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what is goyslop?

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Just ignore them, I'm pretty sure we're being raided by some alt right discord or something

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A shitty /pol/-tier buzzword that's ruining this board even more.

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junk food or food with no nutritional value, like fastfood, sody pop, etc.

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It's the most ironic meme in the history of this board.

In essence, it's a group of /pol/ cross boarders that somehow got tricked into only eating kosher foods
And now they kvetch harder than a rabbi when people mix meat with cheese together.
It's actually pretty funny when you think about it.

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>only eating kosher foods
the opposite of goyslop does not mean kosher

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>somehow got tricked into only eating kosher foods

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No, it 100% means kosher.
Eating kosher is logically the easiest and most efficient way to avoid "goyslop".

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lmao what un ugly shitrat. Do catfags really worship these little cretins?

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a poltard buzzword generally used by morons who think their own farts smell incredible. a lame attempt to get people to not eat something by claiming (wrongly) that somehow the jews are involved.

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this is some german bitch on a german show.

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Excuse me but i use goyslop and i have nothing against the chosen people. Its a compliment to say they don't consume modern artificial "food"

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I think the /pol/ meaning would be processed food that's made for white trash goyim to eat. But /ck/ seems to be using it to describe anything and everything.

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when poltards somehow manage to get banned from /pol/ they go to other boards and rage there.

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here's one now.

he will never be a woman, and never have sex with one either.

rage harder.

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and this

everyone else too busy seething about /pol/ to even know what they're talking about are morons (especially this moron: >>18124345)

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No, it's a German program about America's terrible eating habits.

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>Excuse me but i use goyslop
>and i have nothing against the chosen people.
Well yeah. God's chosen mock goyslop more than anyone. They have a word for it, it's called "treyf". They love that you avoid it.

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the water mark says pures leben the show is german.
oh look here is an episode right here:

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It's astroturfing by the fast food industry.
They get anons saying "goyslop" because they think it's funny and edgy. Then suddenly any criticism of shitty fast food can be deflected because such criticisms are connected to antisemitic conspiracy theories via the meme word "goyslop".
This is not the first time they've done this, anyone that says it is a useful idiot.

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Why do /pol/dditors act like /pol/ is some mysterious board that nobody who visits other boards on 4chan have every seen or understand? We know your memes and many of us go there too. We have self control and don't drag /pol/shit onto other boards. Find better buzzwords than "goy", "tranny", "commie", "dilate", etc. It's lazy and a dead giveaway that you really don't care about the boards content and just want to bring more /pol/-tier whining here.

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>especially this moron:

In the end, all you're doing is advocating a kosher lifestyle.

Which, I have nothing against that. That's okay but you don't have to be so puritanical about it.

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I always considered goyslop to have nothing to do with antisemitism, irony of the verbage not withstanding. Basically, it's cheap overtly processed food designed to have zero nutritional value to make people fatter and stupider. Has the effect of making people incapable of living on their own and becoming reliant on the system. For example, mcdonalds is goyslop because of its overuse of corn syrup and excess sugar and fat, with no nutritional value. People who regularly eat there will talk about how they can't cook for themselves because it's too hard, and thus the snare is set.

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i dont think pork is kosher. sounds like you're just one of the angry bunker trannies that get angry whenever the latest pol buzzword gets written

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>I'm pretty sure we're being raided by some alt right discord or something

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>i dont think pork is kosher
Are you joking?
Pork is the ultimate "goyslop".
Look at this disgusting mess. I get nauseous just looking at it.

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oh then why are they in germany eating german food from german cans speaking german? becasue it's germans eating poorly.

I hate when people fact check.

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would milk to completion after a hour of reverse cow girl congress

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If you have to lie about how bad Americans are, then maybe they aren't as bad as you thought.

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you're literally on 4chan. the "alt-righters" routinely visit us from next door.

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is bacon the entirety of pork?

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>hot dogs, pasta, and chocolate is German food

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We can get to that point at a later time, anon.
We've gotta ease the goyim into the kosher lifestyle first, amirite?

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i understand you're angry. please take a break from this website if the culture distresses you

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get rid of all that cheese and it's no longer goyslop, just a good bowl of hearty chili.

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imagine being an unironic bunkertranny socialist tw*tter transplant and spending your precious, limited time in this world seething at people you hate on a website you hate having a different opinion

a normal person might be sleeping right now, a significant other by their side, after all they are in their 20s and they are living their lives, but no, you MUST own the chuds, you MUST win the culture war

get a fucking life

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Why would I be upset?
This place has been more accommodating to me than ever.
You fine folks are finally preaching what I've been telling you for years.

