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A couple months ago I was on a trip to SF and decided to visit Wako for their prix fixe menu (which ended up with several extras being ordered)

Some kind of Sake. I was told it was 'Tenth-degree'

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'House made sesame tofu with sea urchin, fresh wasabi and dashi sauce'

I did not eat the urchin

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From Left to Right:

Some kind of Fried scallop thing, something that might have been Abalone, more Tofu in dashi, and what I believe to be a small serving of Steamed egg custard with pike eel, shiitake, shrimp, misuba, sea urchin & smoked trout roe

I particularly enjoyed the tomato with the bit of mild cheese

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Scallop & Snapper, I think. I really should have wrote this down

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Cool story bro

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Mackerel & Barracuda. This was all really quite good

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I find it interesting and like the pics

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>I did not eat the urchin
You're pathetic, I don't care if it would make your throat swell and close from allergies.

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This I believe was a miso marinaded black cod

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This one I believe was something like Blue fin Tuna with mountain yam, caviar, Hokkaido Bafun sea urchin & salmon roe on top

I did eat the urchin this time. I liked it so much I got 2 more bowls

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I don't remember what this is. Maybe someone can chime in

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I believe that is the California roll

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The old standby, but far, far better than anything I can get in Leafland

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I million dollah you baka gaijin

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Deep fried blue fin tuna with house made tartar sauce. This was extremely tasty, we ordered another

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These all look absolutely disgusting and your disgisting op for paying for this garbage and eating it.

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Deep fried fresh fish collar with dashi sauce. This one wasn't so great and a bit tough to eat after you're several drinks into the evening

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I /think/ this was Salmon roe maki

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On the one hand, I feel like michelin-stars are a total gimmick. On the other hand, the best food I'd ever had was from a 1 star michelin place.

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'A5 Grade Japanese Beef'

It was tasty, we got another order, but nothing mindblowing like people say. I've had better 'Wagyu' from a tiny grill place in Kyoto for like $5

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Le pudding, as the redditors say

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How much was it, was it worth it?

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The prixe fixe menu was $95 per pre-tax, and the Sake was maybe $90. The rest was on addons. desu $280/person wasn't that bad, considering the quality of the food and service at the place and the fact that it was actually a backup choice. The waitress was very nice, but I do wish she spoke better English - 8/10 would go again if someone else pays

A lot of them are, but this one seems pretty deserving. I try to judge restaurants outside of how many stars they have or which chef's name is associated with it; the best food I've had has been at extremely well-run places that don't go for official nods

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>I've had better 'Wagyu' from a tiny grill place in Kyoto for like $5
And you just outed your own bullshit.
You aren’t going to find anything like that in Japan for $5.

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That's not bad for how many courses you got

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Okay, maybe it was $10 then. Some inconsequential amount. It was at that covered market in Kyoto, Nishiki or something. I also got balls there

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I think its some fish's eggs, but don't quote me on that, and no it's not an american thing japs do it too

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That looked good OP but I don't get how real japs eat kaigun curry and ramen IRL. Are these places a scam to fool gaijins?

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Probably. My hosts in Japan took me out for fancy bbq instead of fancy sushi

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it's extremely overpriced for a few grams of raw fis h and some shitty carbs

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is that a marijuana leaf?
call 911

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You are retarded op. This >>18062233 is NOT sea urchin its just roe of some kind. This >>18062281 IS sea urchin.

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Let me guess, you’re one of those fags who objectively define “value” in terms of “calories per dollar”?

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I get that the kids think it's hip to shit on fine dining these days, but pretending the food looks disgusting just makes you sound retarded.

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Did you really just ask if ramen is a gaijin scam?

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Yeah, I feel like OP mixed up a few of the dishes.

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Some literal Foodcourt store for a one star in Singapore so I assume it's about as good as that.

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doesn't even look good

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Sorry, I forgot. Now I know what is roe of some kind, and what is sea urchin, until I forget again

Tasted pretty good

I did have this excellent burger the next day. It was super duper

That place lost its star a few years back, I heard. I've been there (pre-star hype), this was better than that

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looks yucky.

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Dude they cram Japanese curry everywhere. They even eat pasta with it

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>eating at a sit down resturant in San Francisco
so, have you gotten your boosters yet?

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No if expensive sushi places like OP restaurant I asked

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They didn’t check, no place did.

I went crawling through USS Hornet with a bunch of old dudes, including a private tour of cramped command spaces, then spent the rest of the week in work meetings, and I didn’t catch anything. My boss got a bad case of Rona, though. He was out for two weeks

At some point it’s diminishing returns, but I didn’t feel like it was a giant waste of money or anything

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You could've hired a dominatrix for that much

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I'm told good escorts cost >$1000/hr, this was $570 for 2 hours

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