

Also I didn't think about it but it's probably plastic cheese and not real cheese.

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Are you seriously screeching about bread and cheese?
Or is this some new meme I’m not familiar with?

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INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour [Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin], Mild Cheddar Cheese (Milk) (33%), Water, Butter (Milk), Salt, Yeast, Emulsifiers (Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids, Mono- and Di-Acetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids), Spirit Vinegar, Wheat Gluten, Soya Flour, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid).

>> No.18166585

You know those words are only scary to zoomers who had science class replaced with pronoun-studies, yeah?

>> No.18166641

>he doesn't remember the dihydrogen monooxide scare

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europe is such a shit hole

>> No.18166694

Sorry that europe is so poor

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God you're such an idiot, do you think that Tesco cheese isn't /pol/slop?

>> No.18166903

*Tesco pre-made sandwich cheese

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Homeless people aren't exactly the target audience for pretty much any consumer good. What an absolutely stupid answer

>> No.18166914

rent free

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That system seems easy to game. If I was a sandwich manufacturer, I'd just bring out a horrendously unhealthy greasepile of a sandwich and push all other sandwiches up in relative star rating.

>> No.18167257

>everything isnt extortionately priced
>wow those guys are poor!
the fucking mental gymnastics of this place man holy shit

>> No.18167310

There's a few that are, but they're pretty obscure and probably also have viable uses for other people

I volunteer at a food bank and lots of them have these hand crank phone charger things. It's likely really for festivals but they have a rugged waterproof version for really cheap that charges a bunch of stuff. I've also seen like £10 phones that they use because they're constantly stealing anything of value from each other, and I don't see anyone else using them

There's also nonprofit orgs making shit for them exclusively, shit like jackets that don't transfer heat to concrete or solar tents or something, but I don't know if those really count as "products"

Oh, and there's always crack.

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CONgratulations, you now do what every other manufacturer has been doing since it's inception. The only people that pay attention to health stars are those lacking in health education so they genuinely don't understand that a 5 star bag of lollies or a 3.5 star bag of chips are still fucking terrible foods.

>> No.18168379

I don't trust premade sandwiches after I found out the workers touch the ingredients without gloves.

>> No.18168745

Yes you're supposed to have a salad and a piece of fruit with this

>> No.18168778

>no mayonnaise

>> No.18169138

For anyone from Tesco-less backwater nations, this is part of Tesco's 'meal deal' section, which are a fixed price of £3.50 for three items (50p discount with a clubcard, wowee!)
It isn't uncommon to see people get this plain cheese sandwich, a bottle of water and a pack of crisps and pay more than what they would have done buying them individually
People who live here are fucking insane

>> No.18169247

I could maybe understand buying a nice sandwich like how Japanese 711 has, but buying a fucking cheese sandwich is retarded, just make it at home, it's not even cooking and would take 5 seconds.

>> No.18169254

How is this supposed to keep a man fed for 2 or more days?

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Mate, you haven't seen anything yet - pop into a random restaurant or a pub with a kitchen in bongostan and check out what is their kids menu offering. 99/100 it's purely a selection of deep fried crap like fish sticks etc with an option of some green peas.
No wonder most of those kids look retarded and are obese as fuck

>> No.18169738

A good quality bread and cheese are wonderful together. Most of you only have Wonder bread and Kraft slices.

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It's an ultra cheap sandwich for picky eaters.

This is more typical of "meal deal" sandwiches

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This one is nice

>> No.18170365

If they can label it cheese, probably not.

>> No.18170398

love supermarket triangle sandwiches

can't get them on the continent

>> No.18170443

pick your main instead of just shitting on the cheese sandwich, /ck/
if you do not choose a main and instead elect to call it goyslop, you will receive a salmon, hoisin, and cucumber mini maki

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I always wonder with these, are the sandwiches halved and stuck together, or does it stack them two high and saw those in half, sending each to a different box?

Not that it matters but I have an autistic coworker that "can't" eat these because he doesn't know if it's one sandwich or half of two. I don't get why it matters, but it's still an interesting question I guess

>> No.18171314

>pay more than what they would have done buying them individually
The deal doesn't apply if the items add up to less than the meal deal price.

t. former tesco drone

>> No.18171489

Very likely they are halves from two different sandwiches which some junkie working for minimum wage stuffs into a box at the end of a conveyor line