The easiest way to a healthy life style is to follow the diet restrictions imposed on God's chosen.
Surely you understand this, right?

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I've never seen anybody cope so desperately.

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You tell em tranny

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What a bizarre line of rationalization, you “people” really are genetically neurotic. Sad, really.

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I forgot niggas log onto 4channel and really write autistic paragraphs about le boogeyboard like this.

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Hey man, you're the one bringing up jews on a cooking forum.
It's really simple logic.
How do you avoid goyslop?
Eat what God's chosen would eat.

It's the natural conclusion to all of this.
Stay kosher, my friend.

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>what are spatzle and like 500 different types of sausage

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>Hey man, you're the one bringing up jews on a cooking forum

I didn’t do that, you deceitful little snake.

> It's really simple logic.
>How do you avoid goyslop?
>Eat what God's chosen would eat.
>It's the natural conclusion to all of this.

A neurotic line of reasoning again.

Also kosher slaughter is animal abuse, and fucking retarded.

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Anything cheap and processed and widely shilled, such as fast food and fake meat. The retards in here are full of shit, claiming it's some sort of /pol/ op to grt people to eat kosher. The whole idea is based around dumbshit consoomers devouring trash because the Jews behind it all aggressively market it as being exactly what they want because they say they do. Goyslop is the human equivalent to mass produced farm animal feed or pet kibble.

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It means
>food eaten by people I believe are beneath me
It's the buzzword that replaced 'processed'.

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Mostly correct, see>>18124774

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I love goyslop
And I love seeing the trannies come out of the woodwork to seethe about it

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Making fun of people eating the equivalent of kibble isn't seething, Anon. It's ridiculing.

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>I didn’t do that, you deceitful little snake.
Define "goy" for me.
What's the opposite of a "goy"?
If you want to avoid "goyslop", eat what the "opposite of goys" would eat.
I don't know why you struggle with this. It's plain as day.

>Also kosher slaughter is animal abuse, and fucking retarded.
It's healthy for you.

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One of them even says fucking kosher your iq would have to be 70 max to not notice this shit XD

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found the fatboy insecure manbaby

>> No.18124816

>if you want to avoid being retarded, be the opposite, a super genius

>> No.18124819

The biggest meme about it is that Jews cant eat pork, if your gonna pretend to be some /pol/nigger at least do your research you fat fortnite kid

>> No.18124827

Dodging the question I see.

>> No.18124830

>The biggest meme about it is that Jews cant eat pork
And the problem is?

>> No.18124832

You're genuinely retarded. I almost feel bad for you. Take a look at >>18124774

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There was a ban-happy mod on other boards that led to a discord finding this place and deciding they weren't happy that not every thread was anti-semetic or a fake, racist frogpost
this is the word they went with
If you disagree you're one of the discord trannies

>> No.18124847

If you disagree with my schizopost, you're a troon!

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Well the problem is I've never seen anyone who rails against "goyslop" actually lay out a diet to avoid it.
>no mass production/commercial farming/buying from corporations
>nothing "processed", even following a loose definition of the word
>no corn in any form
>no sugar
>no vegetable oils (not just seed oil because olive oil is a scam or something)
>nothing that has ever touched plastic
I guess a 19th century homesteader would be clear?

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No, no, I understand entirely what you think is happening.
It's very transparent. A child could rationalize that.
What you don't get is that you yourself are getting conditioned to contextualize which foods are suitable for Jews and which ones aren't.

That gold star on the package might as well be a beacon of health for you at this point. It's a 100% certified gauruntee from the rabbi himself that it is NOT goyslop. This is exactly what he himself is willing to feed only the chosen people.

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It's actually a hybrid /fit/ × /pol/ crossover buzzword. Do y'all actually only use one board on here? I browse here, both of those boards, and at least 6 others.

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Calling pork “goyslop” is autistic if your definition of goyslop is jew food fed to the masses. I doubt that pork, a non kosher animal, would indeed be “goyslop” if Jews cant eat it

>> No.18124868

You know, most of us that have enough brain cells to figure out what goyslop is also have enough to know what to eat that isn't, without resorting to kike food.

>> No.18124870

well thats the point. The end state is to get you to hate anything jewish, so by demoralizing everything you do and labeling you as "good goy" for living, you feel out of control by the only group that would call you goyim.

>> No.18124872

>I doubt that pork, a non kosher animal, would indeed be “goyslop” if Jews cant eat it
It's a question of whether they're willing to feed it to you. Pork for thee, and not for me. I'll stick to grass fed beef, thank you.

