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Imagine the deaths and destabilization that would occur if this came to the west.

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It's basically 4 loko without the caffeine, which was so based they made it illegal

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Can't wait to finally travel there and ruin my chances of going back thanks to these.

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as far as i know these don't have wormwood in them

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It's not specifically these, it's chuhai that you can drink in public on your way to/inbetween bars that gets you fucked up
I used to just chug a pocari before or after drinking and would be good to go the next day

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>if this came to the west.
they already do sell them in the West
also there have been more than enough 9% beers and 7~12% RTD premixes on the market for the last 30+ years (ie: rum/bourbon n coke in a can)

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you dont understand. its not like a beer retard. it literally is an alcohol that tastes like a seltzer. super strong, extremely drinkable.

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4 Loko isn't illegal, it's just lacking the caffine

OP these are basically Mike's Harder lemonade without the sugar mikes has. Mikes is 8% these are 9%, 1% to anyone drinking won't make a difference past 6%

So... White claw? Also no these things go from passable to holy fuck kill me, looking at you pear flavor. Just because weebs have these as their first taste in alcohol doesn't mean it's da best thing ever. Shit Mad dog 20/20 is cheap as hell and you don't see people dying daily over it.

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>So... White claw?
white claw tastes awful compared to this.

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They're everywhere in Australia right now, I think they've got a big marketing budget.

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>mikes hard lemonade
Those taste like shit.

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No it tastes about the same if you go for the flavor to flavor comparison. White Claw is more or less close to the strong 0 dry version though. Strong 0 is basically the Mike's Harder lemonade with less sugar content.
It's made by suntory which is a huge whisky king, Stong 0 only fascinates weebs due to it being cheap as hell and often meme'd as the drink to get. Protip: it's gutter trash only a step up from highballs

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they just started importing them to australia.

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try some and tell me what you think in the thread.
ive not tried strong zero but i've tried mandarin chuhai and that shit does not taste like a fucking white claw.

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Strong 0's taste like shit compared to other drinks in Japan or in general. Weebs just don't drink often or at all so because WOW JAPAN THING!!! otaku flock to it like no tomorrow. I drink it but only because I know it's a poor mans booze or something to grab when in a hurry to get somewhere.
I have and it's pretty much meh, WC is the only popular brand I can think of right now but there are others you could compare it to. Sure the Suntory is better than the Kirin alternative but it's not elixir of the gods like people claim, it's more of a cheap 200-300 yen get's the job done, kinda thing.

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i cant stomach anything that tastes like alcohol does it taste like alcohol?

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Yeah you know there is alcohol in it, go get a white claw and go add some more artificial lemon flavor to it. If you can't deal drinking something like Angry Orchard or Mikes Hard, this shit will be unbearable.

The grape one is probably the smoothest one to go down, then apple(seasonal usually), then lemon/lemon lime. It's 9% alcohol, it's going to taste stronger than most stuff that is 5%. The reason it's brought up so much is due to the cost of it being stupid cheap and located everywhere from vending machines to 711's to shinkansens.

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I have, it's extremely refreshing while actually having flavour unlike Whiteclaw. You need to get it on special tho as the asking price is pretty steep

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cant tell who to trust

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WC is the only thing I know to compare it to, it's just stronger in ABV at 9% so you're going to notice the flavor less as you get drunk faster.

Strong 0 is okay, I wouldn't call it terrible shit like I would bud light or some shit. It was about 193 yen a 12oz and like 170-180 for a tall boy. They get the job done and if you don't drink it's a great way to get drunk for cheap in Japan if you dislike liquor or traditional beer.

Not sure how Strong 0 is expensive unless you are specifically importing it as a can is under 2 bucks even with tax. It's something to try there, but don't ever think of it as anything but a cheap way to pregame for a bar or club like mogra.

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Pic related, easiest one to go down. Would advise making it colder than what they often have it in the store though, especially if you don't like the taste of booze.

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i lived in Japan for 12 years, i know exactly what a Strong Zero is
and you can literally buy them at some stores in Australia and New Zealand
ive even heard west coast US friends say they're seeing Strong Zero pop up here and there
try not living in Bongistan or Hicksville Alabama

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>you with a fat brain
>me with a thin shredded brain
Alcoholism bros we can't stop winning.

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>2 real pics of a brain
>1 generated image
>none with any kind of sourcing
Just trust the science bro!

