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>craft brewery
>5 different IPAs
>no ambers, wheats or radlers
>only 2 porters, one of which is skunky overproof garbage

Many such cases.

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IPAs are disgusting

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I'm drinking one right now, seethe.

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highest iq post itt

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Hasn't been that way for over a decade m8. There are so many different breweries specializing in sours, traditional German stuff, Belgian stuff, IPAs, stouts, smoked shit. You have to actually be mildly retarded if you can't find what you're looking for anymore in a beer

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>once favorite local brewery dumped their porter and wheat beers for a dozen more IPAs and session lagers

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Greetings time traveler! This is no place for you, hurry back to 2008

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I love a good ipa when I watch rick and morty while my bull has his way with my wife

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>Rick and morty
>Original release: December 2, 2013

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Don't you just heckin love classic cartoons and their SOVL?

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