>> No.18124878

Hm true

>> No.18124882

A goy is a derogatory term for non-Jews. So indeed. With that said, pork can be great if the animals are fed a healthy diet. Goyslop is factory produced waste product that Jews fill our foods with in place of real natural foods. Anything made with refined seed oils or high fructose corn syrup are two good examples.

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>most of us that have enough brain cells
I doubt it.

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Everytime I see this vid I think oh well that's a ridiculously unhealthy amount of cheese but it's still a semi-coherent dish,.. and then the chocolate. Why?! There's no way on God's green earth that tastes good, and I'm a fat American who loves potted meat.

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I find it wild some of the absolutely retarded shit some of you on here think.
literal bottom of the gene pool npc tier "well 4chan told me" schizos

>> No.18124899

How many grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids did you eat in the past 24 hours?

>> No.18124900

Sometimes the retards are funny, that's thw whole reason I've stayed here for over a decade. I love a good dumpster fire, but threads like this are just the depressing kind of stupid that makes me lose faith in this generation.

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As ALWAYS--This dumb fat BINT is GERMAN.
...I'm not trying to stand on any kind of pedestal and shout though---My flag fucking says It ALL.
>INB4 Shart-In-Mart

>> No.18124915

Im from Wyoming, the only corn syrup i know about is the one thats in soda, everything else is mostly natural. It’s p weird that it can be found in meat and stuff but ig it comes w the times

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I is an Idjiot.
Yes, I look at /pol/
Goyslop: any toxic combination of foods that guarantees a long and hearty relationship with medical fees and/or intentionally destroys one of the following:
*Healthy weight
...In short, anything that TASTES really good, but will ONLY KILL YOU FASTER--AND MAKE YOU PAY for it.

>> No.18124959

Nobody who unironically writes the word "goyslop" has the braincells to figure out their way out of a cardboard box.

>> No.18124963

This. The smart people call it "non-kosher".

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While /pol/ MAY be inhabited by quite a few mouth-breathing, drooling reactionary retards.. Many of us aren't.
Strangely, I was a head cook for 56 Jewish Frat boys about 20 years ago--I can throw a MEAN Matzoh ball soup from scratch--pearly Smaltz and all--but I'm not easily led dowmn the garden path--Either way--Let's talk about food, HUh?

>> No.18124982

>Oy vey, just remove the cheese from the meat. Only the goyim do that dontcha know?
Like clockwork

>> No.18124983

They asked an American to come over and cook a nice hearty American dish from German ingredients.

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>I'm one of the smart ones in the sea of retards
bad news for you chief

>> No.18124989

i will not eat the gentilechow

>> No.18124992

Of course you won't, anon.
And the great news is that I have a man with a funny little hat who can give you the perfect recommendations for how to avoid it.

>> No.18124994

>Those digits--
Well, to be fair--I DID test into the 98th/99th percentile.
What have YOU done with your life?

>> No.18124996

i will disregard the lies of the tiny hat man and his sycophants

>> No.18125003

I WILL continue ingesting jew-made mass produced poison.
You WILL go back to your troon/pol/ Discord.

>> No.18125005

How can you?
Just ask what the man in the funny little hat eats, and he'll be happy to tell you. He has a whole book about it.
Just eat that, and you'll avoid gentilechow for the rest of your life.
I promise.

>> No.18125011

2 Michelin stars booboo how’s your gay little frat club look now

>> No.18125015

You're arguing with a high schooler bro

>> No.18125016

Again--was head cook for a Jewish Fraternity when I was 26.
Those fuckers ate the HELL out of BLTs, and cheeseburgers, and all manner of un-Kosher shit(yes, I am WELL VERSED in Kosher Kookery
Then when Granpa Sol and Kitty came for Sater, they would ONLY eat Matzoh Pizzas and other kosher shit--Until the check was in their hands.
--I'm not even riffing-- I saw at least 40 of those exchanges---at the Buffets---yes--milk and Meat were seperate, and EVERYTHING was wrapped in foil in the kitchen.
>Do YOU KNOW who my DAD IS???

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You're off by about 25 years, faggot.

>> No.18125025

Yeah, no.
Only children talk about percentiles.

>> No.18125028

Noooooo you can't be older than me, I disagree with you! You MUST be a child!

>> No.18125034

>You MUST be a child!
You ARE a child.
The number of revolutions around the sun hasn't changed that.

>> No.18125036

Man, I don't think it's possible to create such a masterpiece ironically if you tried

>> No.18125037

From my understanding it is food riddled with seed oils, corn syrup, soy, onions.. And apparently it is pushed onto us by da joos.