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The worst hangover I've ever had in my life came from drinking 2 og 4 lokos

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>worked in japan pre-covid
>come back after some time to share some stories
>don't praise THING_JAPAN 24/7
>NoooOOOOO you never lived there it's amazing!
Strong 0 is nice as a thing to grab while one the way home or something to pregame for a bar with, but I don't think it's anything to go out of the way for though.

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>you dont understand. its not like a beer retard. it literally is an alcohol
oh shit

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So you should just believe anonymous dipshits that talk out of their ass because research and studies are soy? This image is really dumb.

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>So you should just believe anonymous dipshits that talk out of their ass because research and studies are soy? This image is really dumb.

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They have 4 loko without the caffeine now you goof

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>it's chuhai that you can drink in public on your way to/inbetween bars that gets you fucked up

That and you can just buy it in any store, walk outside and just drink it right on the sidewalk, or while on the shinkansen.

My state and most of the ones around me you can only get alcohol in a store that specializes in it.

The taste is extremely light unlike a beer, so it is easier to drink.

Somewhat this, doesn't help that alcohol is cheap as fuck in Japan.

180ml one cup for 236 yen, or some local Hiroshima Carp branded 200mlcup sake for 167 yen. 7-11 shochu for 181yen (25%) or 159 (20%)
>93 yen a 12oz and like 170-180 for a tall boy

>white claw tastes awful compared to this.
Somewhat yeah, white claw uses a malted alcohol, you can taste it. Pretty sure strong zero just uses industrial / whole grain alcohol as there is no note to it.

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>So you should just believe anonymous dipshits that talk out of their ass because research and studies are soy? This image is really dumb.

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they only import the 6% ones (not the 9%) ones to australia, and only the 350ml ones, not the 500ml ones.
4 of the 6% 350ml ones is over $20au where as at a 711 in japan one of the 9% 500ml ones is the equivalent of $2au. The appeal is theyre cheap and you can drink them anywhere, importing them at a lower strength and selling them for the same price as any other premixed drink ruins the appeal.

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>super strong

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I think their other line, Horoyoi, tastes much better
But if you just want to get fucking drunk then sure, go for a couple cans of strong zero, but it's just a horrible taste experience

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You can rarely get the 9% variety in Aus for the swell price of like $18aud a can. Pretty fkn sad about it

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same anon here, honestly i agree
the whisky highballs were always much better

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How come nobody talks about lemondo? I thought they tasted way better than strong zeroes.

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never heard of it before, what is it?

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I drink three bottles every day to melt my brain.

Too good to drink too much.

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One bottle is equivalent to about four glasses of tequila.
Drinks like water

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I've been to Japan and had them. I like the Ume flavour.

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We have the same brand here but they made it 6%, and yet they sell 8.2% ciders for less.

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It's only 9%. Even wine is stronger.

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true, but it's dirt cheap as you can see in >>18092716 and it's easy to drink a lot without noticing the alcohol taste

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most 'studies' are literal fucking bullshit in atleast one way, you literally cannot trust a single one of them to be legit anymore, no longer valid sources because theyre all piss scared of having any political implications and yet try to be as contrarian as possible

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I was so stoked when I saw the Suntory -196° case at the bottle shop, and was immediately let down when I saw it wasn't actually Strong Zero but some poofta 6% "double lemon" bulldust
Straya taxes alcohol imports on the percentage of alcohol by volume, there's been so many times I've wanted to buy a nice bourbon and seen that straya has it's own watered down version for this reason
We're absolutely still a fucking penal colony

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Who drinks these? Whenever I go to a kombini, I associate these fruity alcoholic drinks with women who like cocktails. Usually I see men buying beer.

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Strong zero is 9% but you can't taste ANY of it. It's just too damn easy to drink. They call it the 'gaijin killer' for a reason.

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Most people can easily finish about four cans because they don't feel much alcohol.
They keep on drinking, and the next thing you know, they're kissing the ground.
That's the trap.

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These, the whisky soda cans, and Coco Ichibanya are the best things about Japan

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I miss drinking these with my friend on our vacation in Tokyo so much.
Why won't they let us back in bros?

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>I’ve never had it but omg fuk weebs >:(
Wow, big boy take.

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Cute 2D girls

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>Protip: it's gutter trash only a step up from highballs
>thinks highballs are gutter drinks
If I took a literal shit on your opinion, it would become less shitty. That’s how shit it is.

