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Anons, what mayo do you use for carbonara? I tried a couple different brands, like Hellman's, Kraft, even Kewpie, but something's always off. Is there any Italian mayo brand which would make my carbonara truly restaurant-grade? Any tips are welcome.

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The fuck is carbonera and mayo on pasta wtf

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i fucking hate this board sometimes

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This is why this board should be nuked

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Why would you do this

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...there is no mayo in carbonara..

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Also I use miracle whip.

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You're probably forgetting to add cream

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Checked. But here you go:

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Why do Italians seethe at any dish involving pasta made by a non italian? Some of just like the noodles wtf

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It's all cum, not mayo

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Carbonara is just egg, pepper, pecorino and pasta water. Do NOT put mayo in there.

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Mayo is basically just egg and oil there's almost no difference. I've had mayo carbo and "traditional" and could barely tell the difference.

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With the support that suspension has wouldn't it make the size of the tires nearly irrelevant? That matrix of metal pipes underneath the car would get crushed wouldn't it?
Boredom is the only explanation. Nothing to do after they stopped being a world power however many years ago.

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>leaving out the lard

sneaky vegetarian fucker

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I burned my burgers for the first time in 3 years.

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A burnt burger is better than no burger. And honestly, can be kind of nice with the right amount of char. What kind of cheese you rocking there?

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That is munster which has become my cheese of choice for burgers at least with my standard toppings.

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There's your problem. You should've used ranch sauce as a base.

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Good shit.

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restaurant mayo isn't the same as store mayo, yu0 need to get hellman's extra heavy mayonnaise but it's only sold in bulk

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>That matrix of metal pipes underneath the car would get crushed wouldn't it?
no and the trucks actually float

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Huh, cool.

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Have you tried not being a fat retard?

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Checked, good thread op

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I suppose next you're going to tell me there is no ketchup in Spaghetti.

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The heat of the pasta splits the mayo

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its tasty and it makes fake italians seethe

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>Miracle Whip

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ck s the easiest board to troll they take the bait every time

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because we rightfully assume you are retarded because more than nought you are

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It's supposed to be:
Pecorino romano
Black pepper
Guanciale (pancetta is acceptable, bacon if you can't get that)

Mix the eggs, cheese and pepper in a bowl.
Start the pasta and render the pork down
Put the pasta into the meat and stir up to thoroughly coat
Add the egg and cheese mix with the heat off and stir thoroughly to turn it into a sauce, add pasta water if you need to thin it a bit.

That's it.

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u forget ze salt

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Are you retarded?
You don't need to fucking tell someone to salt their food?
If you tell someone to lightly salt their food, kill yourself.
It's pasta. Die faggot die. Salt your pasta or it won't taste good. Jfc you redditor

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95% of this board is fast food posting, and some people that do cook don't salt at the correct time which should be in the water

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>Are you retarded?

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I just want to find a good carbonara recipe that uses cream like chain restaurants do. Every FUCKING recipe on the internet is some fsggot LARPING as an italian pedelling the same old recipe which all have Guanciale. Hey Lorenzo, we're not in the old country anymore, you cant buy that crap here.

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where's the peas, bitch?

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Use miracle whip

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There's plenty in the cured pork and cheese, and if you don't salt your pasta water you fail at life.

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Cream is a crutch, you don't need it for a good carbonara.

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OK Nevil.

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i've witnessed someone triggering a fire alarm because they didn't put any water in their microwave easy mac
your moms ass

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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I'll show you how I make authentic Italian carbonara

first you get your mise en place on with your great value bacon and pasta, your finest dollar general parmesan, and a non-cage free egg

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and wala authentic carbonara, just likea my mama useda make back in the italy

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Honestly, that's still better than OP's Mayo carbonara.

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fuck me this looks grim as shit

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My great grandmother had wheels. Or, at least one wheel. It was the wheelbarrow she'd usually be taken home drunk in.

I'm not lying.

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I remember when mentioning carbonara here on /ck/ got a dozen of responses like What is that? and OMG the egg is RAW??! I have reason to believe I helped make it popular, FML. One thousand threads and two thousand Italians droning on and on about the correct recipe later I thoroughly hate it. I have not made carbonara sauce in years. It's overrated af, basically a ham, eggs and cheese breakfast over noodles. Fuck carbonara and fuck Italians.