>> No.18125040


>> No.18125047

I didn't bring it up faggot--
I'd RATHER talk about food.
What's this about 2 Michelin stars?
Name the restaurant.
>You won't, since you're larping.
I worked at a 1 star once for 3 months--It was a fucking JOKE.
All else is pompous frippery.
Whatcha got in your ROLL?

>> No.18125049

Filthy crossboarder

>> No.18125050

Im the Michelin guy and below, this is j some random fag butting in on our convo

>> No.18125053

You bots need to see your doctor about that.


>> No.18125061

Ahh, a PURIST!!
What have you sir, to contribute?

>> No.18125069

I was askin' about your KNIVES
I'm a Wustoff man, myself--but I also like the classic Henkles.
They're just what I've always used.
Did you ever watch the Frugal gourmet on PBS?
Jeff was an alright cook--I stole some of his recipes.

>> No.18125076

Oh the guy u were talking to wasnt me lemme catch up but yes wusthof

>> No.18125086

Good balance.
Is it just me, or has Food Pr0n gotten MOAR simplistic and commercial over the last 20 years?
t. I don't own a TV.

>> No.18125095

I don’t watch many cooking shows ironically but yes I do, seems like a lot of the atmosphere and love for cooking people have in such shows has diminished and been replaced by product placements and ads

>> No.18125106

So eating healthy is a far right political ideology? Got it, schlomo.

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File: 1.93 MB, 407x278, ROACHED!!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don’t watch many cooking shows
I don't either anymore.
Gotta go eat and crash--
G'night all!

>> No.18125121

All I'm saying is that if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life, avoid things with more than 4 legs, don't mix cheese with meat, and choose grass fed beef.
There's no reason to make it political, I have it all worked out in this book for you.
Follow my instructions and I'll make sure you're healthy!

>> No.18125130

its the new phrase bots keep spamming its algorithms show it has a high response rate

>> No.18125134

*shrug* I'd try it

>> No.18125144

Trash food and alternative stuff like bugs or soylent

>> No.18125162

It's about fucking time one of the mods did something
They find a way to derail any thread on any board. I don't think it's coordinated or anything.

>> No.18125167

Everything is tactics with you people

>> No.18125171

>You people
*Our people

>> No.18125184

Do americans really?

>> No.18125222

chili has cheese tho

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Report them. Just do it and watch the newfags get fucked

>> No.18125271

People who seethe about the term "goyslop" are either

a) Jews
b) trannies
c) obese people who fight to protect the honor of their beloved McDonald's, Mountain Dewa and various other modern corporate "foods"

They're not good people.

>> No.18125275


>> No.18125287

d) demographically unexceptional 10-to-30-somethings that find mild entertainment in playing around with and inventing terms which are optimized to cause misunderstanding and unwarranted reactions in an anonymous space where it is of little risk or consequence

>> No.18125295

d) people who want you newfags to fuck off back to your containment board

>> No.18125299
File: 107 KB, 500x635, star-david-badge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey friend, you dropped this

>> No.18125402

a fuckin' bay leaf

>> No.18125459

>this idiot thinks the Jewish cookbook they sell to goyim has their most secret recipes in it
>this idiot doesn't know that the top ZOG Illuminati supreme kikes will throw the lesser Jews under the bus without batting an eye if it means they get to keep control

Why even speak?

>> No.18125476

People who is the term "goyslop" are
A) Cryptojews

It's that simple. They demand that everyone be kosher.

>> No.18125485

this little but of well poisoning isn't going to stop people from calling it goyslop, you're not as clever as you imagine and the people you're talking to aren't morons

we know you've been going hard against goyslop for the past few hours in multiple threads

>> No.18125491

>this little but of well poisoning isn't going to stop people from calling it goyslop,
I hope you don't.
It is exactly what it is.
It's food. That goys eat.
It's food. That isn't kosher.

This is in our favor.

>> No.18125493

I hate americans so fucking much

>> No.18125495

Can you even imagine their twisted motivations for being against eating real food? It's inhuman.

>> No.18125496
File: 36 KB, 400x400, r3N8NgdP_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reverse psychology
>so clever, now i hate saying goyslop
I'm just gonna keep calling it goyslop

>> No.18125498

Psst faggots. The guy who keeps posting this knows it's a German. He posts it to get Amerisharts like you to say "actually it's a German!!!". He has been at it for years, likely hundreds of times by now. The more you reply the harder his little white dicklet gets.

>> No.18125500

Except literally everything you eat is heavily processed dumbfuck. The only line that goyslop posters draw revolves around an invisible boogieman that uses oil and isoflavins to somehow magic you into becoming a obese transgender. These are the same people who preach consumption of raw everything and tell you that broccoli is bad for you.