>> No.18093651

That’s a man

>> No.18093673

So does a shot of tequila. If you think easy-to-drink alcohol is a new thing then you clearly don't go out much

>> No.18093760

But tequila is gross lol not to mention less available and more expensive

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I loved SZ until I tried this.
There’s really no comparison. I still won’t turn down an SZ but I’ll always grab this when both are available.

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That's a man

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For you

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Americans drink pisswater and call it beer.

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for that price, just get a can of pelligrino and mix in some vodka, it will taste almost identical i bet.

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America easily produces a vast amount of styles of beers and any city worth a shit has dozens of microbreweries and mid size breweries.

America is probably the best place in the world to buy beer currently.

But you can pretend its still 1985 and people actually think Bud Light is the best beer can get and is not currently the equivalent of getting Little Caesars pizzas for a party

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Fucking lol wow this is really sad.
Chuhai isn’t a beer. This is objective. But you have to go all soyjack faggot because you’re upset about some other underlying issue.
Are you a recovering weeb? Because you seem pretty sensitive about it.

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>Wow is that 9 heckin percent? That's even stronger than my craft IPAS! I bet that would KILL us silly gwailos!

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Get them all the time here in Australia.
Just too expensive to really drink a lot of.

>> No.18096058

>America is probably the best place in the world to buy beer currently.
>Laughs in Czech

>> No.18096092

I’m gonna gargle this man’s balls

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Why does this just look comfy?

>> No.18096316

How much of a fucking alcoholic are you if a cold case of singles in a convenience store is "comfy?"

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>convenience store

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Can confirm, if these were in a conbini it would be a lot more expensive. You can only get <100 yen alcohol in local supermarkets, larger stores will also be more expensive
>t. lived here way too fucking long

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>flavoured alcoholic drink
>flavoured alcoholic drink, Japan
Wow cute anime girls drink strong zero it must be an amazing drink!! Americans can't handle this JAPAN NUMBAH ONE!!!!!!!

>> No.18096838

Are you okay, anon? You seem weirdly sensitive about the topic.

>> No.18096846

I ordered 2 cans now, gj strong zero shill

>> No.18096889


God Bless you, Suntory-Beam Rep

>> No.18096902

>le shill
>only one post is saying something positive about strong zero
I think you’ve had enough internet for today.

>> No.18096915

The appeal of Strong Zeros is buying the big 9% cans for like 2 bucks and downing them outside of the conbini while you wander around Tokyo in between going to bars and arcades and shit.
If you've never experienced that absolute bliss you wouldn't understand.

>> No.18096919

This, but Osaka.

>> No.18096920

I was being tongue-in-cheek because of the photos and posts. Its good information to find the American equivalent of the drink.

I dont mind Suntory-Beam as Beam produces enough whiskey to fight the scalpers.

>> No.18096923

>actually a dancing english monkey
did you end up getting a real job?

>> No.18096927

why bother as a tourist? it's just a shittier, dirtier tokyo with less to do
>t. lived there

>> No.18096930

Unfortunately there’s no direct American equivalent. It’s not a malt beverage like “seltzer”, and it’s not vodka like a lot of the premixed things.

If you want to make it, find a liquor store that sells shochu. Then just mix it with sparkling lemonade.

>> No.18096932

but make sure it's the absolute lowest quality, headache inducing gutter-shochu you can find

>> No.18096936

I guess we gotta agree to disagree, as I’d consider Tokyo a less fun, more expensive Osaka, with less friendly people.
Yeah that can on the train station seat was my bad. It’s clean now.

>> No.18096937

>less friendly people
What a bizarre statement to make when you don't speak the language.

>> No.18096939

The stuff I can only get is IICHIKO Shochu for under $20 so I guess that will work

The US really doesnt have imported gutter trash. Its all domestic

>> No.18096954

Bummer, it almost seemed like we were going to have a good conversation.
But Osaka is well known in Japan for having unusually friendly and outgoing people. Are you sure you lived there?

>> No.18096973

Both Osaka and Tokyo have their appeal. I never understood why people try and act like they can only like one of them.
>t. Lived in Tokyo but had a friend who lived in Osaka and went there many times

Yes, Osakans are more open generally than people in Tokyo. Osaka is known to be more gritty than Tokyo, and also to have more of an underground/counterculture scene. I would say yeah, there is more of that in Osaka, but you can also find those scenes in Tokyo as well. Just like how people say Tokyo is more clean and upscale but you can find expensive, clean, trendy areas in Osaka too.
Both are fucking awesome cities.