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Carbonara does kind of suck.. you need to make a lot of it or only use like a third or a beaten egg or it's too eggy imo

I prefer straight up olive oil, red pepper and garlic with parmesan any day.. which is strange because I loved cured pork products

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this is best carbonara recipe i have found so far ngl

would also recommend using a pasta with higher starch + thin pasta like linguine to better absorb the sauce

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for me it's

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Based wheelbarrowgreatgrandmotheranon

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There's also vinegar/lemon in mayo cooklet

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thanks for the recipe anon

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Aioli is mayo basically

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Pasta isn't cooked enough.

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Salt your fork, not your pasta water

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>he doesn't pasta his fork with his water

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>I want cream
Why is it like this with you people
Just chill

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You fell for the b8, m8

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Every time someone put other than guanciale, eggs, pepper, pecorino and pasta water on carbonara, an italian out there die.

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I know, but there's so many of them

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Mayo? Wtf.

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looks fucking disgusting as fuck.


anyways. this one is fucking amazing, the emulsion technique makes it fool proof and perfect creamyness every time

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that one is really good, made it a lot of times. but you should check the one from alex, i went to this one and it's better >>18086100

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>OP makes macoroni salad
>retarded /ck/ loses their minds
looks good. needs more stuff like peppers though

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clearly spanget

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will do, thanks breh

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>amerifats call noodles drenched in mayo salad

jesus christ

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I'm American and I think it's nasty too.

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stop trying to appease foreigners, you cuck faggot. Leave this country

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Guanciale can be readily substituted with pancetta or bacon in a pinch. It just needs to be a salty, smoky pork.

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Pasta salad is gross and you know it. Especially since you get the same stuff in a far superior potato salad.

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If you're in/near a city if you check the smaller independent butchers, they might have it.

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i put mayo in you bitch fuck yoi i am ferom india

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nice. came out better than mine normally does.

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did pregrated parmesan really come out that good?

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You don't get to say shit about what the west did to your cuisine, then.

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The west didn't do anything to Indian cuisine, the only Indian food here is homemade stuff made by vegan hipster women and Indian slumlords who own filthy restaurants.

Nevermind I forgot england exists.

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Dukes and provolone, plus those $4 bags of cubed hame. Super easy and delicious evry time.

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you know.. it's not authentic.. but mayo is basically just eggs and oil... and both ham salad and pasta salad are good and they have mayo..

so I bet this Americanized bastardization is probably pretty good, despite it giving foodie fags and Italian purists fits of palsy.

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Great bait anon, actually amazed at how many genuine responses you got. Stay safe king!

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mayo is just egg and oil

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2/10 for making me reply

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macaroni salad is great
i make mine with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepperroni, cheddar, olives, red onion, garlic and spices like basil, oregano, parsley etc.

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>far superior potato salad.
well that's a fair assessment but mac salad can be good if made right

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/ck/ loves b8 and we don't (you) back for the OP but rather to stop innocent bystanders from making mustard gas by unwittingly following a b8 thread
now eat the berries

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yeah that does look good.. i just had a narrow european view of salad i guess

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it's only good if it's homemade, store bought or restaurant are always horrible

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Is this like putting ketchup on spaghetti?
Asian-Italian food is weird

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You're adding it at the wrong temperature so it's curdling. You have to add it at a specific temperature range for it to be smooth

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Fucking american.. All day sucking dixks, then "fOoDz tAsTeS LiKe NuT'in!"
You just crave for melted cheese to emulate cum, isn't it?

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based repressed homosexual foodie

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Euroids love mayo though they use it all the time in almost everything. They use it for fries, I've seen it on pizza. Why does this website pretend that mayo is something unique to america?

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seething jealously. they consume all of our garbage entertainment content and think life here is like it is in the movies/tv and are jealous they don't live here

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>chunks of Colby in Mac salad

that looks great

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Noodle Salad is a thing in the whole western world faggot.

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>Breakfast spaghetti

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How come an Italian that moved to America can't make pasta as good as an Italian that lives in Rome? How does that work? Any scientists here?

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I am adding milk, fried onions and some herbs.
Good enough Carbonara for me, I can't tell the difference.

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That's because Americans don't expect authentic Italian dishes, they want mac and cheese style slops.

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Italian American cuisine mogs Italian cuisine. We literally improved everything they've ever done from pizza, to the aforementioned mac and cheese.

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I like spaghetti and meatballs

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god no, this is reggiano

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>bacon, eggs, cheese, pasta, salt, pepper

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Are you Filipino by any chance?

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the heat from the pasta cooks the cream

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If you're making a carbonara then indeed you can't. But you can just make another pasta meal with those things, no worries.

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10/10 b8, well done.