There's clear political undertones to it, trying to shoehorn concepts of masculinity and protests against some unseen NWO thrown in there. But at the end of the day it rings hollow, because if you really gave a shit about fighting against corporate boogiemen you would probably just have become vegetarian or some shit, considering how privatized and fucked the meat industry is in most parts of the world. Meat, which is inherently a highly processed ingredient just based off necessity. Processed=bad is just a marketting tactic. At the end of the day it has always been CICO, and soy shit has no impact whatsoever on your hormones outside of schizophrenic broscience. I'm actually an immigrant from /fit/ lol, come here now just bc /fit/ drops 6-8 retarded goyslop threads an hour nowadays and goyposters infect even tangentially related threads.

>> No.18125503

Fuck you. From now on I'm only eating Pizza Hut just to spite you racist chuds.

>> No.18125506

>eating natural food is political
take your meds schizo

>> No.18125507

Slop with pork in it

>> No.18125508

>for being against eating real food?
The hell are you talking about?
The answers to healthy eating have been around for thousands of years. Just eat kosher. It's that simple.

>> No.18125510
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You first. Plus I bench more than you so I don't respect your opinion newfag underaged poster. Cheers

>> No.18125515

>if you're against processed corporate food you're just a chud who only eats raw meat!
>besides processed food isn't even bad! Meat has to be butchered, and butchering is processing, you dumb chud!
>If you don't eat McDonald's for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch and Hamburger Helper for dinner ifs because you're insecure about your masculinity!
>Plus Israel is our greatest ally!

>> No.18125517

Jesus christ the leftists here are fucking neurotic. Y'all got /pol/ living 24/7 rent free in your fucking heads

goyslop is just overproccessed garbage foods filled with seed oils and soy
it's an apt name for the kinds of food that's eaten by braindead NPC's who don't give a shit what they stuff down their throats

It's just amazing watching you retards try to figure out the meaning and getting it so fucking wrong and turning this into some kind of anti-/pol/ crusade. You're legitimately mentally ill.

>> No.18125518

Again, I glad that you are.
Goyslop isn't a new concept. Food has been framed in this context for millennia and it's good to see it come back to the spot light.

>> No.18125519
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>n no u
>ch cheers

>> No.18125525

It's made our people very masculine and athletic, that's for sure. Who among us doesn't have a favorite Jewish athlete? We truly are God's chosen people.

>> No.18125527
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>Again, I glad that you are.

>> No.18125529

>It's just amazing watching you retards try to figure out the meaning and getting it so fucking wrong
The real meaning has been sitting in front of you this whole time.
Eat food that God approves. Why do you have to try and make it more complicated than that?

>> No.18125533

This. We had had pulled pork at our Church cookout last Sunday afternoon. A great time was had by all in attendance.

>> No.18125538

Anon, you don't have to be athletic to be healthy. I feed cattle to make them big and strong so that they do work for me.

>> No.18125539
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This whole thread.


>> No.18125542

right, stop eating goyslop, no seed oils, no simple carbs like wheat flour, eat more grass fed beef and dairy, wild caught fish and shell fish, plenty of pastured poultry and pork - get plenty of minerals like sodium, magnesium and potassium, only drink filtered water

>> No.18125543

kek, pretty good comeback, schmuley

>> No.18125545

Well mostly.
You're getting the larger picture. Let's just say you could also use a little less bacon in your diet, but you've made excellent progress.

>> No.18125546
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Unironically a jammer

>> No.18125547

Don't conflate your Instagram yoga teacher views of nutrition with goyslop, retard. You're as bad as the kvetching tiny hats in this thread.

>> No.18125566

pure projection
every accusation from leftoids is essentially a confession

>> No.18125567

You can actually read through every post using the word starting with the oldest if you care enough:

>> No.18125576

warosu doesn't archive every board

>> No.18125582

So in the context of /ck/ it starts with someone insulting anons who won't shut up about unironically discussing fast food and junk food.
And then in the past few months someone was dedicated enough to use it in nearly every thread about those things to point that the term stood out.
And now we're in this thread debating the term itself because that's more interesting than food or cooking.
The End

>> No.18125592

I dunno I just post the term when I feel like it and I get a lot of people seething about it. same when I accuse someone of redditspacing. I don't actually care but it amuses me they have saved images from 2005 4chan to prove they're not from reddit or w/e. The only real time I'm 100% serious about my posting is when I call the janny a tranny and hope they kill themselves sooner rather than later (preferably avoiding the whole dilation death spiral)

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