>> No.18096977

You don't speak nip, tourist. I lived in Hirano for a while. And yes, they are friendly, in a kind of aggressive, autistic way, which I like, but if you don't speak the language, you're just parotting things you've heard.

>> No.18096999

>I never understood why people try and act like they can only like one of them.
The only people I know of who seriously think that way are actual Japanese who were born in one or the other. My wife has lived her whole live in Osaka and has a genuine dislike for Tokyo. She cites “Tokyoie attitude”.
I also have a couple colleagues from Tokyo who have legitimate disdain for Osaka.
For me, it’s a matter of Tokyo being a decently long back and forth train trip. So I have to have a fairly compelling reason to go on my free time.

Okay, anon. You’re king of the gaijin and the rest of us are just jealous. Feel better?

>> No.18097003

I mean, if I had to live my life as an english teacher, I'd be jealous of everyone...

>> No.18097061

Convenience stores are more expensive because they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Seiyu stores are located all over Japan, but prices vary slightly depending on the area and store.
>larger stores will also be more expensive
Aeon and MaxValue are relatively expensive, but cheaper than convenience stores.
Similarly, trial stores located throughout Japan maintain low prices.


>> No.18097077

I wish my country atleast had 7-11's that are open all night. But givn the culture here it would probably mostly be drunk guys being annoying as fuck that would visit

>> No.18097167

Trial is based for cheap groceries

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Foreigners who come to Japan
"You can drink on the street anytime you want."
This is the only good thing about Japan, they often say.

Be aware that cheap but tasteless products exist.

>> No.18097231

When I lived in Japan my local Trial would always be blasting anime music or extreme metal/screamo. None of the customers seemed phased by it. Honestly the store was pretty shit but when I was low on money/didn't have a car to go to a nicer supermarket it did the job.

>> No.18097282

>Honestly the store was pretty shit but when I was low on money/didn't have a car to go to a nicer supermarket it did the job.
Well sure, it’s literally the Walmart of Japan.
My cheap ass grocery store of choice is MaxValu.

>> No.18097317

overrated weeb shit. it's good but there's equivalents in the west lol you think nobody thought about making a fruity alcoholic drink that doesn't taste like alcohol?

>> No.18097322

are you implying alcohol isn't bad for your brain or something?

>> No.18097332

>but it’s good
>but we have chuhai in the west
Are you just typing random words?

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File: 83 KB, 800x1143, brand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MaxValu is expensive and not very good quality, depending on the region.
The only thing cheaper would be drinks.
If so, it's better to go to Yokado with similar prices.

>> No.18097373

The one near me doesn’t seem that pricey, and the meat/produce always looks good except for the discounted stuff.
Plus it’s just a 5min walk

>> No.18097377
File: 356 KB, 1200x900, e959f072345c758caed893dbb244a738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>At least 50 varieties are available at any given time.
>Moreover, new products are always coming out, so even the Japanese can't keep track of them all.

So it is the same in other countries.
I am relieved to know that Japan is not an anomaly.

>> No.18097389

That's lucky for you.
You are really lucky because most of the time they are rather expensive and the quality is often not good.

>> No.18098515

>>super strong
youre drinking a beer and some go up to 11-12% IIRC and they taste like soda or juice half the time with only a hint of alcohol in taste

>> No.18098562

I don't drink alcohol but I heard people talk about how soju is like this where it's very easy to drink and people can easily drink themselves into a drunken mess

>> No.18098600

Your entire post is conspiracy bullshit. go back to /pol/

>> No.18098613

So how do I get these in the states?
Surely there's a proxy shipping service right?
I'm not going back to japan just for this

>> No.18098735

It seems to be quite difficult for the average person to import alcohol.

>> No.18098759

where in my post did i say it was super strong? i was replying in agreement to a post that said wine is stronger and giving other reasons for its popularity instead

>> No.18098772

it's just a canned highball.
make it yourself with shochu (or vodka), lemon juice, and club soda.

>> No.18098825

>the supposedly 'straight-edge' poster who is either below the alcohol-drinking age in his country of residence, or a Muslim

>> No.18098829

>here's your 10,000th pilsener bro

>> No.18098885


do you have any... i mean literally... any evidence for that? haha nope you don't, so it's not true.

>> No.18098944

This is the problem with you conspiracytards
You're beliefs are equally as real or equally as stupid as people who follow mainstream studies
>You believe in these studies? They're biased and have an agenda funding them
>The studies I believe? They're not biased and have no agenda! My source? Because it's not mainstream!

