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Every time i see someone marinade something in a plastic bag it makes me angry.

Just use a fucking bowl, and stop throwing shit away

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Fuck off. Less room in my fridge and I don't have to clean a bowl.

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OP clearly didn't grow up in a middle class family that reused zip lock bags until they fell apart.

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Every time I hear someone complain about using something like a disposable ziplock bag at home I just laugh. If only you had any idea how much fucking plastic wrap I went through on a daily basis working in restaurant kitchens, and how insignificant that is compared to the kind of waste that large production/factories create. But yeah, tell me how you're saving the world by using twice as much marinade because you don't want to throw away a fucking bag.

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If you're trolling, good troll
If your serious, go suck start a shotgun in minecraft

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Not the heckin plastic baggirino

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I can guarantee that the plastic waste I see in high through-put sequencing labs would dwarf anything you do in a kitchen.

It doesn't stop me from making smart decisions in my personal life.

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Using a bowl to marinate something isn't a "smart decision".

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I don't really care if you're mad. People are mad about dumb shit all the time.

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It get better coverage in a bag

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Let the American eat their plastic in peace.

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>he doesn't clean and reuse his bags

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Not my problem.

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a ziplock bag is superior to a bowl. you can squeeze all the air out and get full food contact without having to make a crap ton of marinade.

learn to cook.

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i wash and reuse my bags. kind of a compulsion desu

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all the plastic wrap one individual uses in their entire lifetime probably wouldn't even come close to 1% of the amount a random chinese factory would use in an hour

shut up and let me use my plastic

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bowl requires more sauce than bag. Don't complain about meal you are not going to cook.

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literally me
>come home from a long day at work
>notice wife is """marinating""" chicken
>she tries to plead for her life but it's too late
>with the force of a thousand Gordon Ramsay's I grab every cabinet in the kitchen simultaneously and yank them inward, collapsing the house on top of us like the biblical Samson
>as the life fades from my ruined body I die in the knowledge that I will be remembered for advancing culinary perfection

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>stop wasting small plastic bags that can be burnt for new energy
>thoroughly washes a bowl wasting water, soap and energy

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no one cares, hippie

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You don't understand l NEED more micropIastic in my food

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>Marinade meat in bowl
>Have to throw away the bowl because it's had raw meat in it

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So you're a faggot

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no...i don't think i will

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>not washing out and reusing his ziplocs

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I get it, your a child. When you grow up you will understand.

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it literally doesn't matter.
the vast majority of waste on this planet is produced by Big Corpo.
beyond just feeling better about yourself, there isn't much of a point unless you're an honest to god activist/eco terrorist

we're fucked and there's no fixing it, so stop worrying about it.

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his a child?

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>I waste more plastic than you at work but also I'm a better person than you because I waste less plastic at home

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too bad your mom didn't throw your developing fetus away before birth

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I read ted k soooo..........

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>Some people don't do good things therefore I won't do good things

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>I'm too stupid to understand what you were criticizing so you're a retard

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It's just made of petrochemicals which would be put in the ground anyway, so you can just throw your 50 cent bag out afterwards anyway.

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But if you use a bowl you need to cover it in plastic wrap for hygiene it would be like fucking a stranger without a condom dumbass

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>Every time i see someone marinade something in a plastic bag it makes me angry.
well, if we ever need a definition of "1st world problem" or "snowflake", this is it
THIS is a major issue in your life........

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Yea, you can't imagine what its like to not live in a shithole country. We can worry about thing not directly involved in just surviving another day

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It's my god given right to eat as much plastic as you like and you can't stop me.

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