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Is olovole the secret to gourmet cooking? Why else would world class chefs keep telling you to use "a drizzle of olovole" or "a tablespoon of olvole" only to proceed and pour in one-fifth of the entire bottle?

The only logical reason for this 'do as I say not as I do'-approach seems to be: Olovole is actually the secret to their cooking and they don't want you to find out what separates the ambitious home cook from the professional chef with multiple Michelin stars.

Has anybody tried this? Just use ten times as much olovole as you are being told by 'them'?

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you only need a splash of olovole

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This threads retarded, you know it's retarded, you just wanted to shitpost the word ovole
Also no I dont really measure the olive oil I'm using unless it has to get mixed with other things

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what the FUCK is olve

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the ole made from from olov duh

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Oil is completely unnecessary in cooking. Just fucking add melted better, it comes out better every time

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what if you're yuropoor and can't afford that much butter?

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If you can't afford butter you are literally the brokest nigger I have ever met and have bigger concerns than buying butter

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I get mine with extra virgins

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6€/kg is expensive?

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Butter is 8,80€/kg here and that is if it's on sale.

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olive oil is good but to make restaurant quality food at home, just use two or three times as much butter as you would normally use

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>is olive oil the secret

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also demiglace and msg in anything savoury