Like, you are correct that any mainstream study could have political backing behind it, but so could any independent source
Whether it's a peer review paper or an indie scientist, you yourself have no proof either of them do/don't have a bias and do/don't have an agenda, you're literally taking them at their word.

>> No.18099296

>malt beverage

>JAPANESE malt beverage

>> No.18099426

>it’s a malt beverage because I say it is because I wanna do my ascii soyjack
That’s really kind of sad and I hope your life gets better :(

>> No.18100590

So what I am understanding is chuhai is just a teenager's drink who is trying alcohol for the first time and to give to women to increase your chances in getting laid?

>> No.18100608

legal drinking age in japan is 20. it's just reasonably priced booze, for anyone who wants to get smashed on the cheap

>> No.18100624

not him but strong zero just seems like white claw for faggots and weeaboos.

>> No.18100646

As an aside, malt beverages including beer are heavily taxed in Japan, which is why drinks like Strong Zero (as well as low malt beers) have managed to corner the lower end market.

>> No.18100689

teenagers don't drink in japan, and neither does anyone get laid.

>> No.18101284
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We have Mercury/kopparberg cider that is 2.4 standard drinks each can for about $3AUD when you get a six-pack. It's not THAT bad of a deal.
I found Korea to be the best place for alcoholics like myself, the strong redcap soju cost peanuts and you could get huge 2L? beers in plastic bottles... If you want to be fancy they had tanqueray10 for like $35. Korea is just a better, more friendly and cheaper version of Japan.

>> No.18101348

>Korea is just a better, more friendly and cheaper version of Japan.
Having traveled extensively in both Korea isn't nearly as fun as Japan. I couldn't disagree with you more to be honest. Culturally? Japan is better. Sightseeing? Japan is better. Nature/hiking? Japan is better. History? Japan is more interesting. Drinking/nightlife? Well if you are a normalfag who wants to go clubbing then yes Korea is better, but if you want interesting music, cool events, comfy izakays and unique bars? Japan is better. Korea also isn't that cheap. Yes there is cheap stuff, but Korea is also home to excessively expensive luxury shopping which is what most people who love Korea (normally women) like to do.
I will admit Korea is good food, cool people (though they are actually even more fucked up than the Japanese despite seeming more "friendly" and hot sluts.

In my experience Korea is only better if you are a massive normalfag shopaholic K-drama/k-pop loving women.

>> No.18101379

Its all subjective, I'm sure you like Japan but the time I spent there was crap compared to my time in Korea. I was mainly talking about the booze and food, making friends etc, Japan is so massively overrated imo but if you like it I'm genuinely happy for you.

>> No.18101381

>drank by millions of japs daily
>but it totally just a weeb and faggot thing because internet
Do you see why that sounds a bit silly?

>> No.18101390

Which means “anything that isn’t my personal favorite” on 4chan

>> No.18101395

no he's right. first of all it's not drank by millions of people every day second of all nobody here is Japanese and you're all gushing over it lol. faggot ass weebs need your ass beat desu

>> No.18101403

yeah I guess its subjective to a point. I mean I DID enjoy Korea but it was nothing special in my opinion. I had more fun in every other Asian country I have been to but yeah I liked the food and people. Though I really did NOT like the alcohol. Soju fucking sucks.

>> No.18101412

All Japs are faggots by definition.

>> No.18101413

>first of all it's not drank by millions of people every day
You’re genuinely retarded
>lol. faggot ass weebs need your ass beat desu
Run along, zoomie

>> No.18101424

>Soju fucking sucks
Haha yeah pretty nasty but it's just watered down bad vodka, but it's CHEAP! mix it with beer and it's extremely drinkable.

>> No.18101893

This is more or less how I feel about Strong Zero. The flavor is not the selling point, it's a spoonful - definitely MORE than a spoonful - or sugar to make the 9% medicine go down. It's so sickly sweet and strong that it feels like drinking room temperature cough medicine if you don't drink it while it's chilled.
Strong Zero and all chuhai are not drunk for enjoyment. They are drunk to provide the simplest possible solution to the problem of "Why am I not drunk?" until you have one too many and wake up in a bathroom stall in some station 10 miles from home after the rail stops running.

>> No.18102016

I think I've tried this, but I can't remember what it tasted like.

>> No.18102021

Strong words from a man I could easily overpower and fuck in the ass

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